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    Glad it worked out for you in the end! I know it's probably a bit of a faff now, but it would great to hear your thoughts on similarity between the original speaker from the victory cab as opposed to the imprint of the same speaker with the kone in the victory cab

    Looking at the specs for both and the only difference I can tell (Based on something Mr Kemper said) is the tweaked whizzer cone which Im guessing alters the hf dispersion. Im sure curiosity will get the better of me and Ill get my hands on a Kone one day to try out but for now, know that the imprints sound pretty amazing on the stock K12H.

    I havent had a chance to really try FRFR on this speaker so it might fall down there, but Ill never use it that way personally so its a mute point for me.

    Im so impressed with the imprints vs FRFR. Finally feels like an amp and cab. Im now lusting after a quad of these in an a nice 4x12. Damn you Kemper!

    Yeah I've been loving the imprints so far. Feels like you have the real thing behind you when playing! I'm like you, I don't think I'll really ever use FRFR mode. When I was using the kemper with FRFR I was trying to get it to sound more amp in the room, but I didn't want to switch to using a normal cab because then I'd only be able to use the profiles with that one speaker, so the kabinet is perfect for me

    Almost finished my 1x12 cab loaded with a Celestion K12H-200TC. It sounds massive with the Kone imprints. I took a gamble on the K12H rather than the Kemper Kone version of that speaker as its literally almost 1/3 the price here in Australia. Couldnt be happier with the sound, I finally have the amp in the room sound with the flexibility of imprints for different tonal flavours. I seriously cant imagine the Kone sounding 3 times better for the price.

    I suppose the only thing to bare in mind is that the imprints were designed specifically around the the frequency response of the kone, so while I'm sure it sounds great (and that's what really matters at the end of the day), it won't be exactly the same as using the kone

    Regarding the pops on startup/shutdown, I received the d'addario jack today with the mute switch on it, [Blocked Image:]

    Works exactly as I wanted it too and was pretty easy to install since it's solderless. As to how long the button lasts before it wears out I don't know but at least I don't need to keep unplugging the jack every time I go to use it now and no more pops on startup/ shutdown!

    I'm not sure how the noise gate would help at all in this scenario though as I'm sure the kemper isn't supposed to make a phasey swish sound after each note.

    Haven't tried with headphones, however this issue appeared a while ago, before I owned the camplifier/ kabinet, and has in fact gone again since posting this, but it was there with my Laney LFR-112. My kpa has always had a bit of a hiss issue though (this comes through all outputs, headphones included. It's a strange hiss that builds after around 2 minutes and dissipates after a further 3 or so minutes not to be heard again until the next time the kpa is powered on), which may be unrelated but potentially worth mentioning. I have a support ticket open for that though.

    Sorry that was a miss-type! I was meaning that I was plugged directly guitar > kemper. I'm using the camplifier to power the kabinet, however back when I had the bias head with the similar sound that was the built in poweramp for that head being used. I also had a similar sound when I was using the kemper with the Laney LFR-112, so I'm fairly confident the camplifier is fine.

    Profile is of a Lazy J clean. I tried a few profiles (all clean) and the noise persisted at the time.

    Noise gate is normally completely off as usually the most gain I have is just over edge of breakup, however when I got this noise I tried turning up the noise gate with no benefit, and also a high cut filter on the effects after the profile to see if that made a difference.

    I'm sorry I'm not sure which settings you mean for the amp settings. For the recording noise gate was high, no effects before or after the profile or from my pedalboard (plugged direct guitar in to amp). Power amp is camplifier studio, however unplugging the monitor out from the camplifier (camplifier still plugged in to the kabinet), the kabinet is dead silent.

    Thanks for your help!

    Hi, have You already tried to switch On/Off the ground lift .. just to try if the hiss remains.

    Yeah I've tried the ground lifts and no change

    Not tested in headphones, but the sound is definitely coming from the speaker rather than the cab itself. Curiously I've just been back on the issue is no longer present again :/. Maybe pointing toward something external to the kemper causing the issue?

    This is the sound I've been getting this morning. I can't say I've had it more than a couple of times before, or if I have I just haven't really noticed it the other occasions, but it's been pretty evident this morning. You can hear it right after each note is played. I tried a few different profiles, all of my guitars (including humbucker equipped), and no effects in the chain either on the pedalboard or in the kemper.

