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    You know, the song in the movie Tequila Sunrise, with Robin Zander and Ann Wilson, from about 1988?

    The guitar sound is huge, and sounds a lot like Steve Lukather or Dan Huff... There absolutely no credits given, either in the movie or the internets... AND IT'S DRIVING ME NUTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Does anyone know? My wife and I are trying to figure this one out.... usually I know, but this one has me stumped.
    I’ve been wearing out Google trying to find out who played this, and would love to capture a similar (what sounds like a Boogie) tone.

    Not sure I have much to add, but you’ll want a good flanger preset.

    A lot of his tones used a flanger, and/or phase shifter.

    Not a ton of distortion in most of his sounds from that era. Most medium crunch Marshall or HiWatt sounds might work. And if you can’t find a GK rig, try a Roland Jazz Chorus maybe?

    Good Luck, it sounds like a great gig.

    Interested, but not in a floor based unit...

    I’ll wait until I hear it and get feedback on the “feel” of the models/profiles/samples/ neural copies/rigs whatever...

    The marketing buzzwords are a bit over the top, but I’ll wait (until September apparently), and see if it amounts to anything. In the meantime, I love my Kemper.

    An all in one 1x12 (or similar) cabinet with a built in powered head or similar config...

    What a great idea! (You’re welcome... :) )

    Seriously, and maybe have it work with any standard MIDI foot controller, as well as the Remote.

    Actually, I suppose I could build a 1x12 cabinet, with a space for a Kemper Rack and mounting rails... Hmmm... need to think about this a bit...

    When I got my Kemper Toaster, the lower screw on the side was stripped.

    I chose to use LocTite Blue instead of returning the unit, as I don’t tour/travel with mine.

    But... I’m not real impressed with build quality. But for a home studio unit, it’s fine.

    For your issue... is the screw or hole stripped? That would dictate my fix...

    There’s a “Headrush FRFR” thread here (same forum) that has two different users with HR 12’s that died unexpectedly soon. One replaced with an EV that he preferred the sound of, not sure what the other user did.... but the ‘cause of death’ was never determined.

    Wow, that's not been my experience. Having gigged the DXR10, I was pleasantly surprised by the Headrush 108s. They sound better as studio monitors and as a FRFR speaker for the Kemper than my Yamahas ever did. Much flatter and fuller. I'm hugely impressed.

    YMMV, of course.


    Yup - my mileage varied.... :)

    I’m not surprised though - I don’t see how Alto (the company’s that makes HeadRush) could make a better product than Yamaha for 1/3 the price... really, you get (roughly) what you pay for.

    I would suspect you hadn’t engaged your DSP settings in the DXR correctly, or had placed the speakers in locations (on floor, against wall) that exaggerated certain frequencies.

    Very glad you love your HR 108’s but they certainly aren’t flatter and fuller that the Yamaha DXRs..... Are they a great value? Yes, but they are what they are... Alto (economy) speakers with a different logo.

    Again - just my opinion... that’s all. And I do own both, use both.

    This is a really interesting thread...

    I own (and use) 2 DXR10’s, usually one at a time.

    I also bought the HR 108 to use upstairs - due to size, weight and no fan.

    It’s good in that role.

    BUT.... there is no way it can compete with the Yamaha’s 10” driver for overall sound/authenticity of the modeled cabinet and tone.. In my opinion (yes, opinion), the DXR is a far better sounding speaker with better realism, balance and ability to handle louder volumes as well.

    I also found the 108’s bass response to be very “spikey”.

    I like the 108 for $199, but to me, that’s all it’s worth. $199.... it’s $199 well spent, but it’s no DXR10. Not by a long shot. (That said, I can see it as a good option for a monitor speaker...)