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    To me, that just sounds like it needs to be low passed at between 7-10kHz. This is always done when recording, especially, distorted guitars and will remove the fizzy/phasey issue you cite, which is due to micing.

    i did some insane reduction already around the 7-10 its pretty much my first go to thing to do like ya say those areas are nasty when distorted but it was getting so severe it was getting buried i couldnt really reduce anymore at this point without totally killing the tone lol

    UPDATE: So i plugged my monitors directly into the Kemper and of course it sounds great something that i never doubted.The main confusion and frustration was IS why does the playback of the recorded guitar NOT sound like what is coming through the monitors lol.So in this sound demo i unplugged the SPDIF and used Monitor out (Master Mono setting) direct into my interface (input 1) which is USB direct into my PC.Using the same guitar and the same profile...unless im going insane and somebody is playing games it sounds insanely different lol i think the best way to really get some solid answers is im gonna call my buddy up who has a kemper and get him to come over and have a look see whats going on.I WILL be changing the SPDIF cable just to maybe eliminate that being a possible thorn in my kemper side lol

    I'am insanely grateful for all of you guys for helping this noob out your help is a much appreciated lifeline \m/

    Whatever you do, I strongly suggest that you hang in there, Adam. You've no doubt heard many clips and recordings that sound good to you, and I can assure you that in most cases the users aren't doing anything special - no fancy tricks. Even the factory sound set should sound way better than what you seem to be experiencing.

    So it makes no sense to me for you to give up when you know what's possible sound-wise; it's just a matter of getting to the bottom of it. Captain Obvious, I know, but your expression that you're almost ready to give up made me feel like reminding you of this. It should be easy-peasy, mate. It'll be like chalk and cheese when you finally get to hear what you'd been expecting all along.

    It does sound like there's not a lot of cabinet action happening in the example tone. Agree that it sounds thin-and-fizzy. :/

    Thanks man...i'm still hopeful/determined i will get there \m/

    Hey guys!

    Sorry for STILL struggling with my unit but its becoming such a drag almost to the point now of just selling it and moving on all together. Ive purchased so many well known bundles and downloaded so many free ones from the many recommended profiles etc etc i've upgraded my interface to quite a modestly high end one (Clarett 4pre) my monitors are upgraded to Hs7's ive purchased cables that were recommended im doing everything i can possible do to try and achieve the level of quality i see/hear so many other kemper users achieve but it always just seems to sound like garbage.To me they all sound like cheap digital vst's with fizzy phazey layer .Ive attempted EQ to try and remove the horrid-ness but the adjustments become so severe that the original tone is destroyed.Surely they all cant be this bad...surely somewhere in my setup there is something going wrong.At first i thought maybe its my guitar but i get the exact same result from all three of my very different guitars (Gibson SG Standard/ESP Viper 1000 Deluxe and ESP 1007 Eclipse) im not peeking going into my kemper nor am i peeking going into my interface (my connection is Guitar into INPUT then SPDIF out into interface then interface into PC).

    I have noticed the sound from my Monitors that are coming direct from the unit sound insanely different to what Cubase records and plays back.

    SPDIF CLOCK on the kemper is set to 44.1 as is the sample rate in Cubase 10.

    SPDIF OUTPUT on kemper is set to "Master stereo".

    MAIN OUT is ticked at -12db

    Monitor Cab off is Ticked.

    Monitor Stereo is Ticked.

    SPDIF Out Link is Ticked.

    Sorry if non of this makes sense im a "musician" i play instruments and all this tech stuff confuses me lol.

    I've attached a sample of a rough recording to show you what i mean.Its a solo'd guitar track doubled far right/far left (standard stuff) then within a mix with bass and drums then a little sample trying to show that harshy fizzy phaze crap i get from all metal distortion profiles.

    If there is no fix then this will be me finished with the kemper sadly.I hope i CAN fix this.

    Thanks in advance guys.


    Do you hear the fizz if you use headphones direkt out of the KPA ?

