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    Do you hear the fizz if you use headphones direkt out of the KPA ?

    Eliminating one bit in the sound chain at the time while "troubleshooting"

    Do you hear it if you´re using a real amp with distorted sound ?

    Just wondering :/

    I dont hear it when using my actual Rockerverb MKII im not really hearing it when the KPA is coming out my HS7 monitors or when using my headphones plugged direct into the KPA its only really obvious when i play back a recorded track in my DAW.It sounds like ive plugged my old ass Metalzone direct into my PC haha i shouldnt laugh cause its frustrating but what else can i do? haha.

    have you tried Pure Cab?

    yeah dude ive had it disabled and enabled ive had it at every point lol but like i say i had this problem before owning a kemper using software such as bias amp etc.Im starting to think that im just shit at this thing or maybe its just the profiles and software thats shit i reckon its the first one lol i think im gonna get my buddy round hes way more educated at this than me maybe he could sprinkle some lovely magical unicorn dust on my setup and make it roar like a lion or something haha im sure somewhere along the line ive bolloxed the chain its just figuring out what (other than me) is the weak link i guess i dunno...hmmm...

    Hey guys i know i know i know ive thrown this out there a few times now but im not sure what else to do now.I understand a few of you guys dont understand what i mean by "fizzy" so i recorded a little random piece.the main riff and the octave melody are both the same profile.The main problem seems to be this this phazey hissy fizz around the 5k mark but this problem is not just my kemper ive had this problem with every distorted related plugin ive ever used (Bias amp/bias fx/bias amp2 etc)_ive used multiple different interfaces im now using a clarett 4pre going into my HS7 monitors and i feel my sound is STILL no better than the £70 scarlett solo i purchased years the time EQ out that horrible sound the tone/profile is completely destroyed.It cant be my guitar because i get the same horrendous sound from all of my guitars and my guitars are quite high end running over £1000 each so surely its not my instrument.At first i thought it was my PC but ive had multiple PCs and and its still there.I think im losing my mind lol PLEASE tell me you hear it too guys...listen to the octave section...i purposely solo'd it so you can hear it.This sound happens with anything i use thats distorted.HELP!!

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    Hmm. Tough one. And what does the Presets combobox give you as options when you click it? Mine gives different options which treat the outputs which are there (two analogous, one SPDIF) as either mono or stereo outputs. Anything in that Presets choice?

    If not then it's hard to tell if is your driver limiting the options or anything else. I can see all the ADAT stuff in your control panel, maybe that's interfering. But I am definitely no expert on that ground.

    And can you set the Outputs 3 to something set to "active" in the Studio Setup?

    it says this in the preset dropdown box...

    So i had a click around with the inputs and outputs and control panel options and forgive me if the answer is slapping me right in the face hahaha but this is what it tells me...the input clearly tells me theres S/PDIF but the output section is fast asleep and doesnt wanna know lol ive watched a few videos on youtube and they say in the tutorials to click S/PDIF output but thats my problem haha apologies again if this doesnt fall under the kemper forum rules.

    This is awesome! i will certainly give this a look in my DAW and see what ive missed thanks again dude! also cheers for the link \m/ i will be back to let ya know how i got on.

    Hey guys! im pretty new to the whole "REAMPING" thing and S/PDIF in general but i thought hey lets give it a shot and ive kinda hit a bit of a wall (Probably doing it all wrong).

    I cant seem to access the S/PDIF OUT option in my DI track to send it to my kemper...hmmm.Im sure its real easy fix and ive have missed something but its got me scratching my head lol.Im using Cubase pro 10 and my interface is the Focusrite Clarett 4pre.Everything seems to be bang on as in all the cables are connected to the correct places etc im just stumped to find the S/PDIF OUT in my DI track.I screen printed my project to show what i mean.As you can see the option of S/PDIF IN is there but the option OUT is not...go easy guys im still learning lol

    Any help would be boss!

    Thanks again, I'm aiming for the usb version. I'm curious though,did you try connecting from the kemper using the main Xlr out into the claret? Did the tone improve compared to the 2i4?

    I havent tried XLR yet im using SPDIF and i dont really see the need to use anything else but the quality to me it was night and day especially through my HS7 monitors.

    Thanks for the write up, appreciate it. So you're connecting to the focusrite using spdif and not the main out? Sorry for being so picky, but I'm a click away from ordering the Clarett... Thanks again

    Yeah! also tho if you dont have thunderbolt connection make sure to purchase the 4pre USB edition just a heads up there are TWO versions of the 4 pre clarett \m/

    So this has solved your Kemper issues entirely?

