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    IMHO it'd be helpful if you could upload some power-chord sustains and chugging, Adam.

    That way we might be able to hear more of what's going on 'cause the sustained single note only reveals a terrible attack sound... IMHO.

    Just literally threw this together...and im confused it dont sad too bad lol...somebody must be playing mind games with me because i aint changed any settings at all lol.This was recorded using SPDIF

    EDIT!! Sorry the first link was saved as a private link on my soundcloud and the forum didnt recognise it or something so here is the public link

    its the whole playbacked recording.If you have a listen to the audio example theres clearly a glitch/bad frequency smothering the sound i cant explain it in any other way than bad interference in the signal/recording.

    There is something bad and unwanted hitching a ride on my frequency.

    Im becoming convinced its somewhere between the interface and DAW buy tbh im not realy sure anymore as its getting to the point of giving up.

    Just re-uploaded the sample to show you the problem frequency glitch's (Dont know what else to call them) im having.They are pretty clear in this little clip. I have purposly used different profiles from completely different commercial companys and as you can hear its still there.

    I cant explain it or figure it out.

    There ya go bro!

    Not necessarily. I've had problem with only one of my main output before. Meanwhile, the headphone, the other main and all other outputs were working fine - I just had to do my gigs in mono until it got repaired.

    Fun fact, I contacted support and sent it over, then picked it back up at their Recklinghausen office during 2 dates of a Europe tour (coincidentally) a couple of days later. They had apparently changed the board inside, unbelievable customer support! Hang on brother!

    Thanks man! i needed that positivity boost.

    AdamMassacre1981 There are other threads about the Scarlett having issues with SPDIF. One thing you should check is that if you have the latest drivers.

    If that fails, try uninstalling the Scarlett and then reinstalling it.

    Good luck!

    I have uninstalled and re-installed it so many times using the current drivers and older drivers and different USB ports and USB cables...things were getting desperate lol.I have just recently went back to SPDIF believing the problem may have been the cables i was using .Before going back to SPDIF i was using a TS cable from guitar into front input then TRS cable from main out left direct into Interface also tried TS cable from main out to interface using LINE and INSTRUMENT on the interface but no difference...pretty grim huh? ;)

    Ah! yeah i was freeing up some space on my soundcloud i will re-upload them again matey.

    Firstly if the Kemper sounds good with headphones and active monitors connected direct, it’s not the Kemper.

    Apart from that it really does sound like digital clipping in your interface or daw.

    I wish I could be there to check through things cos otherwise I can’t really help:(

    That makes sense to me.Im an absolute Noobie to all these terms but "Digital clipping" sounds like what could be happening when i described it as nasty glitch infecting the signal...but its strange because my interface aint clipping when recieving the signal from the kemper as its still in the green

    (Clarret 4pres flash a bad red when clipping) so maybe the signal FROM the interface into my PC and DAW maybe too hot...again though Cubase would indicate clipping and it very new to all this so sorry if i sound mental lol.

    Are you using the XLR inputs on your interface or the TS ones?

    How does it sound when you connect a pair if good headphones directly to the Profilers headphone output?

    Have you tried to connect your monitors directly to the Profiler to see what that sounds like?

    Have you tried the pure cab parameter?

    I have a pair of Sure SRH 440's (Headphones) just tried it now and everything sounds pretty sweet directly out the headphone output. And through my HS7 monitors when directly connected to my kemper it sounds good. Im going SPDIF into my interface. Previously ive tried balanced and unbalanced cables as a process of ellimination but everytime playing back in my DAW will playback the mess. At first i was thinking hey maybe its just a bad profile but it does this on every distorted profile no matter the commercial profile distributer company.

    Clean un-distorted profiles sound fantastic and playback is great its just theres a nasty critter juming in on the frequency somewhere when im using ANY metal tones.

    TBH i dont even know what sounds good or bad anymore it just depress's me so i hardly even use my kemper anymore.

    Hopefully my mate can figure out what is going on because it bums me out having to share my misery with you guys.I should be sharing the love and positive experiences with my lil toaster not crying about it on here every couple of weeks lol.

    I promise though if i get a resolve i will explain in full what went down.

    Thank you all again guys.

    Did you contact support with my DI, Rig and clip-sharing idea in-mind, Adam?

    There's also the alternate route I mentioned:

    I'm asking 'cause you haven't provided any feedback on this and the situation seems to be in a holding pattern, which, given the inefficacious nature of your previous threads on the matter, will not lead to a speedy resolution IMHO, mate.

    Sorry Monkey_Man yeah i did contact support and attatched all the recorded samples.They advised me to "Play around with the EQ" Yeah like i aint already tried that hahaha even though its clearly not the problem and no amount of EQ change will fix the obvious alien interference/glitch sound im really struggling with.Like i mentioned in a previous post im just gonna wait this whole lockdown thing out and when things are "back to normal" im gonna get one of my tech savvy mates to pop round and actually have a look at my setup and see whats going on.Its rather frustrating trying to explain whats going on when ya dont know whats going on haha.

