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    Hey steel glad you have it all sorted out. Would you please add the word "Solved" in the Topic header, so that everyone will know at a "glance" the problem has been fixed?


    Please?? It really does help others, just as you were helped... Thank you.

    Great point, I believe the stock speaker is 8 ohms, and that the power amp section would expect that.

    I knew that would have been too easy...

    I’ll either keep using the stock G12T-100 speaker (which actually sounds pretty good), or go with two nice empty1x12’s (I like stereo) and start putting together a new setup for home use. Father’s Day is coming... :)

    Thanks for the replies.

    Hi All,

    I usually play through my unpowered Toaster and 2 DXR10’s in stereo, but really want to find out what the Kemper Kone buzz is all about.

    (Plus, I’d like to have an ‘Amp In The Room’ option...)

    I have a Fender Mustang III (v1), which has the unprocessed effects return into a 100 watt Class D amp, and Celestion G12T-100 speaker... Sounds pretty good, but obviously can’t compare to two DXR10’s, nor does it need to, when lower volumes are desired.

    QUESTION - do you think the Fender Mustang cabinet and its integrated 100 watt amp would make a good “Host” cabinet for a Kemper Kone?

    It’s an open back cab, but the Kone literature states that’s fine, and for a single 12”, might be even better than a sealed cabinet.

    Anyone done this? Any reasons you can think of why I shouldn’t waste the time/money... except the cabinet Tolex isn’t green? :)

    Got tired of waiting for the powered Kemper Kab...

    Just plugged my Kemper Toaster into the FX Return of my Mustang III (v1).

    Wow.... sounds great with no coloration from any of the Fender preamp controls or models...

    The speaker is a Celestion G12T-100, which is a very neutral speaker designed for the Fender modeler, which goes from little Champ speakers to Fender Twins, to Marshall 4x12 emulation.

    I think I just saved my self a bunch of cash for home playing... I’ll keep the DXR10s for other things for now.

    Oh, and the Toaster fits perfectly on the Mustang III.... that I wasn’t using anymore anyway... :-)

    All the Stage users are probably wanting a powered version.

    Not sure why it’s not offered in both formats (powered/passive)

    And I hope the build quality is better than the Stage, that wasn’t real inspiring.

    Looking forward to hearing this.

    You know, the song in the movie Tequila Sunrise, with Robin Zander and Ann Wilson, from about 1988?

    The guitar sound is huge, and sounds a lot like Steve Lukather or Dan Huff... There absolutely no credits given, either in the movie or the internets... AND IT'S DRIVING ME NUTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Does anyone know? My wife and I are trying to figure this one out.... usually I know, but this one has me stumped.
    I’ve been wearing out Google trying to find out who played this, and would love to capture a similar (what sounds like a Boogie) tone.

    Not sure I have much to add, but you’ll want a good flanger preset.

    A lot of his tones used a flanger, and/or phase shifter.

    Not a ton of distortion in most of his sounds from that era. Most medium crunch Marshall or HiWatt sounds might work. And if you can’t find a GK rig, try a Roland Jazz Chorus maybe?

    Good Luck, it sounds like a great gig.

    Interested, but not in a floor based unit...

    I’ll wait until I hear it and get feedback on the “feel” of the models/profiles/samples/ neural copies/rigs whatever...

    The marketing buzzwords are a bit over the top, but I’ll wait (until September apparently), and see if it amounts to anything. In the meantime, I love my Kemper.

    An all in one 1x12 (or similar) cabinet with a built in powered head or similar config...

    What a great idea! (You’re welcome... :) )

    Seriously, and maybe have it work with any standard MIDI foot controller, as well as the Remote.

    Actually, I suppose I could build a 1x12 cabinet, with a space for a Kemper Rack and mounting rails... Hmmm... need to think about this a bit...

    When I got my Kemper Toaster, the lower screw on the side was stripped.

    I chose to use LocTite Blue instead of returning the unit, as I don’t tour/travel with mine.

    But... I’m not real impressed with build quality. But for a home studio unit, it’s fine.

    For your issue... is the screw or hole stripped? That would dictate my fix...