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    I am on Windows 10 and I still cannot get the shortcut key "M" to work for morphing. I set the morphs on the editor and they do not respond. What does happen when I press M is that the profiler list advances one instead. It's like the focus of the window is not on the editor portion when using shortcut keys.

    Some things that I think would improve or add to the Rig Manager.

    1. The parallel path toggle should be reflected in the RM chain so that position of pedals is more intuitive, just like on the profiler.

    2. The tuner should be available either as a ongoing ever-present tuner in a visible part of the RM like the one over the chicken head knob or the full tuner should be available if needed via a toggle.
    3. The looper should be available for rig and effects auditioning and have a way of saving the contents of the looper for later retrieval.
    4. The editor pane should be resizeable given the focus of the editor isn't the profile lists at all but the editor functions themselves.
    5. Allow for manual input of values under each parameter.
    6. If using graphic eq, a graph should be shown with adjustable freq ranges and Q instead of knobs. It would be great if you could put a live spectral graph of the guitar cab output so as to offer a frame of reference for eq shelving high and low.
    7. The editor should be available even when the profiler is not connected, if only to be able to build rig chains and enter values for rigs and then pass those changes to the profiler when connected.

    Feel free to add or amend as you see fit. :)

    In my very limited experience, all drop effects ( by necessity) have latency and artefacts.

    In my humble opinion, Kempers built in transpose is as good as any.

    Indeed the Kemper transpose is one of the best I have ever used. I can play Sweet Child O' Mine down a half step and it's spot on and feels tight enough. I never thought that this would be possible but it is...

    I very much doubt they will add much more than just the editor. I think the major hold up was most likely testing of the software on different setups to make sure the KPA doesn't lose USB connectivity as has happened a lot with Rig Manager. I would say once these issues are ironed out we should see a beta. As for the acoustic sim. I doubt we will see that until OS8 at least.

    Kemper doesn't deliver any of those profiles. They are user created and uploaded and since the majority of users may not have the right equipment or the ability to capture a decent amp sound then the resulting profiles are less than stellar. The only ones that are provided by Kemper are the rig packs in the rig pack folder. All other profiles are provided for a price by third party vendors.

    Kemper would have been better off not showing us the editor in the first place. They could have just sprung it on us like they did the Stage

    If they did that then people would be on here complaining that Kemper are stagnant and not doing anything. It's a case of you cannot win whatever you do..

    Maybe they shouldn't have announced and shown the two products, (editor, and speaker with Kemper Kone) in January if they were nowhere near ready. Kind of like how they didn't announce the stage. But I get that. Because then people like me wouldn't have bought the rack (like I did) or toaster. I would have waited.

    Well you made the choice to buy without any concrete delivery date on the editor. That's not Kemper's fault. That's yours. When I bought mine a year ago, there was no new reverbs even though there was word that they were working on them. I didn't care because I was happy with what I bought because what came in the box is what I bought. No vapour ware or promises. Just a Toaster that came with OS 5.5 and I was happy with it.

    Could you please provide any source of this recommendation? I am not aware of anything like that.

    And even if it was true, it would be nonsense. Who would ever develop upgrade process like this? It's developers' task to think about such cases and make sure thing will work out.

    I am still waiting for OS v7 which will handle my snapshots properly.

    I have more snapshots. Whenever i like my tweaking, I just take snapshot. And I have many of them. Will I need them in the future? I don't know. Why on earth should I save them as rigs if I am not sure I like them?

    Didn't CK say that 'guitarists should not lost any amp settings' - that's why Snapshots were introduced?

    From the Kemper main manual... Page 45...