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    Small update, only one profile but good in my opinion, both studio and merged version.

    Boosted with my plumes ts, engl 4x12 v30, single sm57. Setting on amp is a bit different than i usually use.

    Studio profile will be found on rig exchange but for merged version download in first post in this thread.

    Hey Thumas! Just wanted to say thanks for your work.I've purchased plenty of commercial packs and your FREE ones dump all over most of them.Thanks again buddy! 👊

    I feel your frustrations buddy i too am going through a very similar scenario (im using SPDIF) sorry this reply aint a solution for you just letting ya know you are not alone ?? hope we both can get a resolve soon.

    Hey guys!

    So i'm creating this thread to try and "gain" (LoL) some knowledge on setting up my kemper via SPDIF what settings i should be using in my kemper when going direct into my Focusrite Clarett 4pre and what settings i should be using in the Focusrite Control centre software when coming out of my interface going directly into my PC via USB.Also i my DAW is Cubase 10 pro and im curious as to what audio channel settings i should be using as im pretty sure im doing something wrong as i've stated in a previous thread i'm seriously "struggling with my distortion" Any helps and advices would be amazing!

    Thanks in advance.

    Adam \m/

    As I mentioned earlier, I’m not familiar with the current Focusrite software but it does look plausible to me. There are lots of people on the forum use Scarlett or Claret interfaces with SPDIF so hopefully one of them will chime in. It might be worth starting a new thread with a title like “Is my Focusrite interface set up correctly for SPDIF recording” in order to catch the eye of someone with direct experience who may not be following this thread based on the title.

    Thanks for the tip buddy! ??

    Like Vinny, I’m not familiar with the Focusrite Control software (i still use the old Saffire Mix Control) but my first thought when I saw the screen shot was that it looks like you have SPDIF and Outputs 1-2 sending the same signal. I don’t know the answer in your own case but I think the problem is most likely to lie in a routing configuration of some sort.

    Sorry is more detailed look at what my interface control software is doing.I THINK im doing this correctly.

    Thanks man! I just purchased that one from amazon you recommended gonna give it a whirl see if it helps ??

    This is a bit of a long shot but what level are you recording in the DAW. Turn on pre fader metering and check the real level. It could be that you are actually clipping in the DAW. I normally aim for around -12db to leave a decent amount of headroom.

    Cubase alerts me to any clipping and the levels are fine.Yeah i also set my SPDIF Volume to -12.0 db. and the Main Out -12db box is ticked.

    So if Ive got this right, Kemper - Monitors and Kemper - Interface - Monitors is all good. When you hear what you've recorded, its not so good.

    Try downloading Reaper. (Free Trial)
    If that doesn't make any difference, try out a different interface. I'd recommend RME.

    Let us know how it goes.

    Yeah Monitors and headphones in the kemper sound pretty sure its not the interface (Clarett 4pre) its a pretty solid unit and i would be devastated if its that as it cost me quite a pretty penny lol im certain it must be something within my PC or DAW but im just not even sure where to begin.I also had this same experience with my previous interfaces.When ever i would use a distorted tone it always sounded terrible even using amp sims like Positive grid (before i got my kemper) they would be awful sounding the same fizzy broke noise.

    Clean sounds are not a problem it just seems to be distorted sounds.

    Ive been playing around today and switching around the Cabinets and it seems to be kinda fixing the fizzy harshness but its still there and it still has that broken digital cheap sound when i play back a recorded take.I also noticed when i monitor the guitar track via the DAW its horrid! and sounds nothing like what is coming out of my monitors or headphones when they are directly into my Kemper.

    Monitors direct out of Kemper FANTASTIC!

    Headphones direct out of Kemper FANTASTIC!

    Monitors direct out of Interface FANTASTIC!

    Recorded take in Cubase playback SH*TE!

    Its like my kemper is sending a killer sound to my interface and my interface takes that sound and passes it onto my PC where something is glitching and my Cubase doesn't know what to do with it and and just attacks it...with a chainsaw!! and spits it back out as a mess FML! lol

    Thanks again for all you dudes and your patience with my struggles its deeply appreciated.

