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    Yes, agreed! Currently running the following in an FX loop block right before the amp stage:

    * Tapestry Audio Fab Suisse (Blues Breaker type)

    * Emerson Custom Paramount MK2 (transparent transistor type)

    I think the v8 drives have been a nice addition, and I'm really eager to check out the fuzzes. But so far, real ODs in the loop is the sound I'm most vibing with these days. Clip attached.

    ToneWars just did a blind shootout and Kemper smoked the QC on tone and feel

    Granted it was with 3 Metal guitarist, but it was pretty definitive

    The replay will be up soon. It’s long but well worth a watch

    176 (Kemper) compared to 142 (Quad Cortex) in blind tone and feel scores. Way to go, Kemper! I'm glad you introduced me to their channel. Seems like quality content.

    Refining should not take more than a minute, as seen in the Guido Bungenstock videos. We might replace in the future, still.

    I requested a feature which received some traction awhile back. It'd be nice if we could reject the refining process and start back at the captured profile, to either refine again or save the original. I've gotten gun-shy about refining because I tend to be disappointed with the results.

    Piggybacking off what creative360 has already said — HW (ToneJunkie) is one of the most generous, prolific, and (dare I say) important content/profile creators in the entire Kemperverse. Not only does he consistently make great-sounding stuff, but he is so giving of his time, knowledge, packs, and performances. And, if you're in the market for paid profiles, dude routinely offers 100%-off codes (as in, your entire cart is free) as part of his regular promotions.

    So yeah — let him make the occasional hype video! I'm personally pretty excited. Knowing TJ's hopped on the QC train is going to cause many of us to consider going cross-platform.

    I figured it out. The QC is just accessing an online Kemper deep in NDSP's underground server room. That's why it has onboard wi-fi and takes 5 minutes to Capture. There's a queue, you know.

    If they were more different than similar, what would the point of doing a product like this? :)

    Your comment was, "If that’s the best the QC can do, Kemper shouldn’t have to worry at all. The differences are quite significant." I'm saying that these aren't apples-and-oranges differences. It sounds like 30 seconds of tone tuning would give the QC what you feel is missing. That's common to the Kemper, too — it's why we get all the specialized amp controls (Definition, Clarity, etc.) inside.

    Someone posted the clips from that video. G is the amp.…cLbGjN2jcUfy-5_vOzja?dl=0

    If that’s the best the QC can do, Kemper shouldn’t have to worry at all. The differences are quite significant.

    The clips are definitely more similar than they are different. I'd be pleased with that result. A little EQ work, and I think you'd be 95% of the way there. What impresses me is how you can clearly hear the "belch" of the cab at 0:05. There's a real sense of depth and dimensionality.

    Not saying the Kemper doesn't reproduce these qualities, just that the QC appears to do a real fine job.

    Has anybody mixed direct sounds with cab room sounds or will that create issues because of latency?

    I routinely blend a Kemper-fed miked cab, a direct Kemper signal, and a cabless-profile I run into IRs (I know— I have a sickness) when I record. Sound Radix Auto-Align works great for me.

    I’m not sure how it would perform on a room mic and a Kemper direct signal. If you send me some short clips, I could test and post results.

    You can also get a trial here:

    Holy smokes! Those Katzbach JCM800 profiles slap. I might just have to buy in.

    Update: I picked up the Katzbach JMP 2203 pack. It wasn't an instant hit for me. But for the price ($7.50 USD), it's a low cost of entry. I play a Tele and a Strat, so that probably has something to do with it.

    So I wonder what the difference would be between Helix 2048 IR and 1024 IR.

    Pete Thorn did a great video on this. 1,024 samples @ 44.1 kHz would give you a maximum length of 23ms. That's definitely enough to capture the tone of the cab, but not sufficient to capture frequencies below 43Hz or any room resonance. Do the longer IRs matter that much? Eh. I tell myself I can hear a difference. Whether or not the science bears that out is another story.

    Just for your information:

    Unless impulse responces are not a couple hundred millseconds long, they are always (more complex) EQ curves.

    We convert IRs into our own format. However, there are no specific calculations involved.

    Thanks for weighing in, ckemper ! Always an honor.