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    I’ve been so very patient ...It’s now almost halfway through August . Is there at least a beta team I can join for the NAMM rig manager 3.00 ?

    Also , I’ve noticed that in the Rig library that has rigs uploaded from around the world , there are very few uploads with cool effects chains . I’ve spent months creating different cool effects , some of them subtle but many of them over the top because I love unique patches that show off the fact a guitar can sound absolutely nothing like a guitar . I have so many effects based patches . Would it be possible to have a section of the forum for sharing just heavily processed tones and we can discuss how we came up with theses times ? Also the only other processor I use alongside the Kemper is my eventide H9 . Between that and the amazing built in effects I’m the kemper I will NEVER need more possibilities than I now have . It would be great to have an h9 thread or branch as well but that might be asking a bit much

    It's coming this summer. That's what we said on NAMM and it is still true.


    I love my Kemper more with each update. My only complaint is that I have a hard time reading the small display at night. That's my bad night vision, not kemper's fault. So I've been patiently waiting for the update in the Rig manager. Now I have used the 3rd party editors and they work pretty good in conjunction with the front panel, but I need to have an interface hooked to my computer with midi ins and outs and run two extra midi cables, when the update on the rig manager I'm waiting for would do the same job through the usb cable alone and then I can use the magnifying option of my pc and edit without having to be anywhere near the profiler with a wireless mouse and keyboard or without ever having to strain my eyes.

    There was a guy in March that complained about the lack of an editor and was pretty vocal about it. I thought he was pretty shortsighted in his appreciation of the kemper based on the Rig Manager alone. The sound is so amazing, I'd bust out a microscope or binoculars while programming sound if I had to. It's so inspiring I get lost for hours on a single new preset or fx tweek. The possibilities are so endless and beautiful, I could almost write an opus around a single sound and then again, and then again with just minimal experimentation. It's my favorite single piece of guitar gear I've ever owned. Second is my Eventide H9, which I use in conjunction occasionally, but honestly, the effects in the Kemper are so killer and often updated that I have yet to run out of things to try. eats up so much of my time because I'm so inspired I get lost in improving . Damn you kemper for hypnotizing me over and over and making me lose sleep! I never have a bad day with this thing around. It's impossible for me not to be creative once I plug in. Let's say I'm having a day where I'm feeling sluggish and not motivated to flex my fast chops...the reverbs alone can give me such satisfaction playing the simplest of phrases. Now that is inspiration through tone alone. If It can help me connect to the other side on my bad days, how can I not praise the engineer gods at kemper? Come on now!!!

    a merged profile using the Toneforge Misha and the Richardson plugins as well. Somehow half of the info is about what reference profile I used, There are a few vairations, but I'm sure there be at least one in there you find usable and pretty good sounding. I was happy I was able to not only have that sound on my computer, but also my Kemper rig. I was going to make a playthrough video to show what they sound like doubled and recorded hard left and right but I didnt end up having the time, so I'll have to add that the meantime , here they are.Fortin Nameless and Satan and Toneforge Misha and Richardson....hope you dig them. Merry X-mas!

    And they sound and play killer. I used Cubase and a motu AVB Ultralite audio interface and had no issue making them sound good . I’ve found that the key is in what kind of reference profile you use and how much gain is on that reference profile . I’m going to make a quick video showing off the tones today and then you guys can have them .

    If I can get a few new new subscriptions and or likes , I will continue to give away free presets every week , as I work on new presets many hours a week and am building quite a collection. I’m also starting to learn how to fly this baby , since you practically need a 1000 hours of flight time to comprehend and practice getting this baby off the ground and soaring to the heights it can actually go.....sorry for the metaphor ... but the amount of buttons and knobs alone seemed to impress my friends and fellow musicians even more than the sound until I finally figured out how to get the best tone at loud band practice and gig volumes. The unit always sounded good over my studio monitors at a reasonable volume . I’ve been searching for the most compact but also fully featured live rig I could and after buying the profiler I couldn’t really afford to break the bank on amplification for awhile . I had tried many things even before this purchase, as I had a line 6 helix and nothing sounded as good as my Peavey xxx II with a 4x12 cab and I was determined to not dent up my car doors with that monstrosity ever again . I finally found the perfect solution for me, which I’ll end up making a video of soon. Needless to say I sold my head and the helix. Now I’m still stuck with 3 4x12 cabs in awesome shape that I can’t even unload at $75 ea. But that’s a whole other story.

    I’ll return with the links soon... in the meantime...anyone actually interested ?

    I already have some free presets on my channel and a Playthrough that people seemed to like. I’ve decided to add a lot more Kemper content to my channel, which is currently more aimed at iOS music creation , because there are two things I’m currently obsessed with , one being iOS apps and instruments (I have been recording on a desktop for at least 20 years prior, so I will post from that pool as well) and the other is coming up with sounds on the Kemper . BTW I have been hosting at Dropbox...anyone know a better alternative hopefully free ?

    Great stuff!!! I like it!

    This is fun! There are way too few who dares take on the really "big" artists of our times.


    Mats N

    That's a RAD remix, Marc! Noice!!! 8o8o

    This is fun! There are way too few who dares take on the really "big" artists of our times.


    Mats N

    thanks... just uploaded a music video for the song too

    Ok I finally got around to sharing some of the presets I've made....these are only a handful, but I'll post more that I think are good/decent out of my batch as I create more. I now also am using and H9 in the effects loop, so I may also makes some presets available for both, meant to be used together. Guess I'll have to see if anyone likes what I've come up so far.