    Sound wise its just so much more than the 2i4 and using SPDIF its just feels/sounds so much more sharp/crisp less crushed and with the air options just really brings that extra bit of life to it.Now im not saying for certain i wont ever have struggles again as nothing is ever 100% but for now since my interface upgrade i couldnt be happier and writing and recording is fun again \m/ also i believe good cables plays a big part in it too.Ive recently been replacing all my cables with Hosa cables and so far im really impressed and they are not too pricey.I confess (in my bummed out "i hate my kemper" period) i got lazy i wasnt maintaining my setup my guitar/cables etc even slacking on things like regular battery changes for my pickups.I was leaving my guitar out of its case where the natural bedroom elements just ate away at it i was just done in.All of these neglects will play a massive part in your sound.I have since had my guitar setup properly by a pro and she plays like a dream again and going through my new interface with said guitar setup/cables etc there is certainly a new world of creation just been presented to me Ooosh! #happyasapiginshit

    Funny enough, last night after trying my hands on the sinmix profiles for heavy gain stuff unable to find my tone, I went to bed frustrated and searched online for similar issues and I came across your post from Jan 2019, and I was wondering what happened to you and planned to drop you a message to follow up!

    I also have the 2i4, I thought it was my M-Audio monitors that I'm planning to upgrade but the interface! Who would have thought.....

    Thanks, this is eye opening.

    Upgrading to the 4pre was a HUGE game changer! not just for my kemper but for my sm7b for vocals too .Highly recommend you checking one out dude! \m/

    So hey guys! for the LONGEST time i wasn't at all having fun with my kemper.It was just bumming me out.I tried pretty much everything to NOT hate on it but sadly got no resolve.After trying everything i finally had came to the conclusion that it was my interface.I always knew it was truth be told but i'd not long had it so i was stubborn as a mule about it and flat out refused to replace/ugrade it.After almost a year of sounding like ass i decided an upgrade was essential so i ditched my Focusrite 2i4 and upgraded to the 4pre Clarett.The 2pre clarett doesn't come with SPDIF but the 4pre DOES so i went with the 4pre. OH MY DAYS!!! a whole new world has opened up and my Kemper sounds incredible! all those profiles that sounded like garbage on the 2i4 now sound beautiful through my 4pre.Im SO happy i decided on the upgrade its made a HUGE difference and i just wanted to share my smiles with you guys! \m/ Rock on dudes! i very much recommend the 4pre Clarett by focusrite its killer!

    What Awesome_Elvis said.

    FWIW I was using the 6i6 1st gen for a long time, and I recently switched to an Apollo Twin after it died - Even going through the Apollo XLR channels rather than SPDIF, it still sounds a lot better. It's like someone took a blanket off the speakers.

    Awesome! ive been looking into the Apollo Twin...just a bit scared at the price hahaha heard amazing things its certainly something i will be looking into tho \m/

    Hey Greg!

    I think i became profile blind! i just hit a wall! with SO many profiles to chose from i was getting lost.They probably sound amazing but like i say ive been through so many profiles ive become deaf to the bad-assery and confused of what actually sounds great and how it will sit in a mix.

    Ive took a step back (cleaned up my kemper of the MANY profiles) and had a break and shook my head a bit and went back in with fresh ears and its coming together a lot more and starting to hit that quality spot to where im excited again.

    My go to tone is no longer my go to tone because yes it sounds killer on its own but i realise it belongs nowhere in a mix.Im starting to teach my ears and the whole thought process more about "fitting in the mix" for example a profile may sound like ass on its own but with a bass and drums to compliment it sounds HUGE and cuts like a knife.

    Where as before i would want the writing process done NOW! and rush things im slowing it right down and learning more about EQ'ing even things like setting up my guitar properly and using the correct gauge strings/pics and even looking at my actual playing technique.These little details i would usually not really bother with but are now HUGELY improving everything.

    Its all coming together dude! \m/…helmet-kemper-profile-jam this is a little jam i wrote using the (removed by mod) kemper bundle "TIN FOIL HELMET" Profile on my sevenstring in drop G.Using GGD Modern and massive drums and Eurobass 2.

    The logical way to eliminate the Focusrite for trouble shooting would be to plug the Kemper Main Outs straight into the Studio Mintors. This will remove the interface from the chain completely. If the problem is still there then the problem isn’t the interface. If it goes away then you know the interface is most like the problem but would still need to check there isn’t anything else in the signal path on the computer that could be affecting the sound.

    Thanks dude! i will plug it into my HS7s and see what happens! \m/…m8b-Sw?view_as=subscriber