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    I've had this idea floating around my head for a bit and thought I would pose it to the Kemper team and community. I think it'd be useful if the RM came with an auto-play option and a handful of selectable reference clips (Strat lead, LP chord progression, walking bass line, etc) with which to preview rigs. These would be useful for auditioning patches privately and could also serve as a basis for comparison online — i.e., if I post a sample of a patch and it uses one of the de facto reference clips, the differences between guitars is effectively eliminated from the equation.

    And not to murky the waters too much, but maybe there could also be an option for users to store their own reference clips for each other their own guitars, rather than having to audition with a guitar in my lap or plug in a looper pedal.

    Dev team, you all are amazing. Thanks for all you do.

    I pretty much don't refine anymore, especially for gainy patches. It's such a crap shoot. Now, I'll take 3 or so snapshots of the same setup with different input levels on the Kemper and pick my favorite. YMMV.

    Nice pedal, BTW. I loved that one into my AC15 before I sold them both. Tons of good gain.

    My coworker was selling his 1x10" Bogner New Yorker combo, so naturally, I had to convince him to let me take it home and profile it first. Difficult little amp to capture, but once we fed it some dirt pedals (a Bogner Uberschall and an EHX Big Muff) and built it a custom IR blend, I'd say we got the pack sounding pretty sweet. Let me know what you think. All profiles delivered exactly as demo'd using a Squier Classic Vibe '50s Tele — no additional FX or processing used, save for some light limiting on the full-band mixes.

    You can grab the NuYawka pack for $2.50 until 4/3 using checkout code "BIGAPPLE50." Backed by a 7-day money-back guarantee. Thanks for your support and feedback.

    There's a segment of isolated guitars in this comparison towards the end of the track.

    Thanks. I missed that. I'd say the differences between the Profiler and amp in this case are slight to insignificant for any practical application. Nice job capturing it.

    I once heard a user say something to the effect of, “Just buy a handful of MBritt packs and be done with it.” While I don’t necessarily think his are the end-all of profiles, they do have a massive and proven following, and I think there’s wisdom behind those words. It’s the endless searching and hoping for something better that kills the creative process.

    MBritt, Tone Junkie, Top Jimi, The Amp Factory — these guys all offer bundles with enough of the core elements to take you anywhere you want to go. Diving in and learning the controls can get you the rest of the way.

    For the record, I’m right there with you.

    Mine are, in no order:

    Tone Junkie — A major institution around here. Gives away free profiles generously. Big contributor to the community in terms of tips and video coverage. Constantly creating new packs.

    Selah Sounds — I've been pleased with everything I've bought from these guys. Not quite as prolific, but I haven't heard anything from that that isn't choice. The 65 D'Verb is a mainstay on my Kemper.

    Top Jimi — His profiled cabs are in a league all their own. I'm not sure if he's using IRs or if he's just gotten really good at profiling, but they all seem to be very well suited to the amps. Probably my top choice for gain, but I'm still yet to find a super-hot profile from any profiler that sounds great with Tele pickups. Makes very in-depth playthrough demos.

    Honorable mentions:

    Brian Carl Music — Very pleased with the Brit Thirty pack I picked up this month. Definitely keeping my eye out for future sales and releases.

    The Amp Factory — Huge selection. Only bought a couple packs from him (ENGL 646, Mesa Rectifier), but I've enjoyed them so far.

    Rhett Shull — Another one to keep an eye on. Produces some interesting video content. I really enjoy his '64 Skylark; it too is in a league of its own.

    Then my credit card lost its structural integrity so I decided to just play guitar while it cooled down. :)

    Ha. Yep. The hidden cost of owning something with infinite range and possibility.

    just got it .will check it out today.this is made for single coil pickups?

    Yep. Specifically, I voiced it for the neck Friedman Strat pickup in my Tele. YMMV.

    Very interesting and good sounding pack . :thumbup:

    Compressor stomp is after the stack - what is the reason ?

    Thank you. Just a preference thing. Since the IR is functioning as a mic, I put a light compressor right after that stage. I strum pretty hard, so it's just something to bring up the light stuff and control the transients.

    Mnwarrior26 For the most part, but with a bit of a miked vibe from the impulses. It was a two-phase process: making the electric guitar's magnetic pickup sound like a piezo pickup, then sweetening the piezo tone with miked-acoustic impulse responses made for undersaddle bridge pickups.