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    Hey ckemper ,

    I really appreciate you sticking around to weigh in on all these comments. It's been an honor to hear you speak directly on these topics. It continues to blow my mind all the engineering know-how that goes into every KPA module.

    If I may, though, it sounds to me like you're quick to defend the Kemper Drive and issues with the Profiler's headroom rather than heeding suggestions from your most die-hard committed fans. This thread is full of real-world R&D. There may be things that can be improved upon yet in OS8. Just my $0.02.

    I would agree that the Kemper Drive needs bass added in most cases to feel right. See my demo video several pages back. 3-5dB @ 191Hz goes a long way for me. I've also personally never found an analog OD I liked the sound of going into the Kemper's input — and I've tried endless varieties. Maybe a video directly covering Clean Sens and pedal integration could help.

    Thanks for all the continued support after all these years! Team Kemper for life.

    I'm pumped about the Kemper Drive so far. I tried on it a few low- and high-gain Rigs tonight. It sounds great and seems super versatile. I can tell I'm going to get some miles out of it. Thanks, Kemper team!

    Only thing I'd change is that it seems to suck out some lows at most settings. Not a problem when you can add an EQ before the amp, but perhaps it needs to have its own bass knob.

    Short KOT demo here:…EwW8CYWx/view?usp=sharing

    prolixuk , I made some bass profiles using an Acme Audio MTP-66, a fully stocked API lunchbox, and a Chandler Limited Zener Limiter — around $10k worth of signal chain. IMHO, the Kemper didn't really do it justice. I think it captured some of the structure and harmonic character of the gear, but it really didn't capture that "big iron" heft I hoped it would.

    So something like an EQ would probably be doable. But when you're talking about a character pre or LA-2A, other gear might serve you better. A creator called Past to Future has really been impressing me with their console and tape machine IRs lately.

    Hello Kemper,

    I've been doing a number of bass profiles lately with amps and outboard gear. Two feature I'd like to see in future OS builds are:

    1) A wet/dry cab blend — Rather than just turning the Cab module on or off, could we have a blend knob to add just a touch of cab color to the direct sound? This is a common recording practice. It would be handy for acoustic guitar IRs as well.

    2) A wet/dry direct blend — If I've got a highly saturated profile, I'd like to be able to blend some of my clean tone straight from the bass back into the signal for clarity. I know we have the Direct Mix option now, but with my setup, it doesn't seem to do what I'm trying to achieve. The sound is still colored and I can't achieve the blend I want.

    Even just making these options available via stomps would be a godsend. Thanks for your consideration.

    Not only do I agree with you, I’ll go one farther: I prefer the sound of Studio profiles even if I’m replacing the Cab module. Crazy, right? I did an experiment last year where I captured a 6505 Mini into a Two Notes Torpedo Reload (reactive loadbox) two ways: directly into the Kemper without a cab, and out of that same box into a miked speaker cab. Same settings, same signal path. I found I got more pleasing results to sub in cab IRs for the Studio profiles than the Direct.

    I also tend to prefer the baked-in cab sounds running into a full-range speaker or monitor than a cab-less Rig run a traditional guitar cab, based on my experience.

    I’ll echo what others have said: the mono folddown on that pedal is not great. I had one given to me and ended up giving it away after one use. By design, it’s going to mess with your timing and phase if you’re monitoring in mono.

    Hi Kemper team,

    I’ve been playing with the GGD Zilla Cab plug-in this week. One output option I’d love to see in future Kemper OS builds is the ability to do Stomps and Stack without the cab engaged.

    Ideally, I‘d like to record Master Mono and Stack-Sans-Cab channels simultaneously over S/PDIF so I can replace and enhance sounds using 3rd party IRs and cabs within my OX.

    Yes, I know it’s possible to achieve this result by recording the DI track and -re-amping. But then I’ve got to turn on Constant Latency, reverse my S/PDIF setup, and record an additional real-time pass. It would just be simpler with the output options right there.

    Just throwing it out there. Thanks for all you do.

    Hi Kemper team,

    Now that we have a fancy new Editor and an awesome floor unit, how do we feel about adding USB direct recording to the current Kemper lineup? I transitioned to the Kemper from an Eleven Rack and miss this feature more than anything.

    I'm unlearned in this area, so forgive my ignorance: is a driver all we're lacking to make audio-over-USB happen? Or is the Kemper lacking some fundamental hardware?

    I've seen a few threads saying this has been "asked to death," but I wanted to bring it back to the table for 2020 in case CK's feelings had softened. Thanks for all you do!