    #determined \m/

    that’s what I initially thought too Vinny. However, in Adam’s case it appears that he gets the problem on the recorded signal (ie on playback when there is only one signal preset) so I wonder if there is some way that the signal chain is actually capturing both signals when recording.

    Exactly! my kemper sounds fantastic through my HS7s then i record the tone but playback sounds like junk and nothing like what i hear when monitoring through my monitors.I really have no other way of describing it other than broken digital fizz especially sitting around the 5k -10k area even if i do a dramatic EQ cut its STILL there im certain its not an EQ problem im pretty sure its an internal DAW problem but i cant figure it out.

    Here is a single track recording nothing amazing just an example of that "Fizzy" broken digital sound im trying to explain lol i get this with ALL my guitars and all distortion profiles.This recording is un EQ'd just straight from the kemper pure cabinet disabled.

    I havn't listened to your samples (at work) but your discription of a phasey sound its exactly how I'd describe a problem I'm having at the moment and I've traced it to Reaper. Using Ableton Live it sounds fine, using no DAW at all and it sounds fine, headphones direct from Kemper is fine but as soon as Reaper is opened it sounds like muck - bad digital modeling from years ago with a phasey sound. I've actually been meaning to make a post on the Reaper forums about it but havn't got around to recording clips.

    I've tried on a laptop and a much more powerful desktop with a clean install and have the same problem each time. From Googling all I've found is there may be Fx on the input but in my case there isn't. As it happens on a clean install I'm thinking I've the Reaper input settings wrong but Reaper is pretty straightforward. I need to do more digging regardless.

    All that to say I don't have a solution for you, but at least know you're not alone :)

    Thanks man! i thought i was losing my mind hahaha it just sounds like im running my guitar directly through a Metalzone directly into my PC haha like a fizzy hissy phazey frequency thats smothering the sound that no amount of EQing will get rid of...its really frustrating and its only when i play a recording back within my DAW (Cubase 10 pro) or if im monitoring the track in the DAW it just sounds like garbage.

    Sorry you are struggling with the same thing dude.

    I don’t think the sample rate is the issue as that would tend to be set at the interface which seems to be working OK in your case. It might be possible that your project is running at a different sample rate than the interface but I’m not familiar with Cubase.

    The most likely culprit is something on the DAW channel or master bus that is active by mistake or, you are hearing two different signals at he same time causing phase alignment issues. However, the phase problem would be more likely if you were monitoring off the input and the channel at the same time. In your case it sounds like the issue is there on playback when you aren’t playing at the same time so you would need to be recording two signals simultaneously that are a little out of time with each other. It is possible but probably unlikely.

    My kemper is set to 44.1 my interface sample rate is 44.1 khz (Clock source S/PDIF) S/PDIF Source RCA. My Cubase project settings are...

    Sample rate: 44.100khz

    Bit Depth: 24 bit.

    My S/PDIF output on the Kemper is "Master Stereo".

    Could it be the "ADD CHANNEL" in cubase im getting wrong? presented with quite a few options of which channel to add if that makes sense.

    I usually click "ADD CHANNEL" and select in the "audio input" section "S/PDIF 2 MONO" And in the "CONFIGURATION" section i select "MONO".

    Please forgive me if im being an absolute Noob my DAW education is purely trial and error and youtube videos its tough trying to explain what ya dont really understand lol.

    Again i thank you all for your patience and help.

    Just to confirm

    Everything is fine without the interface/DAW = KPA not the problem

    Recording sounds different = problem either interface or DAW

    is the sound straight from the interface to speakers (no DAW) the same as KPA direct to speakers. Yes = DAW setting problem. No = interface problem.

    I’m starting to think you have a plug-in active on the master bus or something like that.

    Monitors direct into Kemper sounds fine headphones in kemper sound fine monitors direct out of Interface it must be something within my PC/DAW. maybe sample rate? i dunno im not really if at all clued up with all the workings of DAWS and tech stuff hmmm...