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    ncbassplayer That's too bad to hear. Telling that they didn't post clips. I absolutely hated the Dr. Z official pack, and haven't been blown away by what I've heard of the Victory stuff.

    I agree that getting manufacturers onboard with their own paid profiles is the most ethical way to deal with all the Kemper can do, and I support that. But come on, manufacturers — at least do it right.

    I've been running my Kemper into a Mackie Thump12BST two-way powered PA speaker with an upgraded Eminence Legend EM12N 12" guitar driver for the past 6 months. It's just over 30 lbs (maybe even less with the neodymium speaker) and has all the output and headroom I can imagine needing for stage monitoring purposes — the kind of stages I play, anyway. It does pretty well for acoustic tones, too.

    I've been impressed with the EM12N. It's so transparent that I prefer it with my Kemper cabs ON, though it's definitely got the punch of a traditional guitar speaker. Way better touch response than the Mackie's stock speaker. I'm hitting it with some generous EQ via the Kemper's monitor output section.

    If you're going full-on FRFR, the Mission Engineering Gemini 2 is supposedly the Cadillac of FRFRs. I've played both the 8" and 12" HeadRushes, both the Line 6 PowerCab models, a ValveTrain PowerTrain Stage 50, and a Friedman ASC-12. None of these did a whole lot for me.

    Can someone go ahead and profile the entire HeadRush Pedalboard and share? Thanks. ;)

    Eleven always has made good stuff. I used an Eleven Rack into an IR pedal for a year before I migrated to the Kemper. I still regret not profiling some of those patches.

    AdamMassacre1981 To get to the output menu, you'll hold the "Output" switch in the upper-right corner of your Profiler. There are something five screens to scroll through via the left and right advance. Things I would check:

    1) Make sure there is no global EQ set on your recording output

    2) Dial back the Pure Cabinet setting a healthy amount. I set mine to 1.0, and that's mostly because I'm superstitious.

    3) Either disable the Space control from outputting to your interface, or set it low — somewhere around 1.0. I actually like the stereo effects it gives me over S/PDIF.

    AdamMassacre1981 , what’s your email? I’m going to send you a few patches, and you can see if you like them any better than what you’ve got.

    To answer your question I failed to yesterday, I doubt it’s anything related to your signal path (interface, DAW, computer). Just make sure you’re gain staging properly and not clipping anything on the way in or out.

    AdamMassacre1981 , listening on my phone, I don’t think it sounded all that bad. I know feel has a lot to do with it, but on sound alone, I’d give it a B-.

    The strength of the Profiler has everything to do with the strength of the profiles. Have you tried the freebies on the Rig Exchange? Have you tried any third-party vendors? Multiple third-party vendors? I won’t name names (unless prompted), but just because a pack costs good money doesn’t mean it’s plain good.

    And at the end of the day, it’s all a matter of preference. I’ve never felt that ultra-high gain was the Profiler’s strongest suit. I know some would fight me on that. Maybe the Fractal would be be a better match? Or your amps plus the UA OX.

    bought it too

    all profiles sounds appr. the same, not very impressed by the set

    Thanks for reaching out. I Issued you a full refund. I’m sorry to hear they didn’t work out.

    Ibot39 I used a Two Notes Torpedo Reload reactive loadbox running Wall of Sound. No mics involved. Let me know what you think.

    I'm pleased to announce my Fonder 62 PrinceCS profile pack. It's based on the Chris Stapleton Fender Princeton that came out this earlier year. Captured clean and dirty through a T-Rex Mudhoney II. Full money-back guarantee if you don't 100% love it.

    Another thing: I've changed my pricing structure. If you've bought any of my packs at full price (i.e. without a discount code), message me and I'll refund the difference.