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    In my obsessive quest to profile every amp I've ever come into contact with, I've decided to launch my own Kemper store. Check out my first profile pack here, based on a 20-watt Peavey 6505MH. You can pick it up for 50% off between now and February 1st using discount code "HAPPYNEWYEAR". Full money-back guarantee within 7 days of purchase.

    I'd welcome any feedback on the sounds and store experience. Thanks for your support.

    For me they were a big waste of money. I don't like them , and don't use them, the bottom end is not there, they sound veiled, like a blanket is over them

    I'm sorry to say, but I have to agree with kriswylde. Avoid the official Dr. Z profiles altogether. Great company, great amps, and a GREAT guy, but there's not a single profile in that pack I found worth keeping. Thin and dull, every single one of them. YMMV. I went so far as to contact Dr. Z's customer service to politely request a refund — which I've never done with a profile pack and I knew was a long shot — and the rep was kind of snotty with me. Just a real turn-off from a company I respect so much.

    I'd be eager to hear the Selah Zee profiles with my gear. The demos sound great (but then again, so did Tone Junkie's official Dr. Z demos...)

    I wanted to float a suggestion by the devs for the next KPA OS build. In Profiler mode, after profiling an amp, there is an option to "Refine profile" where you can play chords. Sometimes the profile ends up better, but sometimes worse. I'd like to see an option for "Keep changes?" after the refining process where you can A/B the refined and unrefined results, and if you don't like the changes, revert back to the original profile straight off the amp.

    Also, at this time, what is the best way to refine a profile? I know the old literature says to "play chords with attitude" and "strum especially hard" — have you all learned of a better method?

    Thanks for all you do.

    Selah Sounds says they're having a one-year anniversary sale this month. Should be any day now. I own the WZRD, Korso, and '65 D'Verb packs. They're excellent.

    Tone Junkie is having a sale on his JTM45 pack. "SALE20" probably still works on top of that.

    The 40% off Amp Factory code is "XMAS2018", BTW. I'm assuming it's good through the holidays. Just got the email over the weekend. Looking forward to getting my hands on whatever the tight Diezel-sounding single is in this pack.