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    Leon Todd has a pretty awesome channel where he demos and talks about gear, with much of it centered on the Axe Fx III. Is there a similar channel for someone with a Kemper?

    Edit... it helps that he's all about metal!


    :) Yeah, UFX it is.

    its an amp, maybe the most professional amp around, and it don't needs an usb audio interface, cause there are professional interfaces out there,

    and maybe Kemper dont won't compete with audio interfaces and focus on guitarsound and not on recording , which I like more,

    And I dont need a second row usb recording capability in the Kemper, I want a professional one, like the Kemper >Amp is

    Maybe we should more focus on the Naming " Kemper Amp"

    That says it all

    Disagree. It's a digital representation of an amp.

    It's no more an amp than Fractal, Helix, or that bean I had years ago. And sure there are interfaces out there. But there's one right there on the back of the unit. Maybe they tried it and it sucks because the unit doesn't have the horsepower. Or maybe they don't want to support it. I think they should. It would have saved me time and money and frustration.

    Presonus for the win! ;)

    I get your frustration, but I personally have never been in a situation where USB would be useful, since I use a Firewire connection to my PC. I definitely wouldn't want Kemper to start copying Fractal after all these years.

    I'm really happy you got a good result!

    I don't think this would be "copying Fractal" ... it's basic feature parity and getting the most from the box. I think I know the reason they don't want to (hint, it's not to "focus on tone"). Even if someone is using firewire or has their own USB interface already. I'm certainly not the first person in 7 years that thinks this is necessary.

    Before you spend a fortune on a new interface, have you tried to contact support at Focusrite? They are one of the best companies out there for this.

    I had a 4 year old Safire Pro 40 that is well beyond warranty. They spent an hour remotely looking at the computer and then took it in for repair when it couldn't be solved. Some connection cables were loose after taking it on the road many times, but they made no charge. I'm sure you could solve this.

    Good call. I'll do that today.

    Guys, you're so defensive of the unit that you come across really badly to new users. You have to empathise with new users otherwise they'll be completely put off. To those who've genuinely offered help, thank you.

    I put a lot of ground work in on this and many other first time users of the Kemper over the last few months, hopefully RayRay will attest to that. But I come here, read his thread and see that all he gets told is that he's wrong for making viable assumptions and that he's a troll. You guys aren't making a good impression and really need to look at yourselves. Seriously.

    Also, not everyone reads manuals. Not everyone understands I/O. Not everyone wants to have to worry about that stuff. Some people just want to plug and play and enjoy. It's not up to us to judge them for not bothering about any of the above. This is about user experience, and believe it or not, a forum is there to aid that experience.

    Dude you have been so immensely helpful. Thank you for everything.

    I really don't care about some dudes on the internet calling me a troll. It's forum life. I didn't lose any sleep over it. I'm not a troll, and I just figure they're the religiously defensive type. I just rolled my eyes, because all camps have them.

    And yes, I was about to return it, even if the issue was with another piece of gear. It's really fucking lame that they refuse to develop that USB interface. Why? There's no excuse for it. Like I said, with Fractal, that just worked. What took two seconds with Fractal took 2.5 hours and $500 extra bucks with Kemper. It's technology. It should act like technology. Forget the bullshit car analogies and everything else. It's 2018. It's been out for 7 years. No excuses.

    Much like an actual Editor, but Locrain covered that pretty well. But the physical interface is fine to use. It doesn't cost me extra money to buy something that folks on this board claimed I should have already had. Well, ya know what, I didn't. And I can't be the only guitar player out there that doesn't have one.

    FocusRite definitely does blow. I get a weird static if I sustain a low note on just about any profile. It only happens when going through FocusRite. I'm returning that and getting a RME Fireface.

    So how are you liking it ray ray?

    I like it enough to spend over a grand on an RME. :)

    You'd be surprised at what we've seen here in the past :D don't take it too personally.

    Kemper is not "making you buy" anything.

    Why would you assume that just because a piece of gear has a USB port it is also an audio interface?

    In that case, I'd have to return my phone, my printer, my external hard drive, my iLok, my midi keyboard, my.....

    I would assume a basic level of feature parity with this unit's main competitor. One of the primary uses for this product is recording, is it not? Why not directly provide that functionality?

    Like I said, once I realized it wasn't there, it was fine. But yes, getting it working with FocusRite was a PITA, and I was horribly frustrated, which comes back to the unit that should have that basic functionality in the first place to support one of its primary use cases.

    Regardless, it's all set up now.

    Thanks for being helpful and understanding.

    Well the problem is that I packed up my Axe III. I'll unpack it today and try it.

    Tone first is great. But come on... it has the port. Why make people buy another piece of gear? Fractal has had that capability for years now. It's not even a feature in my mind. It's just basic functionality.

    Thanks for the helpful post. I haven't tried Scarlett MixControl but I will.

    So Scarlett MixControl won't connect. I get an error that hardware is not turned on.

    However when I start FocusRite Control, I get an option of which routing option to select. If I select "Digital + Analog" then I get it to work fine.

