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    Brian Carl is a profile-maker/seller and I don’t believe he’s knowingly shared any on the Rig Exchange.

    He does have a free pack and *maybe* those particular ones are from it but I don’t know that for sure.

    He puts his free samples on the Rig Exchange unlike most of the other vendors. His stuff is my favorite I think. I have bought 5 or 6 packs from him but my favorites are the Deluxe + free one and another Morgan free one he sent out to people on his mailing list.

    The Tone Junkie free 65 Amps London amp is a great AC style pack for free. The Brian Carl profiles are my favorites. I really like the Morgan Duel 40 and the AC30 pack he has.

    If I were CK, I would let Mojotone in North Carolina make the cabs and install the drivers. It's their niche, and there wouldn't be any import duties imposed.

    Mission Engineering also owns a cabinet maker based in St. Louis called Stagecraft. They build cabs for other amp companies like Mojo I think. Maybe CK can work something out with them to build the speakers for the US Market to make it cheaper than shipping from the EU.

    For some reason I'm expecting more like $899+.

    If it's $599 it's an instant buy without even thinking about it. The fact that the speaker alone looks to be priced at $150 offers a little hope I guess.

    I am afraid you might be right but I am hoping for something more reasonable. Go to Sweetwater and search 1x12 cab and almost all quality cabs start at 500 and go up from there. At around $5-600 it's a no-brainer buy but at closer to a thousand you start thinking hmm I will just buy the speaker and get a cab from Mojotone or something. Mojo or Mather or someone in the US would probably build you a similar cab for $200-$250 and then when you add the speaker you are looking around $400. If the real Kemper Kab is only $200 more I go for it but if it's $500 more then I get a little more wary of that.

    I figure the Kemper Cab will be 6-700 bucks. Mission and XiTone charge at least 500 for a passive FRFR speaker. I looked at doing one myself and was going to save maybe a hundred bucks. Not worth the effort. I hope it is $599. That seems like a real reasonable price for a speaker designed by Kemper to work best with the profiler.

    The Kemper is taking the place of all my digital gear needs. I still like rocking out with real amps and pedals though which is what I seem to be spending money on like a drunk sailor. This year so far I have bought the new Fulltone Mini Deja-Vibe II and a Kingsley Jester and Page. I’ve been on that Kingsley waiting list for over a year and my name finally came up this month.

    Was it not in the Tone Junkie video? I can remember now. Hmmm...

    The one that was in that summer namm tone junkie video that was not in the 5.7 release is the Formant Reverb. In one of the Namm videos that had Burkhard in it he mentioned they had two new "esoteric" reverbs I think he called them one called Ionosphere and one called Formant. Did Tone Junkie get to do another exclusive video of Ionosphere? The Reverbs in 5.7 capture most of the big sky sounds except for Formant (Chorale in Stymon) and Shimmer. I really love that Formant mode on Big Sky. Sounds like a choir of angels is singing behind your guitar.

    The Kemper TS sounds pretty spot on to my Analog Man TS808 modded TS9. Perfect for me because I use that overdrive the most. Some of the other distortions and especially the fuzzes are where I think Kemper could make big improvements. I hope to see an update that is like the Strymon Riverside and Sunset. The Riverside is a flexible tube algo based OD and Dist and the Sumset is a Transistor and Diode based OD and Dist and both can be adjusted to mimic most all similar pedals.

    I’ve seen comments from CKemper where he said he was working on a watt output meter or some type of power limit for the power amp. My guess is when you turn on the Cone the power amp will automatically limit its power to what that can handle. That being said the power amp in my Powerhead doesn’t seem to be able to push my cabs as much as a 40 watt brownface bandmaster so not sure what I am doing wrong. The Kemper headphone amp did blow a pair of my headphones though that thing has the power.

    I swear a couple of days ago I saw a video with a guy playing through the new reverb presets by Kemper Tutorials on YouTube and now it’s gone. This video was different than that one of their Facebook. You could actually see a guy playing guitar in the video and to me it was the best demo of the new verbs. I was going to send it to a friend who is interested in Kemper but now I can’t find it. Am I going crazy or was the video pulled for some reason?

    I had an AX8 for a year. Sold it went back to amps and plugins. Then got a good trade in deal for a new Kemper and sad I didn’t get one sooner. So much better than the AX8 in my opinion. If you want to get a backup floorboard based unit I would get a used Helix. I tried the plug in on a trial and while it doesn’t sound nearly as good as the Kemper to me it was similar to the AX8 and the Helix gives you a lot of things the Kemper and AX8 don’t have.

    I am glad someone posted this. The Mbritt one is close but that 8 inch speaker is the real deal. I had plans to profile my all original 59 champ when I got my profile but some guy paid me too much money to say no to for it before my Kemper came in so it got away. I did record it for posterity. I use the Jorge Segeborn trick of using two mic’d far apart to get that really roomy sound.

    I have tried my powerhead through the speakers in my Fender combos. Don't plug the Kemper into your amp and don't take your amp out of standby without the speaker connected. Just plug the speaker from the amp into your kemper. If yours is like mine the cord isnt long enough so I use a coupler and another speaker cable to make it work. I use a planet waves stereo coupler which works fine for mono too but you might check out some cheaper ones like the ones below.…=1%2F4+inch+coupler&psc=1

    Yes I think you are spot on about the univibe sound. Definitely the main weak point I see so far in my new Kemper. I think the one trem sounds good but wish I could adjust the wave form and introduce bass treble phase shifting like in a harmonic tremolo. That’s really the main things I wish were improved. I know some new reverbs are coming but I’m pretty happy with the hall reverb that is in there now.

    Just to add to Finally’s list, the phaser is as good as the classic stomp box equivalents. Always hated flangers, so I tend to stay away from those. The Kemper compressor is better than any pedal I’ve ever tried by a long way. I’d advise starting with some of MBritt or Bert Meulendijk’s settings from their free Rigs, as the parameters and functions aren’t what are usually found on a regular stomp. Once you get your head around it though, you’ll never buy a comp pedal again. The pitch and whammy functions are excellent, though if you’re looking for the artefacts and flaws that are exploited by Tom Morello in the Digitech Whammy series, you’re out of luck. The Kemper version is too well programmed, unfortunately.

    There are some unique effects in the Kemper that you don’t really find elsewhere, or at least with the same scope and depth, so tweaking can sometimes be confusing at first. This is true for the more conventional effects too, as the Kemper parameters tend to be unfamiliar compared to the pedal equivalents, as their range and depth is larger. Some people take this to mean that they’re inferior, when actually it’s more the opposite. Case in point : the original Green Scream model. Kemper made the tone scope larger than a Tube Screamer, but people were dialling the Stomp the same way as their physical pedal and comparing, then coming to the conclusion that it sounded nothing like the original. Kemper eventually neutered their model a few firmwares back, to keep the old school happy.

    A couple of areas I feel the Kemper lacking are the tremolo, which is just ok, and I’m missing an authentic UniVibe. There are a couple of workarounds I’ve seen on the forum, using the phase vibe Stomp and the wah vibe (I think that’s what it’s called), but none of them get that laggy, broad, wobbly nature quite right. They’re too linear, for want of a better description. Hopefully they’ll work on these, and maybe give us a couple of extra tonal options for the Green Scream and distortion Stomps, so we can mould them into other real-world iterations of those type of drives. Otherwise, I’m very happy with the effects as they are, now I’ve got Spring Reverb :)