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    Thanks everyone for your comments, experiences, and tips here! I agree that I'm underestimating drums/bass. I actually just picked up a nice bass guitar so I'm excited to see how this can improve my mixes. I'm also going to experiment more with quad tracking.

    Also, I know this may be a completely subjective question, however what seems to be the consensus on highest quality/most user friendly VST drum software? Up until now, I've either manually programmed drums into the DAW with my Boss Dr. Rhythm pad, or imported MIDI directly from guitar pro. Both functional/rookie options indeed, I feel I'm just scratching the surface. I know I can massively improve my mixes with a better drum VST software.

    Watching youtube or even browsing sweetwater/guitar center, my ears/eyes just glaze over and I feel overwhelmed with the amount of choices for VST drums. I was looking at getgood drums, but then it seems superior drummer may be more user friendly? :/Then there are metal expansion packs for each brand 8|. The last thing I want is a terabyte of drum samples only to use 5% of the sounds available...

    Thanks again guys!

    Hey Guys!

    My primary interest as a proud KPA owner has been home recording, however next year I may have the opportunity to play live with a band.

    For those of you who gig with the KPA, do you have any tips for dialing in your live sound? Is it just trial and error at the specific venue? Do you get it most of the way there at home through your studio monitors/guitar cab? Any major changes with output settings for playing live vs. at home?

    Also, are in-ear monitors pretty much standard for performing live today?

    Thanks in advance! :thumbup:


    Hi Guys!

    I wanted to get some opinions on how modern metal bands (eg. As I Lay Dying/Killswitch Engage) and producers are tracking guitars to achieve that fierce, thick, in-your-face, punchy guitar tone (while maintaining extreme clarity and avoiding a muddy/washed out sound)

    I'm still new to recording with the KPA, but something tells me there is a lot more going on than simply double tracking with a high gain profile.

    Is it a specific KPA amp setting eg. clarity/dry mix?

    Is it quad tracking?


    EQ/compressors/maximizers in the DAW?

    Fancier audio interfaces? (although with SPDIF does this matter?)

    Or is it all of the above and more? :/

    Overall, I've been extremely happy with my hard rock/metal mixes w/ the KPA thus far, but am always looking to improve and optimize.

    My basic setup = ESP LTD MH1001 (EMG pickups) -> KPA -> Focusrite Scarlett 6i6 (SPDIF) -> Cubase DAW

    Thanks in advance!:thumbup:

    That said, here are a few tips to make things go as smoothly as possible.

    I also recommend two bars of click track, and you'd include that in the mp3. When they record their vocals, tell them to press record at the very beginning, i.e. where the drum clicks start. That way the vocal tracks can be dropped into your project at 0:00:00 and everything will line up perfectly.

    Awesome, thanks so much for the tips.

    I've always wondered about this... How exactly do I mixdown a project and include the metronome click track in the final mp3? This is what you're referring to correct? Send the vocalist an mp3 of my rough mix at the intended BPM but include two bars of click track (ie 8 clicks) before my actual audio starts, then my audio (mp3) would start playing without the click and the vocalist would do their thing over it.

    Hey Guys! I know this isn't directly related to the KPA per se, but I know a lot of you will have some good insight/experience.

    I'm looking to collaborate on future projects with other musicians, primarily vocalists, outside my city/state and I was curious to know how I go about importing their performances into my DAW (cubase). Is this as simple as everyone mixing down their performances into WAV files then I import everything into one DAW project and go from there? Or is there a different, more optimal/preferred way to import the raw audio into my DAW project? I heard somewhere that I could just "import everyone's project sessions" into one project however I wasnt sure what this means or if identical DAWs were required to do this.

    My intention is to mix other people's vocal tracks into my mixes with my own guitar/bass/drum tracks.

    Thanks again!:)

    Thanks for all the input guys! Silencing the DI track was simply done by lowering the volume all the way to zero within focusrite's mixer console. Same recording quality, I just can't hear it during monitoring/recording/mixing which was my goal. Then I mute the track in the DAW so it's muted at all angles.

    And yes, that's correct, spdif L/R to DAW = two separate tracks, one wet, one dry (DI). Next time I'll tinker more before posting here, I just get so excited talking shop with all of you.^^

    Ok thanks, I know focusrite (I'm using the 6i6) has virtual mixer. I haven't tinkered with it yet as far as adjusting levels on spdif R/L's.

    Is there a way to adjust the spdif R/L output levels within the KPA? Or would that compromise the quality of the DI track?

    Hey Guys,

    I was curious to know if there is a way to record the DI track completely silent? In other words, as I'm monitoring/recording is there anyway to exclusively hear the spdif wet track while simultaneously capturing the spdif dry DI in the DAW? It's pretty distracting hearing the spdif R/L blended during the recording process.

    Thanks again! :thumbup:

    Hey Guys!

    So I've heard it's possible to import guitarpro midi drum tracks into your DAW and then modify/replace each drum sound to your liking (eg. superior drummer samples).

