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    What about a wifi usb dongle? I have one for my projector and it creates an access point so my computer can connect directly and send video to the projector. That would be an elegant solution for older profilers. Surely it can be done in software??

    I don't use an iPad at all but even I can see the disparity here. These things may not appeal to you but to many people they are make or break decisions. That's why so many looked to the QC because it provided these features out of the box.

    And let's not forget that this thread is already 9 pages long because of this feature alone.

    It's going to be a hard sell for the rack and toaster for new customers if this solution is their only option. How does one justify the price of either devices when the Stage offers not only a foot controller but wifi connectivity for the same price??

    This video explains why sample rates above 16 bit 44.1khz is a waste of time and energy. Nyquist is already dealt with using this sample rate so any higher than that is not going to improve things and most likely will result in diminished returns.

    Looks like a hardware feature only.

    "PROFILER Head and Rack models do not feature True Impedance"

    I say a prayer every night that Mr Kemper is up to something just as you said, My old eyes cant see the screen even with reading glasses,what I would not give for a big color touch screen on a kemper,, oh well,, Ill go throw some cold water in my face and get back to songwriting,,

    If all Christoph has to do is slap a nice big touchscreen, a small case with USB recording and some extra horsepower to offer dual amps, he's going to comfortably sit atop the modelling world in an Iron Throne for another decade ?

    It just seems counter productive to limit one's recording options straight out the gate with dual amp patches. I'd rather have everything completely separate because you still have to mix everything back into a full mix after the fact.

    if it aint broke..... don't fix it ?????????? Kemper is jus fine,,Leave all the options,,,its what makes it great and a cut above all others,

    ,,if you want something else, go get it, Kemper is just like the telecaster, everyones' been trying to improve it for 50 years, but you cant, because Leo got it right the first time,, just like CK,got his unit,,RIGHT,,, I know it pisses a lot of gear chases off, but you will just have to deal with it,they have all been chasing CK and always will,, sorry,, but facts are facts,remember, most of these folks yakin are GEAR CHASERS,( you must admit your problem before you can get better) and as soon as the next wiz bang unit comes out,,with the special Moon chips,, they will jump on that train as well,

    "Oh LOOK,, 9 amps at once,,,,,,..." I prefer to write tunes, record, and play music with my Kemper,, what a concept,,,rather then sit in a room to see how many delays I can stack up before it craps out,,, Lets see in a year from now just how many Quads are on the road with super stars, gig after gig,,I see Rack fulls, of Kempers on stages around the world in every type of music,,the rest is just noise from endorsers and gear chasers, who will move on soon enough,,its what they do,I may try other gear,,The Quad may be cool,,,or not,, time will tell,,not UTUBE,, but I will never sell my Kemper,,

    And,, I sure hope he( CK) has something cool in the works,,,

    And where did I advocate for changes? Please read what I wrote again thanks.

    I suspect that the Profiler has too many options ... ?

    If you are thinking of limiting the options in regards profiling (which might help level the playing field with these kinds of unscientific videos), can you make it a choice so the original options remain?