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    Hi, I have a question about if I put some drive or boost pedals in front of the Kemper, should I turn off the Compressor from the Kemper? Or it doesn't really matter? I use Mbritt profiles, I think the profiles by themselves sound the best with the Compressor on, with drive/boost pedals in front, sounds good too, but it also have a bit more noise, because normally drive/boost pedals are after compressor. For guitar recording situation, what is your suggestion? Thanks!

    It will make no difference at all because you will not use the microphone preamp (read that literally!) anyway.

    Some "vintage" designs add some color/flavour to a signal just by running the signal through them. But none of them add "quality".

    You have a decent audio interface with decent AD converters. If you don't know the characteristics of (external) mic preamps/channel strips you very likely don't need them. :)

    Thanks a lot!!!

    When you record the Profiler you get line level, so there's no need for a microphone preamp. Also, an external mic pre will not improve the "quality", even if the preamp accepts line level inputs. It can only add some "flavour" if that's what you're after.

    So you mean if I use Kemper to record, I don't need the extra external mic pre because it won't make huge difference, unless I wanna use the mic to record the guitar amp, right?

    Hi, I watched the tutorial on youtube, so I connect the Direct Output/Send with the audio interface is for guitar direct analog signal, right? I should use the TRS cable to connect both inputs?


    What Bryan said.

    Only thing I would add is if you have an interface that has 3 inputs, you can record everything and then just not use the delay/reverb processed one. Makes the wiring simpler probably.

    Thank you! My Apollo Twin only has 2 inputs, so I think I need a audio interface which has at least 4 inputs?

    The other solution is I track guitar with reverb and delay plug-in, then I can turn the plug-in off and send out the tracks.

    If your Reverb and Delay are after the Amp Stack, yes, you can do it.

    Set the Output Source for the dry output(s) to Stack.

    Set the Output Source for the wet output(s) to “Main L+R, Main L, or Main R.

    It's really not complicated at all. Press the output button and change the Output Source for the outputs you are using.

    I press the OUTPUT and here is my Output Source:

    Main Output - Master Stereo

    Monitor Output - Master Mono

    Direct Output - Git+Processing

    SPDIF Output - Master Stereo

    So how should I change?

    No problem, I will check that out :)

    Fist of all: do You have installed the new KPA OS beta-release that were released this weekend?

    If You are running the release then you can install the presets for the new reverbs.

    If you have installed 5.7, enter the System Menu, and press the Import Factory Presets button. Doing that will ensure they are available.

    Make any effects slot active on screen, and turn the Browse knob.

    Thanks a lot, I just updated to 5.7 and I find those new presets, cheers!

    I like using the Andy Timmons approach of two different delays in series. You can do that with the Twin Delay. He uses about 375ms and about 500ms for the other (if using rhythm options 3/16 and 4/16 works well). Feedback to give around 5 -7 repeats and a little bit of modulation. Leave it on all the time but morph the Delay level to taste with an expression pedal.

    In an ideal world I would want to assing a pedal specifically to delay mox and have it always available so that morphing could be assigned to other features but at the moment morph is you friend.

    Thank you! Twin Delay means TwoTap Delay?

    Thanks! So which type of Delay from the Kemper you will recommend?

    Hi, I am looking for a delay type and settings which can be mostly always on, it will make the note or chords sound juicier and more wet. Can anyone recommend which type of delay I should use? And also for the delay settings, mainly I just tweak the MIX and FEEDBACK, right? Thanks!

    Thanks for the detailed reply, I agree with you. Looks like I need bigger and better monitors;(

    By the way I bought lots of M Britt's packs, they sound really really great and I don't even need to tweak the EQ:thumbup: