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    I see now that we forgot to have a min setting preset for the TS808, as it's a widely used setting.

    It could be an idea: you could add - into the next addendum - a simple Reference Tab for the range of Tone and Drive of each pedal models, eg:

    TS808 Ranges

    Drive to xx (Min) to 8.5 (Max)

    Tone: to xx (Min) to xx (Max)

    And so on for the other models

    ....of course... you know which are the right XX translated into the KD :-)

    Thank you Chris, for the great work you - and your team - are still doing for this machine!!! :-)

    The point was to highlight that they sound litterally identical. This has not been common knowledge yet, unfortunately.

    Chris, what about the behaviur of the tone and drive range knob?

    In the addendum we got only mid and max position of the gain as preset reference: I suppose also minimum drive settings are the same of those models and all the tone settings behave as the original pedals?

    EG: if I set the drive to 2 and tone to 3 they behave as low TS808/SD1 drive/tone settings (staying at 5 definition and 0 slim down)?

    I am one of them that didn't know ts808 and SD1 they almost sound identical!

    So... looking about the "max preset" , they sound identical , but I assume that SD-1 has more max gain then the TS808? Is it right?

    Those two presets are the same in the Kemper as well; it's not just a documentation error. And yes, they do sound identical.

    That said, while I don't have hands-on experience with any of the drives being cloned, the new presets sound great to me, especially the OCD ones. Thanks again Kemper!

    Yeah I have not thought about an error..... but I a was surprised that the "real pedals" sound the same with those settings :-)


    I am readingi the addendum, according to what they write, Mid Settings of TS808 are the same of Boss OD/SD.

    Preset:808 Mid




    Slim Down0.0

    Preset: OD/SD Mid




    Slim Down0.0

    They have same parameters...... but... do they sound the same or they are different????

    Yeh.... I'm sorry I hadn't read the addendum!

    So let know how they sound! :-)

    expecially 808 against Green Scream :-)

    I'm going to jam in a acustic/sound isolated room.

    It makes more fun to play along backing tracks and enjoying good high gain guitar tones in the room.

    To jam with your axe like a real amp in the room go for the Kabinet: through this you will hear the real guitar speaker sound and ,you can also choose between V30, Geenback, creamback etc etc according to your taste.

    To jam above the backing tracks and to hear things as our guitar heros on their records, go straight into the studio monitors using studio mic'ed profiles (you can find them everywhere): don't be worryed about the speakers, the best profiles are made with great mic placement and the best classical cabinet / spearker chose on the market (eg Top Jimi, Michael Britt profiles...)

    Play and Enjoy!


    I really would like to see a PEQ integrated just inside the profile itself (maybe into the cab or amp section as additional parameters) in order to have one more slot free, because in every my patch PeQ (Studio Eq) is always present and necessary.

    Infact I am so happy Kemper guys has decided to put Hi/Lo cut into the Output section, it is very important!

    So what is better for bandroom / home use? I guess more linear speakers/boxes are the best? Which one are the most linear ones? Monitor? PA? Kemper Kabinet?

    I don't need alot of power, just sound output that the RIG profiles are as authentic as possible.

    And what is the diffrence between a cabinet and a guitar speaker? or why they call it cabinet simulation and speaker imprint

    Remember 2 important things that could help you to choose what you want:

    1. Speaker imprints are true speaker sounds simulation: it means that the sound it recreaets is the authentic pure sound of that specific speaker NOT MIC'ED. So, for example, you can use it if you have not a P.A. for you band and if you want to use ONLY your Kemper Cabinet (or a cabinet that you own in which you have swapped the regular 12" speaker with a kemper kone), or for "monitor-in-a-room" sound purpose on stage. Of course you have to power the Kemper Cabinet in some way if you don't own a powered kemper.

    2. If you plan to go live direct into the P.A. system or for home studio work, connect kemper with the PA. with the main outs and use Studio/Merged profiles that represent the situation in which a specific cabinet is correctly mic'ed (so the sound you hear into commercial records of our favorite guitarists).

