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    It’s only a matter of time before someone forgets to change the default Bluetooth paring code, and someone in the audience pairs his phone with YOUR unit, and changes your presets/parameters mid-gig.... That would almost be funny. :)

    Just kidding - it wouldn’t be funny at all.

    PSA - If anyone here buys one of these - CHANGE THE BT PAIRING CODE!

    Would be neat if they sold “Powered Kemper Backs”, w/ the power amp mounted on a Kabinet back panel as an optional upgrade for people without powered Kemper, that don’t feel like DIY... I mean, they sell the Kones...

    Of course this all happens after I buy a different solution(s).

    I contemplated buying a Kone for a 1x12 cab I have. I just can't get to feel like an amp. No sustain, dead notes, weird high E string sounds, lot of stuff. It sounds great on many things, really weird on others. Tired of wrestling with it,

    No sustain, dead notes, weird sounds from you high E?

    Sounds like the Kemper is showing you the sound of your actual guitar, and your prior rigs may have masked it, especially if you play with gobs of distortion.

    The symptoms you describe are guitar issues, not amp issue traditionally.

    British Audio sent me the "full" MBritt library and I have not even unzipped those yet so I don't know how many are in there.“

    That was nice of them.... I hope Mr. Britt gets compensated somehow... He does great work for the Kemper Kommunity.... He’s a regular on this forum as well, lots of good advice in addition to some of the best profiles you can get.

    The Roland BR-80 Micro has a better AS... plus, it’s a cool unit in many other ways too....

    Certainly doesn’t replace a Kemper, but shows an example of good AS through Roland COSM modeling.

    Convenience... it’s a key setting for those w Kabinets now...

    It only impacts the Monitor Output, so that where you have to run you 2x12 from.

    The profile’s cabinet is still present in the Main outs.