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    Hi guys. I was in the middle of searching some cabs. I had lot of work I was looking which one is right for me and the software said, there is an update for your profiler and software. Everytime I open the rig manager it says THERE IS AN UPDATE-YOU HAVE TO UPDATE. Then i was it's ok maybe its helpfull, i'll do it and i did. NOW. I Cant import cabines to my kemper. Software stucks "converting cabs" operation. I don't know which one is bugged profiler or software.

    PROFILER Operating System 7.3.1

    Rig Manager 3 Release (3.0.117) for Windows

    Please help. I already uninstalled and re installed software. Didn't work. Used ccleaner didn't work. Can't import impulse response. Didn't try usb. It's waste of time there are too much cabins.

    Thank you so much!! For warm welcome and i appreciate your replys. I didn’t expect little amp like this but it’s sweet and crazy. Love it. If you mail me, i can send some profiles for this amp. Using focal alpha 80 monitors and usually using out eq to balance amp and make it more realistic and warm. This video has not out eq.

    Hey guys, I'm 24 and livin' in Turkey, studying audio production/sound engineering in Istanbul Technical University. I bought Kemper from a friend of mine about 2 months ago and I've never had an amp, I was playing since 12. Last 2 months was amazing for my guitarist career because the responses that Kemper gave me fully changed direction of my playing. So I'm new at the Kemper world. I don't know so much about it but still learning. Here is the thing.

    I found a profile called, "Hey Jim". I guess it's stock profile or something like that. I didn't download it. I formatted Kemper once and It was still there.

    Rig author is M. Franzkowiak. When I press "amp" button, on the amp module page it says Rainheart Mimic Me. Dunno what does it means. But only thing I know, I fall in love this amp so badly :) I'm using 2010 Sg standard by Gibson. Listening so much John Mayer. I wish I could use fender but this amp great with my guitar and amp responses are incredible to my playing. I can hear so much detail in my fingers. I need to found that amplifier name maybe more profiles with that amp. Can you help me? Here it's sound like.