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    Kemper would have been better off not showing us the editor in the first place. They could have just sprung it on us like they did the Stage

    If they did that then people would be on here complaining that Kemper are stagnant and not doing anything. It's a case of you cannot win whatever you do..

    Maybe they shouldn't have announced and shown the two products, (editor, and speaker with Kemper Kone) in January if they were nowhere near ready. Kind of like how they didn't announce the stage. But I get that. Because then people like me wouldn't have bought the rack (like I did) or toaster. I would have waited.

    Well you made the choice to buy without any concrete delivery date on the editor. That's not Kemper's fault. That's yours. When I bought mine a year ago, there was no new reverbs even though there was word that they were working on them. I didn't care because I was happy with what I bought because what came in the box is what I bought. No vapour ware or promises. Just a Toaster that came with OS 5.5 and I was happy with it.

    Could you please provide any source of this recommendation? I am not aware of anything like that.

    And even if it was true, it would be nonsense. Who would ever develop upgrade process like this? It's developers' task to think about such cases and make sure thing will work out.

    I am still waiting for OS v7 which will handle my snapshots properly.

    I have more snapshots. Whenever i like my tweaking, I just take snapshot. And I have many of them. Will I need them in the future? I don't know. Why on earth should I save them as rigs if I am not sure I like them?

    Didn't CK say that 'guitarists should not lost any amp settings' - that's why Snapshots were introduced?

    From the Kemper main manual... Page 45...

    "fixed: lost snapshots during upgrade"

    Doesn't work for me. :(

    I tried latest 7.1.1. Tried = kaos 7.1.1 booted from USB directly. (I don't upgrade anymore to test new fw, instead I use direct load from USB)

    My snapshots are still lost. If I use fw 6, they are back.

    You should store your snapshots as rigs in your pool while on OS6 and then upgrade. Snapshots should be treated as temporary until such time as you save them as rigs.

    PROFILER Operating System

    User Interface

    fixed: editing Slots in a Performance potentially corrupting Slot

    fixed: insufficient number of tracks in init Performance causing issues

    fixed: defective factory Rig during bootup

    changed: scanning of foot buttons improved (Stage)

    Well mine is an old Line 6 UX8 so there's no fancy anything on it and once I set the clock to internal, the KPA synced up at 48Khz but the display still said 44.1. Very strange.

    PS. I only have one spdif cable leaving the out of the KPA into the in on the UX8

    What is this sorcery??

    I have the toaster and have updated to 7.0.5. I tried to see if the toaster had the slave mode and I think it does. I set the clock to internal on my interface making it the master and the Toaster the slave and then set the project in Reaper to 48khz. The toaster is still showing 44.1khz in the output menu and I didn't touch any of the settings at all. The toaster had synced to the interface and I could record perfectly on a 48khz project. I don't know if this is a fluke but I thought I would mention it.



    I really hope this isn't a bug. :)

    I think what CK means is that when they shipped the profiler initially and all along right up to today, they shipped it with enough on-board memory to hold eight effects and the amp profile at any one time. They would need to increase the physical memory of the unit to fit in more but because the unit is hardwired for eight effects , they can build a massive catalog of effects but you can only have eight of them at any one time in memory and the trick is to optimize the effects so they do. The coding that has been done for the profiler is incredibly unique in that it was coded in house for a specific DSP over nearly 20 years. When you have that level of detail and optimisation, you can push the hardware much further and with more features than if you used off the shelf APIs with lesser capable DSP. The only solution under that ethos is to add more and faster and hotter DSPs to compensate for the lack of programming skills. The profiler's DSP is still air cooled. It has no fan, no heatsink, no nothing to add to the cost and maintenance of the profiler and that's a testament to CK's ethos.

    Not to be rude or anything but if you have played through any of the profilers then you would not need convincing. You either get excited by what you are experiencing or you are not. None of us can tell you what to feel about a piece of equipment no more than you could convince me that other brands are good or bad. It's all down to the playing experience. For me, just ten minutes playing a BM F-Man 100 profile was enough to convince me. After that I was sold... Oh and by the way, welcome. :)