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    Has anyone used the Harmonic Pitch to replicate the two guitar harmony in the boys are back in town? I have been trying to get it right and cannot seem to find the right increments to use.


    Solved, .......Kemper support responded quickly and advised i was hearing the strings of the guitar.

    I ran the Kemper through headphones and it sounded great. I would have never thought the strings would compete with the studio Monitors i use for practice.

    Great Post.

    When I first got my Kemper I was changing rigs almost every week, looking for "that sound". I finally went back to the one of the first MB Marshall profiles I tweaked to my liking and realized I had a great tone for my setup.

    I also found it helpful to tweak my profiles to our PA. After practice I would stay with our sound guy and really dial in the sound. That made a world of difference hearing it that way VS my studio monitors ( i run direct to FOH with no cabinet and use IEM for stage)

    Hey Gary, had some similar problems the other day with RM and Performances on the KPA. I think what I did was exit out of Performances on the KPA, changed selector to Browse and then went back into Performances and it showed my changes. Hope that works for ya.

    i'm fairly new to the Kemper and was having the same issue the other day. This trick worked perfectly

    Thanks, I did not think of that option! I have to say I am loving the Kemper, the learning curve is not as steep as I thought and quick searches in the forum answer most questions.

    I purchased a kemper powered head and just received it yesterday. I want to run my set up as follows: Main out to FOH; Monitor out to one channel of my in ear receiver so I can adjust my guitar mix on stag (second channel will have my band mix) and speaker out to a one 12 cabinet. I want to keep the cab module on for my monitor, but reading the manual, it seems this is linked to speaker out. Is it possible to have the Cab Module on in the monitor out and off in the speaker out ?
    Thanks in advance