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    Having the same issue here, legacy reverb presets dissapeared from saved effects list , and when i copied them in manually , they sound nothing like they used to .

    I even downgraded the fw to compare, the legacy reverb parameters are different , the time parameter used to go to 0 , now it bottoms out at 200ms . so if I had a preset with a 0 setting how can I enter this on the new fw legacy reverbs when the minimum is 200ms ?

    I’d file a bug report.

    - When I load my saved presets they sound nothing like they used to. The legacy reverb is totally different from the old reverbs. I tought the new legacy reverb will automatically load at parameters that would give an equivalent sound. It doesn't.

    I was just reading through the 5.7 Addendum. The Legacy reverb section says:

    The main purpose of this reverb type is to maintain full backward compatibility with Rigs that have been created before the advent of PROFILER operating system 6.0.

    The 6.0 should probably read 5.7. But it seems like the point was for the Legacy reverb to maintain the sound of the previous reverbs. That’s what “full backwards compatibility” means to me. If they sound different, and they are located in the REV slot, that sounds like a bug, not an intentional change.

    On youtube you can find a video titled: "Kemper Evolution Reverb - First Look at all 10 Presets!! - Namm 2018".

    The 10 presets in the demo are: chorus. slow, bloom, strings, ice, breath, tender, formant1, formant2 and formant3.

    The latest beta includes presets with the same names as the first 7, but none titled "formant". So that could lead one to speculate that there's at least one reverb type yet to be released. There's 29 new presets though, so it's also possible that they've been renamed and maybe slightly changed to fit working models. NAMM is only a week away, so we might hear more about it. If I remember correctly, the new delays were released over 2 separate updates.

    As I understand it, those ToneJunkie previews were basically 2 reverb algorithms: Natural and Evolution. And all the presets are built on the two. With Spring being it’s own algorithm as well.

    So are you saying that since the Formant presets are not in this beta, it’s possible they may have been moved to yet a new additional reverb algorithm that’s yet to be released?

    The question now is: Has the team been working on a parallel development stream based on existing tech and the supposed new platform? Do they have enough resources to take on such a task and deliver it relatively soon?

    Time will certainly tell. It's a very good question.

    The reverbs are done on the current platform, that's a given. I'd imagine that for a small team, parallel development might be a tall order, especially if going to a completely new chip architecture, and taking into consideration the other hardware changes that would be going in a V2 Kemper unit. Either way, I'm prone to assume they've secured a supply of current DSP chips to hold them over during development of a new unit.

    There will absolutely be a Kemper 2. Eventually the parts in the design will be too expensive to purchase for Kemper. As a Chief Engineer, I can tell you that these days, parts suppliers may well tell you the part will be "supported" for some length of time; however, what gets you in trouble is price and availability.

    Yup. NXP guaranteed 10 years of availability for the DSP chip after launch. That 10 years came up this past May. CK is not foolish enough to wait until there are supply issues to start sourcing and redesigning around a new chip, even if it's an updated chip from the same family (which it likely isn't, NXP's last 24-bit DSP chip update was also in 2008). I'm sure that May 2018 date was marked in someone's calendar with an alert to go off 2 years in advance :)

    Just ordered the Massdrop/Sennheiser HD 6XX, which is basically the 650 HD with a different look (and a smaller price tag). Stoked to try them out. I'm also planning to use them for mixing. Thanks for the recommendations!

    Look up how to stretch the headband if it clamps a little tight. Otherwise, enjoy! They will become like your favorite hat that just feels right when you wear them.

    Thanks to everyone for your tips, links and tips. They really helped.

    after much searching and reading I couldn't take it anymore and just ordered a pair of the Beyer DT 990 pro's open back 250 ohm.

    Thanks again for the help!

    Hope you enjoy them. I had a pair of the DT990 Pro for years.

    In the end, the Senn HD650 is where I’ve landed for good. I also have a pair of the HD6XX, their Massdrop edition. Comfortable, neutral, but still warm instead of sterile. The highs frequencies are pulled back just enough so that your ears don’t get fatigued (yours ears will get tired with the DT990).

    Since it was asked earlier in the thread about closed vs open headphones. Closed headphones obviously have the advantage of blocking outside noise and allowing you to perhaps keep the volume lower in an environment where there’s a lot of background noise. Although I have both, I prefer open backs for one reason, stereo imaging. I love stereo effects in my guitar sounds. Closed headphones sound like I’m listening in a closet, open headphones sound like I’m listening in a big room. That really pairs well with stereo delay and reverb. Definitely a bigger sound.