    The dropbox link is in the description.

    numbered presets. I think performance mode is cool, but I think the regular browser mode would be a lot better if things were numbered and broken down into banks as well. I know that it's designed to be searchable and in the rig manager it's not so bad, but from the front of the unit, I can't find a fast way to recall anything. I'm scratching my head wondering what I named stuff, where I put it and lastly, it would be great if the rig manager was also an editor. The writing in the little LCD window is pretty small at times. So, that said, the sounds and effects are more awesome than any amp Ive ever owned and the tweakability of the sound is amazing. It does many things a real amp simply cant do, and while this may at times seem unnatural, to me its amazing that I can add clarity and pick attack and come up with playable sounds that I've never ever heard or had the feedback between the amp and my fingers like what the kemper gives me. I routinely fall asleep in my chair with a guitar and the kemper. That's never happened to me before. I'm beyond addicted.

    Welcome, Marc!

    Do I detect a subtle Flex-Able influence there or am I imagining it?

    lol, Steve Vai had more than a subtle influence on me, however, his influence is less apparent than Satch, Lynch, Malmsteen, Gibbons and VH. But when he was in Crossroads and came out with Yankee Rose, he was the second birth of Van Halen to me, the guitarist that brought about the most change in the way modern electric guitar is played after Hendrix. Vai and Malmsteen and Satriani all hit around the time I was 18 and it was almost enough to make me want to quit playing guitar. What was there left to say after them? Well it turns out a lot. For many years I was compared to Satriani, because I'm a huge Billy Gibbons, pinch harmonic fan with bluesy influences, and I was mesmerized by the two handed tapping of EVH . To this day , the tricky two handed tapping what I'm best at, but I don't use it often because it's a very recognizable technique, like sweep picking arpeggios and music only has so much room for that before it gets old. Well, I finally found more of my own voice and don't sound like Satriani much anymore. The links posted above are already 15-20 years ago.


    Thats the last instrumental record I did...and I'm about to release a new one. You can download that for free or donate a dollar, but it's by far my most representative record of where my playing is at these days.

    I'm also in a band called 9th of Never that is like Dream Theater, Nevermore, Periphery and queensrchye and Iron maiden, but in a way, not like any of those bands either...Our preproduction stuff (Fred Marshall on Vocals) was done on an 8 string and is at

    I'm also in a cock rock band with Van Halen, Dokken and Ratt influences.

    and lastly, I started singing and doing remakes of covers like, Jump Around by house of pain or Rod Stewart's "do ya think I'm sexy" as well as some classical orchestra stuff and some dance music synth based music at that's at and

    I'm not expecting anyone to go and listen to all these links....Like I said, I'm obsessed and I'm constantly writing so I can't expect people to keep up and want to hear all the crap I put out...but any of those links will give you a taste for what I do in a particular genre.

    Lastly, I started a new youtube channel where I teach people how to compose, record and finish material all on an ipad, like 32 tracks or more at a time and I also make music videos, all using iphones and an ipad. There I call myself the Bedhead Producer because almost everything is done, when I'm still laying in bed.…7tvmgQ?view_as=subscriber

    If there is anything I can help anyone with, I'm available to use what I'm good at to help other musicians. Some stuff I'll charge a nominal making your band a kickass MTV style video , while other things , most things, I'll just help if someone asks. I am however poor and struggling financially at the moment, so I'll do studio work, recording, engineering, mastering, ipad/iphone lessons and undercut the competition so I can stay alive!!! thanks for the welcome!

    I'm a guitarist, Well I suppose I could be a bassist too. I've been playing guitar for 37 years. Some call me a shredder, although there are many, many shredders these days, so it's not that big a deal anymore if you learned how to play fast. So my roots are in rock, hard rock, blues, funk and heavy metal. I also produce all kinds of styles of music, like EDM, and usually inject some sort of guitar part in, since not many electronic producers do, but I don't piss all over the genre with excessive guitar...just put in a wee bit.

    I recently got a kemper after 4 years of wanting one. I sold my line 6 Helix, and I'm also selling my Peavey XXX 2 now because after having profiled it, I don't need it I've never in my life had so much joy with a preamp or effects unit. The delay and reverb effects now in the kemper are mind blowing. It seems that a lot of people mostly share amp profiles and hardly anyone programs the unit to do cool effects or they just aren't sharing that. So I've decided I'm going to. I've already come up with some patches that don't sound like anything I've heard anyone do before and I'll gladly share them with you and make a video of what they sound like, so you can decide if you want them. I'm not going to shamelessly promote my music right now, because I'm not here to just promote me, me, me....I'm lucky. I've gotten more positive feedback and compliments than anyone deserves(I'm an endorsee of products by several major companies) and I'm 50 now, so at this point in my life I'm more about sharing what I've learned and I pretty much give all my music away for free to anyone that asks, and not because it sucks. I have lots of placements in film and TV too...but I'm not important. Just someone who practiced a ton because I have a huge passion/obsession for music. So while I am confident about what I can and can't do on guitar, I'm not looking for admiration or accolades. I happen to believe humility is the most attractive feature a human can have and I've met all the people I had on the posters on my walls as a kid, and almost all of them are very down to earth, humble people and they are much more brilliant than I feel I am, so I try to follow their example. I'll post some presets and video in a few hours. Kemper effin' rocks so hard...I could write an essay on all my observations and I've only had it 5 days.:)