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    The way I see it with patents is what happened with Overloud and their profiling tech. They may have got around it by not giving the customer the means to profile and selling them profile packs instead. I wonder if Neural have something similar? I envision issues if they pack the tech into the Cortex unit... could be wrong though.

    Unfortunately since KPIR files actually aren't wave files, there's nothing to extract. They are files that contain parameters for the entire rig including effects settings and profile information gleaned from when the amp was profiled. You may have to wait until you get a Kemper.

    The top frequency curve is for the K12-200TC. It's only full range up to around 10k. The F12-X200 also from Celestion while also a FRFR doesn't have that drop off at 10k. I would wager the acoustic sim is suffering due to the loss of those frequencies after 10k. Maybe try a different speaker?

    I found this...

    "Please insert the USB stick with the KAOS.bin file placed in the root directory of the stick and NOT inside a folder and switch the profiler on while holding down both PAGE buttons until you see the words "Booting and Burning from USB device" in the display. If this does not help please open a support ticket."

    I am still on OS 4 or 5 (the one that introduced pure cab.

    What is the upgrade path?

    I haven’t got Rig Manager, i’ve always installed via usb stick. Still possible?

    Any things a should be specially aware of?

    You have to follow these instructions from the changelog.. Make sure you get OS version 7.3.2 from the older software downloads on the site. Upgrade via the USB and then install the Rig Manager from downloads. The RM should update the profiler to the latest version automatically over USB from your computer.... IF you don't want to use Rig Manager, just download the latest release from the downloads site and update via USB after you upgrade OS 7.3.2 via USB..

    1. To upgrade classical PROFILER models via USB memory stick from OS versions before OS 7.3, OS 7.3.2 needs to be installed first!
    2. Older versions than OS 7.3 on classical models don't recognize this new integrated OS revision.
    3. For this purpose OS 7.3.2 can be found on the Download Page at Older Software Versions.

    Putting the fx loop into the last stereo fx slot should do exactly the same as taking the main stereo outs and going into the reverb unit. The only issues I can possibly see is level issues going into the reverb unit from the Kemper main outs but you could try balance them I suppose. Your call.

    I tried the free profiles and they are good but I find they have less in your face presence than, say, the 72 Marshall from Michael Britt's 2020 pack. I tried to change cabs to see if I could regain the high end sharpness but I couldn't get it close enough. Maybe the rest of the profiles in the main pack might be different. I don't know. This was my experience...

    there are some free profiles

    curious to hear how this profile sounds against the 68 plexi from M.BRitt's 2020 pack. Although Britt didnt give much details about the amp other than it was owned by Eric Johnson so we dont know enough about the similiarities/differences

    That amp and the 72 are so juicy, it's going to be hard to top them...

    This is a comparison video with Neural Granophyre vs Kemper Granophyre!!!What do you think..??

    That's not a comparison. That's a nerfed Kemper profile against their product. If they want to do a comparison then get the Kemper to profile the Neural then see the comparison..