    Not sure where it's come from but I've had weird hiss type sounds before from the kemper, most notably some hiss that would build for a time before dissipating and not being heard again until the next time I started it up. Makes me wonder if there's something up with the kemper head itself, but then I used to own a bias amp head which exhibited something similar. I've actually got a recording here from back when it was happening and it's fairly similar. Anyone think there could be something else at play here?

    For context this is the set up I currently have in my apartment. As you can see it's pretty close to the TV/ Wi-Fi router but there isn't anywhere else it can all go. I've tried to use good quality shielded cables to prevent any interference but I don't know if they could still be having an effect, or even if this kind of effect can come from the other electricals?

    Thanks for any help :)

    My first memory of wanting to play the guitar was seeing the edge on TV when I was about 6 and picking up a tennis racket to try and emulate him, which my parents must have seen because that Christmas I had my first guitar under the tree. Once I started, and really got in to it though (took me a few years...), it was Hendrix and Angus Young that had the biggest influence on me along with Page too. I'm not sure why I didn't really get in to U2 or the Edge specifically after I started playing. Maybe it was more the look? I dunno, but I'm glad that I saw it to start me on this journey

    Just an FYI for people that have the pops on startup/shutdown. I've been looking around for a bit of a solution and found the D'addario PW-AGRAP-2 jacks that have a latching mute switch. I'm planning on putting one of these on the cable going from monitor out to the camplifier, as at the moment I've been avoiding pops by plugging in the monitor out after start up/ unplugging before shutdown but I don't want to do this forever as it's unnecessary wear on the monitor output.

    I've only ordered one yesterday so I'll report back when it's here but it seems like the perfect solution until we get a software fix to mute outputs on startup/shutdown

    As far as I'm aware, when you use the Kabinet, in FRFR mode the original cab setting for the profile is used, but when set to imprint mode the imprint overrides the profile output cab but only on the monitor output, the other outputs will remain the same as the profiles cab setting

    Welcome to the forum as well!

    I received my kabinet today and have had a bit of a play through it. I have to be honest and say I'm not as blown away as I expected to be, but maybe that was me putting unreal expectations on it. It's not that it doesn't sound good, or it doesn't have the amp in the room thing, I think maybe it's that with my FRFR (Laney LFR112), I was running a fairly strong pure cab setting, and then the LFR itself has a knob to turn down the high frequencies, which I guess when combined seems to get you pretty close to AITR the turns out (who'd have thought pure cab worked!...).

    Maybe talking about expecting to be blown away might be a bit over the top but I am enjoying it, and I'll definitely be keeping it. I'd love the per profile imprint saving ability to be sooner than later though, as it seems like every profile sounds better with a different imprint right now. There does still seem to be some spiky highs at times like you would sometimes get on FRFR, however I feel like this is just each speakers different response since some don't exhibit this.

    I do feel like I'm pretty much going to have to go all the way back through the profiles I've purchased to find ones more suited to AITR style tones, but I suppose in the current climate I could have worse issues.

    The one issue I do have though, which may or may not be 'an issue' is that upon start up there's several pops, not massively loud but very audible. I never used to have this happen before when using my FRFR, but then I was using the main out with that and now obviously I am using the monitor out. From what I've seen via google it seems to be pretty common? and to be honest since it goes away after the kemper has fully started up I'm not that concerned.

    Overall I'd say it's worth getting if you miss the AITR thing or even if you're just after a great FRFR, since it you'd then have options of imprint or FRFR.

    A few others have mentioned this on the other threads regarding pops on start up, but it would be great if we could have all outputs muted (or at least the option), on start up and shutdown. Maybe ckemper ?

    I've ended up going for the camplifier studio after seeing a few people get one and say it's perfectly loud enough for home use. Camplifier has now arrived and was incredibly easy to install but I haven't managed to try it yet as the kabinet hasn't yet arrived. I was hoping for it to arrive this past week but due to the easter weekend it won't come now until Wednesday so I guess I just have to be patient! I'm happy I went for the camplifier though as it'll just be the head on the kabinet now so a little cleaner setup.