    Hi Marc, I try to give you the answers you need...

    They say the Kemper Kabinet can imprint speakers, how is that done?

    The speaker imprint is a specific "equalizer mask" applied by the profiler itself when you use the kemper Kone.

    Kemper team has developed a specific "eq" response that - starting from the tecnical characteristics of the Kone - perfectly match the "imprint" model you choose to use.

    is it integrated in the Kemper Kabinet? or is it done by the Profiler?

    Kemper Kabinet has got Kemper Kone inside, so you can Use imprints with kemepr Kabinet (the algorithm is integrated into the profiler SW)

    what about the simulated/profiled cabinets in the rig-profiles? can I use them properly only with a PA-speaker? or?

    Yes they are intended to be used via PA Speakers, so, when you play live you can comnnect directly to the mixer and give the audience the mic'ed output sound. You can find a lot of studio profiles shooted with different type of mic, in order to choose your preferred sound according to your taste.

    What is the diffrence between active an passive Kemper Kabinet? does it have a own integrated power amp? or just extra power supply? and why?

    At the moment Kabinet is only Passive and you need a powered Kemper to run it. If you own a Stage or a Non-powered Head or Rack you can add a third party power amp in order to power the cabinet



    While I do use the Green Scream sparingly, the stomps do need a little TLC. It isn't that they are bad (really nothing in the KPA today rates "bad" to my ears), it is just that the verbs and delays are so great that you kind of expect the stomps to be world class as well.

    I personally find it hard to imagine replacing my KPA. I paid top dollar for a top of the line product. I expect to be using it 10 years from now.

    Yeh, this i s the point, stomps should be at the same quality level of delays and reverbs. In particular way how they interact with clean profiles (IMHO)......

    I remember some years ago @ck told us about the roadmap..delays,reverbs and whatever dsp left after all this for least this is what I remember.

    I remember this too.... the last roadmap update should have been drives and something concerning about Eq (but probabily he intended the hipass/lopass on the main output we have just seen into the last fw release)

    We have been so lucky to have the rapid evolution of our Kempers. Many thanks Kemper team! It has been so rapid that I am also surprised by the lengthy - by Kemper standards - silence on betas.

    Yeah for a 2012 machine, it's almost unbelievable how many sw updates have been released on the same hardware!

    I think it has been the best investment that I have done on a digital device in the years since now...

    So.... let's "silently" wait Kemper team and hope for a drives refresh surprise ..... :-P

    I haven't seen any trace of new betas since the major release of the Aug. 14......

    Did anybody notice this too?

    Maybe Kemper is working on a major boost /distortion section improvement?

    Yes, probably.

    If you guys find some obscure speakers on your attic, that are worth being brought back to live, give us a note!

    Hi Chris, got two marshall 1912... if you plan to add those imprints one day, this cab model has "Celestion G12B 150" inside (very good bass response) , It would be great for me to swap the speakers with 2 kemper kones!



    About the Kemper Kone, one thing is not clear to me. if we got 16 types of cone to choose, will they change According to the profiles (so they are stored in some way with the profiles) or if I will switch between profiles (and consequently maybe differnt amp models that require another type of cone) the model will not change?

    Being it an option into the Output section, I am afraid we can choose only one cone that will reamin the same for all profiles, so If I want to change from a v30 on a marshall afd 100 profile, I cannot expect to automatically switch (e.g.) on a greenback when I recall a silver jubilee profile.....



    Exactly! I might really like the sound coming from my guitar cab, but the PA is too bright, or boomy, or (ad infinitum). Having a few quality EQ options for the profile is awesome; but just as important is in the Cab section.

    I wrote to the Kemper support suggest them to have a monitor out dedicated eq, but also stored into preset, but they cannot understand my point of view.

    I think the solution to my answer is just the inverse (and simplest) thing: equalize only the FOH cabinet section apart from the real cabinet plugged in the Monitor out.

    You have perfectly centered the issue. Boominess or bightenss compensation, between different rigs and cabs VS the ONLY ONE real cabinet we hook in our KPA).