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    Yup, it’s a great amp. They approached the digital amp paradigm slightly different then Line6 by using real Celestion speakers (the speaker emulated output is not that great to be honest) so they could concentrate on the pure amp part.

    I also liked the decision to not focus on emulating specific amp models, instead do great clean/crunch/drive/lead models in two variations (English/American?). And the motorised controls are sick!

    I’d put some profiles on the RE years ago and the amp is now stored away since it’s impossible to sell it and way to good for throwing away...

    I own a DG100. Very heavy amp but it does sound great. How did you list your profiles on rig exchange Janne ?

    Guidorist but still lazy to record clips for the Carvin Legacy 3!:P:/

    This may have been asked before. Has anyone attempted to profile a Yamaha THR10? Specifically the Brit Hi setting? I love the tone and sound of that setting. It's an amazing little amp. Tones sound 3d and have the 4x12 tightness and tone.

    Cheers for the recommendation. I have to note that reviews I saw on Youtube suggest the Altos don't sound that great and have an excessive amount of bass which can't be dialled out. Obviously, your opinion differs.

    Excessive bass? Well that may be the TS212 or TS312. My TS210 has a perfect mix of everything, certainly not excessive bass. I play in a cover band which requires a big pallet of tones. For self monitoring and playing at home you can't beat the TS210 or two of them. They sound beautiful.

    I've run my KPA through a succession of active floor monitors including the Atomic CLR and currently the Friedman ASM-12. I love the Friedman more than anything else I've used but it's an absolute beast to carry and it's put my back out more than once. So I'm looking now for a lighter alternative, preferably without any loss in tone. My KPA is a Power Rack; are there any passive monitors that would fit the bill?

    Hey Stringtheorist I own a Friedman ASM-10 which is lighter than the ASM12. I'm selling my ASM10 because my Alto TS210 sounds just as good or better, is much much lighter and less expensive. So I'm selling my ASM10. So try the Alto TS210 or TS310. You can buy 2 for under $500! Great full sound and very light weight.

    This might help, as it's his rig rundown from that same year. It appears he's using an Axe-FX. I didn't watch the whole thing, but it might give you some hints.

    Yes he uses the Ax for only effects. He uses different amps all the time. Changes them often. I've seen him live and his solo fx are beautiful. The sound is big, very spacey and ethereal.

    I absolutely love Neal's tone in this video. It sounds like he has a big open natural sounding reverb along with some delay and it sounds very wide and open. Question for the Kemper veterans: Which reverb and delay combination would work best to get that sound in the intro in this video? Thanks!

    My BIG question has been this: Is there a way to record into an Ipad pro using Garage band out of a Kemper?? Is there an interface that could be used for this? I would love to know if anyone out there has tried this successfully or has information. Thank you in advance!

    Thank you! I have the EVH flanger pedal with the small button that gets you that specific sound. Was trying to get it in the Kemper. Will give this a try.

    Did you remove the profiles? Nowhere to be found in RE.