    I've had a little play around on the imprints on my Laney LFR112 which I know won't be exactly the same as using the kabinet, but they sound great! Much more 'organic', or at least achieves the AITR thing. I almost forgot I wasn't playing through a 'real' tube amp. Very excited now to try out the kabinet.

    I personally disagree. But we know how subjective tone is. I far more enjoy the sound with cab disabled off and running the profiles cab through “FR” mode. To me the imprint sounds blanketed and takes a lot of the gain away. The profile cab through the Kone has more bite to me. I play it with Kone enabled and adjust the sweetening to taste with cab disabled turned off.

    I may be reading your post wrong so apologies if I am but, if you're disabling the cab section on the kemper then you aren't using FR mode on the kone as the kone still requires the cab section to be on. You need to select the kone, and have the monitor cab off unticked in the output setting for the FR setting. If you run the kemper with cab section turned off you're in effect just using a profile of an amp head running through the kone as if it were it's own speaker like a standard cab, as the kone is only FR when the DSP compensates the speaker to make it FR.

    yes its a copyright Problem, but sometimes i find it funny to guess what

    amp in real was profiled :/

    I figured as much, but I still feel like noting for example a JTM45 as a Marsh45 rather than a cryptic one would be easier surely

    Just press the amp button and you have the answer

    This works in rig manager but not on the sellers website though

    Monitor cab off should be ticked, kone should be ticked and the cab in output stack should be on. It is a little confusing, but essentially it's like this;

    - Kone being ticked tells the kemper that you're using the kone so it will adjust the output for imprints or FRFR depnding on monitor cab setting (I'm sure you knew this already)

    - Monitor cab off tells the kemper that on the monitor out you want it to ignore the IR in the output stack and instead use the kone imprints. The other outputs of the kemper will still have the IR on them and not the imprints.

    - Turning off the output stack would only really be for if you're using an external IR like a two notes or running in to a standard guitar cab.

    If you turn off the output stack then the kemper will only send the head (no imprint/IR etc) direct to the output, as you're essentially saying you don't want any output section on your profile.

    Maybe the easiest way to remember it is just don't touch the output section when using the kone.

    Hope that helps

    Good afternoon Mr Kemper,

    Only if you are able to, can you answer this? given the current global crisis, in your humble opinion should I wait for a powered Kabinet or invest in an amp for the unpowered KPA which I can't buy anyway?

    I'm chomping at the bit to try your new kabinet but it seems they are probably at least a couple of months away (in England anyway).

    I am happy using my Headrush FR but feel I'm not getting the full capacity of my KPA.

    I was making this decision recently and decided to go down the poweramp + kabinet route. Like you I wanted to try it out ASAP and I figured that since the only mention of the powered kabinet has really been, 'we'll make one in the future', it could be months or years before it comes out!

    I also considered that the price difference between the powered and unpowered kemper in the UK was ~£350, for the same price or less I could get a poweramp, of which I ended up going for the camplifier studio since I don't gig and doesn't take up any space, but you could still get a much higher powered version and potentially still save some £'s.

    I ended up getting my kabinet from Peach guitars too in the UK. I think their next delivery is due early this week so hopefully I should have mine by the end of the week, but I imagine if they're selling so quickly (I was told that I got the last preorder on this shipment), then they'll want to get more in soon. Andertons seems to have them listed as being delivered relatively soon too.

    I've ordered my camplifier studio this morning, hopefully should be ordering my Kabinet within the month.

    I did have a reply from Tilman on a question I asked via the website though regarding the wattage output vs the ohm rating as usually the wattage seems to go up as the ohms go down, yet the camplifier studio has the 4 ohm wattage as between the 8 and 16 ohm wattage;


    Most traditional solid state amplifiers (running transistors or Mosfets as power devices) will put out about double the power when the impedance value halves (if they are specified to handle such low impedance).

    The Camplifier Studio however does not operate the same way. It runs from a single class D chip.

    At low impedance's, internal currents get higher much faster, temperatures will rise faster and the chip will go into self protection mode (because of over current , or over temperature) faster than with higher impedance's.

    That is why it is rated lower in output power @ 4 ohms than 8 ohs.

    I thought the answer was quite interesting so I thought I'd share if anyone else was curious