    I’ll also add that I own headphones from as low as 16 and as high as 600 ohms. At the 300-600 mark, you’ll have to turn up the volume a little more. Below that I’ve never had an issue. And my iPhone/iPad can power any of them to comfortable levels.

    dual profiles would probably be a kpa2 option.

    Definitely possible. And, to be clear, I don't mean running two profiles at the same time. Rather, one profile that's been produced from two profiles.

    I was just thinking: if it's already possible to profile two amps at the same time by combining the mic'd amps before feeding it to the Profiler, couldn't the same be done afterward with a separate software tool?

    Since the processing of the current Kemper isn't able to run two different profiles concurrently, I was wondering if there could be a software tool that blends profiles and saves that as a new single profile. Similar to how there are tools to blend multiple IRs of speakers into one IR.

    Obviously this would still have it's limitations:

    • Stereo path not possible (amp 1 left, amp 2 right)
    • Pre-gain EQ would likely not work accurately, as each source profile reacts differently to EQ changes.
    • The blend amount would be fixed. A new "blended" profile would need to be created for each variation.

    And there are likely other things I'm not thinking of. Perhaps on a fundamental level, this isn't possible. I don't know.

    However, if possible, this could give Profiler owners at least the ability to blend their own favorite profiles with existing hardware, instead of waiting for that specific amp combination being profiled by someone else, or waiting for the next hardware generation.

    Just an idea. Maybe it's been brought up before.

    I remember Pete Thorn using IRs of mic'd up acoustic guitars with great result. He wasn't using a Kemper, but the principle is the same. He ran his Takamine acoustic electric (w/ standard saddle pickup) into his Helix and applied an IR of a mic'd Taylor 312. Here's video link, it's the first question he answers: Pete Thorn's Wednesday Q&A

    He did this again in a newer video, I think. Can't find it. Actually, he might have been using the piezo pickup on an electric and running through the acoustic IR. Sounded good either way.

    So, if you have a standard acoustic electric, you could send that output to the Kemper, just use the Cab section (with an acoustic IR converted to a Cab), and add compression, EQ, or effects to taste.

    Totally, great writeup, thanks! I don't think the BigSky menus are "too much", my mentality is more like, getting to know all parameters across all different engines is probably gonna take a while before I'll get to the point where I'll know which settings to go to for the effect I want. I am however motivated to do that, so maybe I should use the Strymon pedals as a stepping stone for a while. The PCM isnt that pricey anyway, but rarely pops up on auction sites in my area. But I think I'll definitely want to mess around with one. I do like cooking from scratch ?

    A cheaper transition may be picking up a used Lexicon MPX1 or MPX-G2 (practically the same as the MPX1, but with an analog preamp added). In some ways like a "lite" version of a PCM, but you can also stack effects on top of each other in one patch (chorus, delay, reverb,EQ, etc).

    I'm not sure if you already own a Kemper or not, but based on the block diagrams they published, it seems the delays in the Kemper can already get you started in learning about basic principles like cross feedback, adding modulation to repeats, multi-tap delays, smear (diffusion), and stereo imaging.

    I've been reading through the manual to better learn if the Kemper workflow is good for me. Please keep in mind that my use-case is at home in a rack, not for live use.

    From the way I understand the functionality so far, I would use the Browser mode for experimentation - where both my favorite profiles and new ones I'm trying out are kept in one big pool. I'm not sure how I would use the Remote buttons effectively here. I'm assuming most/all navigating here would realistically happen on the front panel.

    Since I'm used to the "bank" method with my current gear, I'd like to have groups of profiles organized by amp and easily selectable via the Remote. I was thinking about using Performance mode for that, just thinking of each rig as if it were a bank. In my case each rig being a certain amp, and having up to 5 slots available for my favorite profiles of that amp (I'd probably order them by gain amount and speaker used). Here I would use the UP / DOWN buttons on the Remote to move between rigs, correct? Hopefully I don't need to scroll through all slots to get to the next rig.

    Now to the effects side. When in Performance mode, can I tweak and scroll through different post-gain effects in the same way as I would in Browser mode? Or are the effects locked into the rig when I first saved it? Also, can certain effect presets be recalled by MIDI independently of which mode or rig I'm in?

    Thanks for your thoughts and corrections. I need to double check that my thinking is right here.