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    Its the Pelham blue that I like best. Was tempted by the Gibson one before I got my gold top.

    I have a 2019 Gibson Les Paul Standard that needed little or no setup from from me, that I got from Sweetwater. I will be honest, I've got an older 2005 Epi, and it's required some finesse to get it perfect, but since I had my new Epi Plek'd from Sweetwater, it was just dead-on. I will probably go that route all the time going forward. I also had the nut upgraded to a TusQ XL. Best to do it when doing a Plek, as they cut the nut anyway during the process.

    Even thinking of sending the old Epi in to Sweetwater for a Plek. The 2005 I got from a friend's wife when he passed away, so I will always keep that one.

    Wife says...I don't know what to get your for your birthday...that's an awesome thing to hear!

    Black Epi LP compliment my new White LP Custom!


    I am going to have it Plek'd also. The white one is sweet!

    RGD (Replacement Guitar Day)

    Okay, the replacement from Musicians Friend arrived. Here are the photos. The fret dressing on this one is awesome. The last one looked like they never even dressed the ends of the frets. They were beveled, but none of the edges were rounded. Kind of like they completely missed a step! This one has nice rounded fret ends, and polished. No fret sprout.

    The other one had a bowed back neck, which was fixed with loosening the Truss Rod. This one is completely flat, with no relief. Easy fix, but will let it aclemate for a few days before adjusting. Intonation was way out on both, but again, just normal setup.

    Hopefully I won't find any reason to return this. I freakin' love the neck on this thing.

    To those who said I was being too picky, maybe so, but I knew this is the way a new $1k guitar should be. I still have both here right now. Will get the other one shipped back soon.

    Well, got the new Schecter C-1 Apocalypse in Wednesday. Unfortunately it is going back.

    Fret ends are like a hacksaw blade. Not dressed at all, and sticking out.

    Binding has cracks in about 4 places along the neck.

    Neck had terrible back-bow, that I finally alleviated after loosening the TR and cranking the strings up a little and leaving overnight.

    Most of these issues (fret sprout, cracked binding) is from being too dry.

    I could dress the frets, but the binding is a deal breaker. My KM7 is Korean. This C-1 is Indonesian. Maybe the difference in quality? The KM7 had beautifully dressed fret ends.

    This is a shame. I love the weight, the neck profile is awesome. I can get the action very low with no fret buzz.

    They are sending another, and I'll keep my fingers crossed. I had them cross-ship one.

    If this one is better, I could be talked in to keeping it, with a discount, but not at full price.

    Can I change the Speaker Imprints in Rig Manager? Can't seem to find it. I can do it from the Toaster.

    Never mind, wasn't scrolling down in the Output section. Couldn't find a way to delete this post :P

    Difference between a regular instrument cable, and a Speaker cable (for the Kabinet). This is why I waited a day. Kemper said the other cable would overheat. It was worth the 1-day wait.


    you have to plug the Kabinet to the dedicated speaker output

    on the upper left of the Back thats were the power amp works

    you only have a single amp in the head

    for stereo you need a second power amp

    Thanks. So there is no way to put two in Stereo like I did with the Headrush speakers. Oh well :-)