    AdamMassacre1981 Try a Kemper system reset. Sometimes the firmware gets corrupted, in which case it's a good idea to just reset the whole thing so that the system can run checks to see that everything is in order.

    Also, what OS revision are you on, just for cross-checking purposes?

    Also, how close to your strings are your pickups? Try adjusting them higher or lower to see if there is less fizziness. I know that EMGs and other actives like to be close.

    Being EMG's i have the pickups pretty high and close to the strings ive tried multiple resets. OS Version

    I would suspect the first one but not the second or third especially since different models, but I would try to borrow one just to test even if it's just a cheap one.

    Other than that, try different guitars. I listened very hard to the sound you posted and it's almost like the Low E and A pole on the pickup is dead.

    Post back the remedy when you find the culprit.

    My pickups are EMG 81's im not sure they have seperate pole pieces in them...i could be wrong.I will certainly post if i find a remedy.Thanks for your input buddy.

    Did you happen to try another interface? Even a cheap one that does not have the Focusrite name.

    Im onto my 3rd interface.Started of with the focusrite solo then upgraded to the 2i4 then my current clarett 4pre and sadly had the same issue on all three.I just flat out refuse to shell out on another interface because my 4pre was quite expensive ( for my budget) unless its 100% the fault which im pretty sure it is not because it sounds fantastic with my sm7b and clean tones its just distorted tones they ALL sound horrendous.I think my best bet is when this lockdown situation is over im gonna get a pro or at least someone who i can talk to face to face who could come and actually physically look at my rig and see whats happening and figure out whats going on.

    It's not your ears, Adam; it sounds pants mate; no doubt.

    Best path to resolution IMHO would be to create a support ticket and send a DI file of your guitar, the Rigs you used in this demo and the demo itself. If it's deemed that the unit needs repair or replacing, you'll already be in the box seat.

    Alternatively, you can make a new demo with free Rigs and post that here along with the DI file, but at best all you can hope for is confirmation from others here that something's amiss with your hardware or software / settings. The former strategy skips the possibly-redundant confirmation stage.

    Thanks man...i apologize again for bringing the misery cheers for the advice \m/

    Im so sorry guys but STILL iam having a bad time with my this point im desperate.I have been through MANY online forums trying to get some kind of answer to my problem but keep coming back to the same threads ive already read and no real solid answer.I have tried everything! all kinds of cables SPDIF multiple guitars MANY MANY profiles and still i have this horendous digital fizzy demon clinging on to my every tone.I have altered the EQ's high shelf low shelf and its still there. I have pulled back the distortion but its there.This demo i have linked here i have used different commercial profiles from completely different companies just to show no matter what i use its there.

    PLEASE for my sanity tell me you hear it too and im not just losing my mind over here.Could it be my ears are they fatigued or shot to hell and im hearing bad things? i dont think so tbh im pretty sure theres something seriously wrong here.

    I have enabled cab disabled cab disabled cab monitor enabled cab monitor disabled EQ enabled EQ every possible thing that could be enabled and disabled ive tried.

    The output from the kemper into my interface is not clipping all lights are in the green.

    My interface is not clipping the halos are green.

    My guitar goes direct into the front input of my kemper. The model guitar does not even matter all of my guitars produce the same problem.

    My out is "Main output Left" straight into my interface (Clarett 4pree USB). using balanced cable or SPDIF cable changes nothing.

    SURELY there is turn around for this its hearbreaking seeing all these amazing kemper videos with amazing sounds and mine sounds like utter hell.

    This will be my last cry for help and then i will probably just sell my unit.

    Sorry for bringing you guys such a miserable post.

    When playing my guitar it comes direct from my Monitors that are plugged in the back of my interface so its direct .The direct monitoring in my DAW is sometimes on say if im using a plugin in the DAW like a reverb. Through my monitors sounds great. Headphones sounds great. And 3) Does that mean make sure the monitoring is disabled in my DAW and not active...ah so if that Is active and I m going through my direct monitors does that mean cubase is recording both signals hence the glitchy soup?...I've been awake too long my brain hurts lol Thank you again for being so patient with my silly dumb ass.

    posting some pics.

    DAW MONOTORING: I should keep this off when tracking?

    What i DID notice by pure accident when i turned the gate off with a distorted profile my pickups (EMG81) actually create a not so wonderful hum feedback buzz. So i left this setting active and floated my guitar around in random spots around my studio desk and above my head to attempt to find the culprit. Turns out its my PC tower making my guitar Hum and buzz and this goblin previously remained hidden because i had the gate activated but i think the interference was still effecting the guitar. The further i move away the more it goes away so I'm now it the position of my PC thats creating this interference and causing it to fizz and glitch?...or have i just ran into another problem hahaha.