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    exilech , any update from last week’s trials? I’d like to know what you found out.

    Another route you can go down is to blend close and far speaker IRs in your DAW and save them as a single blended IR to import back into the Kemper. Several paid profile packs (Celestion, OwnHammer) will give you close-miked, speaker rear, room, and other IR options.

    1) Record an amp-only pass into your DAW (temporarily disable the speaker cab sim on your Kemper)

    2) Duplicate the recorded audio track several times

    3) Instantiate the cab IR plug-in of your choice on each audio track. Lancaster Pulse is free and reliable. Use your DAW’s track level to control blend, keeping Pulse’s level settings identical across all tracks

    4) Once you find the blend you like, delete the audio tracks and import the IR .wav files you auditioned onto their respective tracks. The level controls should have preserved their blend.

    5) Export the new IR blend as a 44.1/16 mono .wav file

    6) Import into the Kemper via USB

    It’s tedious work, but the payoff can be big.

    I'm giving away my latest profile pack (a $5.00 value) until 1/21. You'll find it here in the attachments.

    This pack is based on the just-released Supro Blues King 12. Sweet little amp. Loosely inspired by the Fender Blues Junior, but with a smoother-voiced 12" speaker and stackable Gain and Boost switches. This one was tough to profile with mics. I think the IR blend does a better job of bringing out the spank, body, and drive characteristics as heard in the room.

    I'd love to get your thoughts. Thanks for supporting RealAMP.

    I have it on good authority that Line 6 plans to buy out Kemper and absorb the profiling technology into its Helix family of products. Profiling will now be authorized through paid Profile Tokens. Amps, stomps, and cabs will be sold individually through the cloud. Premium artist packs will be available through a paid monthly subscription service. That's what this year's NAMM announcement is all about.

    Source: Ultimate Metal forums

    I've been through several fuzzes, ODs, distortions for profiling purposes, and almost always prefer the raw amp. What are some specific makes and models you've had good results with?

    From the manual: "Some distortion pedals use a special design that cannot be captured accurately, for instance the Tube Screamer."

    I've tried the 3Sigma impulses in my DAW, (the martin and the taylor) and they sounded worse than going direct - and I was really disappointed - as I thought they might be brilliant and was looking forward to Kemperising them - like Pete Thorn did with the Helix.

    That's too bad. Live, I run my LR Baggs Anthem SL into a Mooer Radar pedal running the 3 Sigma Takamine and Martin IRs. I've been pleased with them. Do they sound like a mic? Not really. But they sort of add that bloom and listening distance that mics give you.

    Gforce guitar, depending on your guitar setup, production style, and how "super" you need your results, I wouldn't hesitate to recommend the 3 Sigma IRs to you. Particularly the Takamine pack. You'll just import them into Cab Maker and then into your KPA like other speaker IRs, then load one into a patch an bypass the Stomps, Amp, and Effects sections.

    GodlessEndeavor and Monkey_Man , thanks for the helpful input. It sounds like the only way to suit a pack to all tastes would be to profile with multiple guitars and treat as separate packs. I pretty much only play single-coils, so that’s always my preference.

    From your experience, do single-coil/humbucker packs (like Selah Sounds) get you in the ballpark? Or is it necessary for commercial profiles to do a Les Paul, Tele, Strat, ESP, etc?

    397f7c95538961c9090da40b2b0b6e229b278069, I really appreciate the kind words. That’s encouraging. It’s hard to top the real thing.

    ashtweth, most of these patches were tailored for the stock pickups of my Squier Classic Vibe ‘50s Tele (Alnico III, vintage output). That’s what you’re hearing in the clips— bridge and middle positions. Hope this helps.

    GodlessEndeavor Sorry to hear that, man! That's disappointing. Did you try the included 4x12 IR profiles? I thought the IRs we picked really opened up the sound of the amp.

    Yes, everything was dialed in using a Tele with singles. My partner and I have been talking about refining profiles using a Les Paul and Tele both. Maybe that's something we need to consider for future packs.

    Thanks for your feedback and support. Please don't hesitate to reach out for a full refund if nothing's working for you. I have spent SOOOO much dough on paid profiles I'll never use because they didn't work for my gear, so I understand completely.

    In my obsessive quest to profile every amp I've ever come into contact with, I've decided to launch my own Kemper store. Check out my first profile pack here, based on a 20-watt Peavey 6505MH. You can pick it up for 50% off between now and February 1st using discount code "HAPPYNEWYEAR". Full money-back guarantee within 7 days of purchase.

    I'd welcome any feedback on the sounds and store experience. Thanks for your support.