    Whew.... that was too much of a pain in the ass.

    Thank you to those being helpful.

    Focusrite software blows. In the Focusrite device settings, did you make sure to chaage the clock to SPDIF instead of internal?

    It does blow. And yeah, both clocks are set to SPDIF.

    You don't buy a piece of tech for things you wish it had. You buy it for what it has right now.

    I guess I assumed since it has the port on the back that it provided that very basic function. I realized that once I plugged it in and didn't see it as an available interface. Yet I still kept it.

    I don't see anything to suggest trolling here?

    I have 18i20 and the software is not the most intuitive - it's all there but it's easy to miss something and it's had me scratching my head more than once. I only use the analogue outs into my 18i20 though.

    Persist there is an answer.

    Thanks for being helpful and understanding.

    Issue still there when you plug something other than the Kemper in?

    Of course it is. You're seeing the signal indicators light up, as you said, so the Kemper has nothing to do with it.

    Maybe the onboard software's not automatically routing the ins to the outs as you might've assumed. As you rightly assumed, however, any tweaks you make to the routing matrix should be retained regardless of whether or not the 'puter's fired-up. At least, that's how it's been for every MOTU interface I've ever owned, so I'd assume it'd be the case for the other manufacturers out there.

    Well the problem is that I packed up my Axe III. I'll unpack it today and try it.

    If features like USB are a priority on an amplifier for you, this is probably the wrong device. Kemper have always put tone first from what I have seen.

    Think of the unit as more of an amp than a computer and you will be happier. I never had a problem just going straight into my 192 in analogue and guitar sounds are a fairly limited frequency range, so nothing is lost.

    Tone first is great. But come on... it has the port. Why make people buy another piece of gear? Fractal has had that capability for years now. It's not even a feature in my mind. It's just basic functionality.

    Thanks for the helpful post. I haven't tried Scarlett MixControl but I will.

    i dont get why you will return the Kemper

    when you obviously have a problem with the Focusrite

    Because if the Kemper is requiring me to get an external USB interface because they don't take a week's worth of development to make theirs fully functional, then it is a Kemper issue.

    No. A troll write 2 line posts like, "I've always been a Fractal guy, tried the Kemper, it's not ready for prime-time, so I'm returning it."

    A troll doesn't buy a$ %^ing USB interface and tons of cables and spend 2.5 hours trying to get it to work. A troll doesn't provide the routing details. A troll doesn't pack up his Axe III because he's happy with the tone that he's getting with the Kemper even though some basic stuff isn't working.

    If Kemper is making me buy an external USB interface, and I'm having issues with a piece of gear that is relatively simple to operate, then yes. It goes back to the core issue of Kemper not offering a basic piece of functionality that's frustrating for this particular user in which case it's getting returned.

    Thanks for the helpful post though. Don't bother commenting on this thread anymore.

    There are reasons why it doesn’t have a USB interface. It’s a pro unit and I believe it is assumed that they would already have an interface.

    Best of luck. You’ll get it figured out. The Kemper sounds the best.

    I'm getting close. I've got FocusRite seeing input from both SPDIF and Line outs. It's playing audio from Mac through Headphones and through Adam A7. Just not playing Kemper through monitors or headphones.

    And, well, that was a bad assumption on their part. I have a Axe Fx II Ultra and Axe FX III in the house. Both Pro units. Both with full USB audio interface support. Kemper is behind the times there. But yes, great tones.

    Are you running the focusrite software?

    I'm running it on the Mac, yes. But that shouldn't even matter. What if I just want to play when the Mac isn't connected? The FocusRite should route everything accordingly.

    However, there is yet another issue... The FocusRite disappears as the main output source after connecting, then the FocusRite Control shows no hardware connected. I'm on Mac OS Mojave 10.14.1.

    I ordered an RME Fireface tonight. Arrives Wednesday, so we'll see if that works any better. I'll also get in touch with FocusRite support tomorrow.

    So after some struggles of finding the right profiles, I've got some tones dialed in on my Kemper that I'm just loving. And I want to keep this thing.

    However, I'm really, really frustrated at lack of USB interface support. It's ridiculous. It's almost 2019. I've been a Fractal guy for years and that has always just worked.

    Anyway, here's my issue. I'm getting no sound via my FocusRite 18i20. Just when I accepted the fact I'd have to buy a rack-friendly USB interface, this stuff is not working.

    KPA: Output button / Check SPDIF Out Link


    KPA: TRS from Main Outs to two Inputs on FocusRite (just for redundancy and SPDIF apparently wasn't working)

    FocusRite Monitor 1 Out -> Adam A7 via TRS to XLR

    FocusRite Monitor 2 Out -> Adam A7 via TRS to XLR

    I'm getting nothing. I'm seeing the input indicators jump on the FocusRite when I play, so it looks like it's getting audio from the KPA main outs just fine. And I hear it through the monitors when I plug the cables in. Monitor volume is up, and it's not muted. Argh!!!

    Would appreciate some help. Thank you!