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    looks like that's only on my old iPad 4... with an older GB version. My new one just has "Clean Mic".... not sure what processing or coloration that involves...

    good news...

    I just revisited this...

    When hooked up to a USB input, the iOS device will prompt for a dry audio input device. The default is "DRY", and the input art is a VU meter. I dont think it used to do this.

    I can't upload a pic right now from my phone, but if you use a USB input, you should be good natively.

    same question here.... following.

    "Clean Mic" seems to be the closest, I have a Focusrite iDock, and use Cubasis instead as a result, but GB is a fun little app.

    Ply is stiffer than MDF. I've said my peace on the MDF vs ply debate in this thread so I won't rehash it. But if you must use MDF for the cab, at the very least, use a quality ply for the baffle.

    What does the Kabinet use for the baffle?

    You're not really interested but still you're interested enough to know when?^^ Well one reason it's been delayed is so obvious if you didn't sleep thru the whole 2020.

    Right... I’m not interested in owning one (perfectly happy with my Kemper, Mesa, Marshall and Fender amps), but I do like to follow new equipment trends. Sorry you seem to have a problem with that.

    On the delay, Sweetwater was planned to have them available in November, and that date was announced well into the C19 timeframe. Lots of companies (mine included) produced goods throughout C19... so the delay was not universal, and yes, I work in Healthcare.

    Thank you for your sincere and informational response though....:/

    What did I miss??

    I thought this thing was being sold in November by Sweetwater... now it shows pre-order status.... and (obviously), no reviews...

    Not really that interested, but I do a lot with Sweetwater, and knew they planned on a November sell date.

    Cool if the OP and others like the BAM Bass Amp.

    Ultra-Compact 200 Watt Bass Head with Class-D Amp Technology

    BAM has a preamp optimised for bass with a Class D power amp. That is the only practical way to achieve such high power in such a compact design. No need for big power transformers etc.

    Is there a way to bypass the bass preamp (the separate tone stack and gain (distortion/drive) stage), to avoid the coloration it introduces?

    I understand how Class D works, and why it’s desirable for an application like the Kemper... but why throw a bass preamp and the extra coloration and circuitry into the signal chain?

    Why not just buy a good clean Class D amp? Like the ICE amps that Kemper uses? (They are readily available as power amps or modules)

    Serious question, not putting the BAM down.

    (I never used one, preferring a clean Class D power amp solution)

    Here’s a tip that might wrk for you...

    Prior to getting a Kabinet and an ISP Ultra and Crown XLS1502 (for my Marshall cab or stereo cabs), I used my old Mustang III (v1).... plugged straight into the effects return.

    Sounded great - was 100w loud, has a very neutral 12” Celestion speaker (designed for modelers), and you can get them CHEAP....

    Not sure this is any help to you, but wanted to make you aware of other options that work well too.

    It’s only a matter of time before someone forgets to change the default Bluetooth paring code, and someone in the audience pairs his phone with YOUR unit, and changes your presets/parameters mid-gig.... That would almost be funny. :)

    Just kidding - it wouldn’t be funny at all.

    PSA - If anyone here buys one of these - CHANGE THE BT PAIRING CODE!