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    From the Berkeley College of Music website, in the Bio’s section: (if you want to see some great players, search for Berkeley audition tapes on YouTube.... )

    Maddie Rice has proven to be a young musician to watch. As a 2014 Berklee College of Music graduate with a burgeoning pop-rock career in electric guitar, she was chosen in 2015 to be part of the house band for The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. As a member of Stay Human, Jon Batiste’s band, Rice adds to the group’s unique blend of jazz, funk, and pop.”

    have you try to make a full reset?

    Original poster said he did a full reset, and even tried a newer (latest) OS.

    This is a little concerning as someone considering using the Kemper as a live unit. Reading about quite a few ‘issues’ that would prevent successful use in a live performance environment lately...

    I hope the OP follows up with what the issue/resolution was/is.

    I have a very good technique at pinch harmonics, but I noticed over the years when I play different guitars and amplifiers they sound different. My question to you is out of these four what is your opinion?

    I have very good technique at pinch harmonics, but I noticed over the years when I played different guitars and amplifiers they sound different. My question to you is out of these for what is your opinion? Is it the pick ups? Is it the guitar? Is it the amplifier? Is it the gain?

    Any Kemper setting that will help?

    It’s a combination of all of them... Unless playing through headphones, you should be able to squeal all day and grab those pinch harmonics... volume and placement of player to speaker make a big difference.

    Stereo Guitar is great in every location be it FOH , Ears or monitors....but it takes a little getting used to

    Tell that to the ticket holders on stage right, stage left (who lose 1/2 the audio information), and even the folks in the rear, who hear it as mono anyway. Except for the folks at the sound desk or immediate vicinity, who it might sound great for, depending on a host of factors... others though, pay the price. And the speakers don’t need to be >=300 feet apart, as previously suggested.

    If you like it in your monitors, cool, I agree... in your bedroom or jamming with the guys/gals, sounds great... I like that as well; but stereo FOH for anything bigger then a garage is lost....

    Um, not sure about the post above, but....

    Here’s one reason stereo mixes are not used in major venues.

    Paying ticket holders on the stage right, stage center and stage left all hear different mixes/content.

    Technically, only ears in the center of the stereo stage will hear the stereo image as intended by the sound engineer. Others will miss content that is panned to the adjacent side.

    This argument has been going on for decades... the basics don’t change.

    Until you offer headphones to every audience member, stereo will not work for all...

    This why I didn’t buy a Powerhead version...

    I love stereo, and the Powerhead only offers a mono power amp.

    I went with the non-powered head, and used the money saved to cover part of my two DXR-10’s, in stereo.

    If I played out more these days, I might stick with a mono rig, and the powered head, maybe... So many great choices these days!

    Good FRFR isn’t an inexpensive proposition...

    However, when I fire up my dual DXR10’s, I completely forget about my Marshall 1960 and Avatar 4x12 cabinets... (I run them with HPF at 100hz, and set to ‘Monitor’.)

    With that setup, I don’t have any fizziness when using good profiles, and the cabinet emulations are very authentic, and material to the overall sound of the profile/rig.

    mkubena - Sound is subjective... whatever it takes to get ‘Your’ sound, is what works. If you prefer plugging into the (I think you meant ‘Return’) of your amp, and using your amp’s cabinet, that’s fine. BUT... you do miss out on all the great cabinets included with the Kemper profiles.