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    deadman42 THANKS. That's kind of what I was thinking. I've read a few horror stories about people who have updated the firmware to 7 and had problems. Any idea if that's a thing?

    I bought two profile packs from Tone Junkie last week. One had all of the profiles as .klpr file extension. They loaded fine from a USB stick into my KPA Toaster. The other pack had .krig as the extension on all profiles. They won't load from a USB stick. Any info would be appreciated. BTW, I emailed Tone Junkie and no reply so far.

    I use IEMs from time to time with OK results. Usually it involves a personal mixer like Aviom, MyMix or Behringer. One thing to consider if you are the only one with IEMs. If you eliminate your speaker, the other players will need some way to hear you. If they are not on IEMs, they'd need your guitar to be added to their monitors (whatever that may be) If you have some leakage of stage sound into your IEM's, your guitar, coming out of other's monitors would be out of time. It can cause interaction that will result in comb filtering - unless your IEM s have a good seal. Trial and error is the best way to wade through adopting a new stage setup. Oh, one more thing about IEMs. Don't give in to the temptation to have one earphone in and one out. If you are playing with anything other than very quiet stage volume, it will wreck your hearing. One ear will clamp down before the other = mess.

    I play pedal steel with KPA so I go for clean tone only. I turn down the gain on every profile that I audition to determine which ones are acceptable for a clean tone. The ones with the proper mid scoop, (like a Fender Twin or Fender Deluxe) seemed to give me the best starting point. I play guitar too and once I get the clean tone dialed in, it almost always sounds fantastic for clean Telecaster. Sooooo musical. I've done some profiles of my latest and greatest steel amps. They sound great in a Kemper profile. Some of them sound better in the profile than the amp does in a room. Go figure. If you have a clean sound in an amp that you like, I would encourage you to learn to take a profile. It's pretty straightforward.

    Paul, Thank you for the confirmation. That's exactly what I have been doing. I set the channel volume on the amp at 2 to 3 (where the guitar sounds clean and doesn't distort). It's been working great that way but as I mentioned, the signal from the Kemper is VERY LOUD - even with the amp channel volume at 2 - and I'm afraid that I will blow one of the more delicate low-power handling speakers (like the JBL D130). The JBL D130F had no problem and the output with the Bandmaster head was VERY LOUD. I'll be back off the road in a week and I'll dig in more. BTW I love the clean sound that I have been able to get from a few of the profiles I have found. Thanks for all of your help! It's a great forum.

    Thanks Alan!

    So Far, I've not been able to figure out how to keep the Kemper produced test signal at a lower that "extremely loud" when running a profile. I'm looking to have the loudest test signal go to a level that you would experience on stage with a clean tone. Any help would be appreciated!

    Let me first say that I am fairly new to the Profiling. I've done a few profiles with great results. In fact, I think a couple of profiles sound better than the amp (63 Bandmaster w/ JBL D130F). One thing I couldn't figure out is how to profile at low volumes only. I suspect it has something to do with the microphone sensitivity level. The reason I want to know is that I'm most interested in getting clean sounds and I'm afraid I might blow speakers with low power handling. I have an original JBL D130 which handles about 20 watts. It sounds great with the original cone. Any guidance is most appreciated! TC

    With just a little bit of tweaking the eq, I can get a KPA with a self-powered guitar speaker cab to sound exactly like an amp in a room. I haven’t used an FRFR much. I suspect that might be a bit tougher to get a real amp in a room sound. Especially if you are looking for a Marshall “thunk” sound.

    By the way... I chuckle when the forum lists me as a beginner. I guess I am a "Kemper beginner" but I've made my living by playing music for over 20 years. My band was signed to a major label and had a top 10 record. I guess the more you know, the more you realize how much you don't know:) Just curious, does anyone know how you elevate from beginner to intermediate?

    I've been using a Kemper Head for pedal steel guitar (and Tele) for about four months. My generous friend was lending me his spare. I left on a road trip and returned the loaner KPA to my friend. I got fairly good at taking a profile and my '63 Bandmaster head with a JBL D-130F profile is totally great for pedal steel! I've got some very special vintage steel guitar amps including an early 60s Standel 50L15 that I can't wait to profile. I'm looking forward to getting to know the Kemper community. My best to all future FoBros (and sisters):thumbup: