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    Yesterday was maintenance day.

    Here is my process I have been using for years:

    • Cleant the fretboard with Naphtha (AKA Lighter fluid)
    • Oil the fretboard, wait 5 minutes and wipe dry (keeps tape from sticking too much).
    • Tape board up
    • Use Semichrome and Dremel buffing wheel on each fret.
    • Remove tape, clean again with Naphtha to remove tape residue.
    • Oil Fretboard again, wait 5 minutes.
    • Buff completely with soft rag.

    Frets are Mirror shiny now!

    First photo was the "Before"

    Sometimes deals just happen. I saw this D'Angelico Excel SS on FB Marketplace for $500. I knew there had to be something wrong with it. Stopped on the way home, and while it was filthy, the lady said it was never played. Strings were corroded, it seemed to check out. There was a finish crack on one side of the neck, but seems to just be the poly finish. The frets look untouched. Even included a Hardshell case. Built in 2013. I may need to get some Grover locking tuners, but she is purdy!

    OGD! (Old Guitar Day) ^^

    Co-worker just gave me this. Got it from a neighbor, didn't want it. It really needs some fretwork, those fret ends could ruin your day, and make you a Blood Donor. The wiring needs some work too.

    Otherwise in really good shape! What's cool, Yamaha sent me the wiring diagram!

    Old Guitar day!

    I found a few photos of my Original Gibson SG I had in High School back in the 70's (Class of '75).

    The story behind this is I needed a better guitar since I was using it in HS. Found this in a used shop. I think I paid $175 for it (I say I, but Mom and Dad paid for it). That was a chunk of money back then. About $1100 today!

    Had it for years. The only complaints I had were the Trem was hard to keep the strings in tune, and no adjustable saddles for intonation. But it was a player for sure. I dropped it one time, and completely snapped to lower part with the electronics off. Music store sent it to a local luthier, and I swear, unless you looked inside the electronics cavity, you could not see the repair. I was amazed.

    A few years later I got the urge for a new guitar. Always wanted a Les Paul but out of my range. I ended up getting an L6-S. I got $250 on trade for my SG. I think the L6-S was like $450-500. I paid for this one!

    Worst decision ever! The L6-S and I never really connected. I ended up selling a few years later, and had NO guitar for a while.

    I did recently get a new SG, but it has no Trem, and adjustable saddles.

    I'd buy that old SG back in a heartbeat if I could. Can't imagine what it would be worth today! I put a lot of miles on it.

    My current SG

    I hate how the fretboards are so dry on most guitars. I still can't believe this SG only weighs 6lbs, 4oz. Feels way too light! My les Paul feels like a sack of bricks compared to this. Now I remember why I loved my old SG so much.

    I also installed a Callaham locking tailpiece studs. Changes the break angle so the strings do not contact the back of the bridge. Same affect as toing a top wrap over the stopbar...without doing a top wrap ;)