    I'm interested in doing more instrumental rock covers in the future and this seems like an easy way to save hours of programming drums ||

    I'm assuming this method has been done for years and I'm just learning about it now. For those who've done this in the past/present, is it really as simple as it sounds? Any advice? I do not currently have drum software, but have been leaning towards getgood drums.

    Thanks again,


    Assign it to one of th post amp FX slots. That way the loop will be recorded with the amp sound and play back the full tone as recorded without addin firther distortion. At the moment you have the looper recording a clean guitar signal then sending it througn the amp at the same time as sending the additional guitar sound creating a muddy situation. Also, if you put it after the amp you can actually change amp sounds between the original loop(s) and the later loop(s) live solo to create more clarity and separation between the parts.

    Awesome, I'll give this a shot

    Yeah I never noticed any degradation, I always placed the looper after the amp section in the x or mod slot with a stereo loop or via the main outs.

    Thanks for the info! I'm primarily referring to high gain tones sounding poor. I want to say I was putting the looper/fx loop up front in the stomp A slot. What do you mean by stereo loop?

    I was under the impression that if I set the KPA to have an fx loop in any slot, I can then run either a single pedal or an entire external pedal board via the direct out/send + return/input 1/4" jacks on the rear panel. I guess you're saying this hook up is correct, but the sound quality changes based on which slot the fx loop goes in?

    For those of you using looper pedals with your KPA, I'm curious to know opinions on why my digitech jamMan sounds muffled w/ poor quality when I run it through the fx loop on the KPA (as well as directly in, in front of the guitar) through my orange 2 x 12. When I run the looper through the fx loop in my peavey tube head, the looper functions clean and clear, with all guitar parts sounding distinct. Using the digitech looper through the KPA, it almost seems as though there is sonically only room for 1 guitar sound, whether its the looped track or the one your playing in real time, but certainly not both like I get out of my tube head.

    I have yet to tinker with looping w/ the KPA remote, maybe this will produce a different sound?


    So I think I've narrowed down my poor playback issues to it likely being a hardware issue at the interface:/.......For all the Apollo Twin thunderbolt owners out there, has anyone had to troubleshoot constant poor playback issues? At first I was getting static filled playback in the DAW, regardless of SPDIF vs. analog tracking. BTW, monitoring from KPA through the interface sounds amazing (clean, no static, I'm definitely not recording/playing back a poor signal). I then completely turned off the KPA and DAW, leaving only the computer and Apollo on and tinkering w/ the windows sound settings.

    After triple checking that both the playback and recording devices were defaulted to the Apollo Twin, I clicked the "test" button, where windows gives a nice little stereo jingle to confirm the device is working. 100% of the time, when I hit the "test" button to play the windows jingle through the Apollo, it plays back static filled. When I switch the default device back to the stock audio driver on the computer, it plays the jingle clean, no static/distortion. This occurs w/ Apollo playback both through headphones and studio monitors.

    When I adjust the buffer size in UA console, the lowest setting produces the most severe static on windows playback, while the highest setting improves the static tremendously, however does not completely eliminate it. Triple checked the sample rates of the windows/DAW/KPA and everyone is @ 44.1 khz, also updated KPA firmware to most current. Windows sound settings are saying that all Apollo drivers are current and functioning properly. I also did a hard reset of the interface per owners manual specification (hold down multiple buttons, then switch on - red lights flash repeatedly) and the problem still persisted.

    I spoke w/ UA this morning, and they're requesting I send them a few reports from my PC regarding system info and latency. I will do this asap. They also mentioned simply swapping out the thunderbolt cable. I'm currently using a brand new cable but it could still be the issue, I will also try to uninstall/reinstall the UAD software.They did confirm that I was using the recommended thunderbolt adapter for my computer as well.

    Anyone else have a similar experience setting up their Apollo Twin on a PC? Thanks again.


    KPA power rack

    Apollo twin mkii thunderbolt - w/ thunderbolt 3 to thunderbolt 1 adapter (Startech)

    Dell G5 laptop - windows 10


    Cubase 9.5

    UA Console

    If you mean "do I get the same effect by recording to guitar tracks separately with a stereo chorus in the kemper, recording only one side (mono) each time - as recording a stereo track of both sides of a single performance" - then the answer is no.

    Precisely what I meant to say. Thanks. Makes sense. I'll keep this in mind when recording a "wet signal" using something like a stereo chorus effect.

    A guitar amplifier is not really a stereo source, so I always record mono.

    Of course, if you're using stereo EFFECTS (eg. chorus etc) in the kemper, then it may make sense to record in stereo. However, it sounds like you're double tracking for rhythm guitar (I'm guessing rock or somesuch) - here I would definitely record in MONO.

    For double tracking, make sure to record separate performances - not just making a copy of ONE recorded track.

    Thanks! Yes, I'm primarily going to be recording hard rock/metal, and when I say double tracking, yes, that's 2 separate performances.

    As far as tracking w/ stereo effects, would recording in stereo look like one DAW track with 2 signals R/L? Or would it look more like 2 separate tracks split stereo R on one and stereo L on the other?

    Would I achieve the same results by just double tracking/panning 2 mono tracks w/ a stereo effect? Or is this where I need to just go an experiment?