    Eliminating one bit in the sound chain at the time while "troubleshooting"

    Do you hear it if you´re using a real amp with distorted sound ?

    Just wondering :/

    I dont hear it when using my actual Rockerverb MKII im not really hearing it when the KPA is coming out my HS7 monitors or when using my headphones plugged direct into the KPA its only really obvious when i play back a recorded track in my DAW.It sounds like ive plugged my old ass Metalzone direct into my PC haha i shouldnt laugh cause its frustrating but what else can i do? haha.

    have you tried Pure Cab?

    yeah dude ive had it disabled and enabled ive had it at every point lol but like i say i had this problem before owning a kemper using software such as bias amp etc.Im starting to think that im just shit at this thing or maybe its just the profiles and software thats shit i reckon its the first one lol i think im gonna get my buddy round hes way more educated at this than me maybe he could sprinkle some lovely magical unicorn dust on my setup and make it roar like a lion or something haha im sure somewhere along the line ive bolloxed the chain its just figuring out what (other than me) is the weak link i guess i dunno...hmmm...

    Hey guys i know i know i know ive thrown this out there a few times now but im not sure what else to do now.I understand a few of you guys dont understand what i mean by "fizzy" so i recorded a little random piece.the main riff and the octave melody are both the same profile.The main problem seems to be this this phazey hissy fizz around the 5k mark but this problem is not just my kemper ive had this problem with every distorted related plugin ive ever used (Bias amp/bias fx/bias amp2 etc)_ive used multiple different interfaces im now using a clarett 4pre going into my HS7 monitors and i feel my sound is STILL no better than the £70 scarlett solo i purchased years the time EQ out that horrible sound the tone/profile is completely destroyed.It cant be my guitar because i get the same horrendous sound from all of my guitars and my guitars are quite high end running over £1000 each so surely its not my instrument.At first i thought it was my PC but ive had multiple PCs and and its still there.I think im losing my mind lol PLEASE tell me you hear it too guys...listen to the octave section...i purposely solo'd it so you can hear it.This sound happens with anything i use thats distorted.HELP!!

    Hmm. Tough one. And what does the Presets combobox give you as options when you click it? Mine gives different options which treat the outputs which are there (two analogous, one SPDIF) as either mono or stereo outputs. Anything in that Presets choice?

    If not then it's hard to tell if is your driver limiting the options or anything else. I can see all the ADAT stuff in your control panel, maybe that's interfering. But I am definitely no expert on that ground.

    And can you set the Outputs 3 to something set to "active" in the Studio Setup?

    it says this in the preset dropdown box...

    So i had a click around with the inputs and outputs and control panel options and forgive me if the answer is slapping me right in the face hahaha but this is what it tells me...the input clearly tells me theres S/PDIF but the output section is fast asleep and doesnt wanna know lol ive watched a few videos on youtube and they say in the tutorials to click S/PDIF output but thats my problem haha apologies again if this doesnt fall under the kemper forum rules.

    This is awesome! i will certainly give this a look in my DAW and see what ive missed thanks again dude! also cheers for the link \m/ i will be back to let ya know how i got on.

    Hey guys! im pretty new to the whole "REAMPING" thing and S/PDIF in general but i thought hey lets give it a shot and ive kinda hit a bit of a wall (Probably doing it all wrong).

    I cant seem to access the S/PDIF OUT option in my DI track to send it to my kemper...hmmm.Im sure its real easy fix and ive have missed something but its got me scratching my head lol.Im using Cubase pro 10 and my interface is the Focusrite Clarett 4pre.Everything seems to be bang on as in all the cables are connected to the correct places etc im just stumped to find the S/PDIF OUT in my DI track.I screen printed my project to show what i mean.As you can see the option of S/PDIF IN is there but the option OUT is not...go easy guys im still learning lol

    Any help would be boss!

    Thanks again, I'm aiming for the usb version. I'm curious though,did you try connecting from the kemper using the main Xlr out into the claret? Did the tone improve compared to the 2i4?

    I havent tried XLR yet im using SPDIF and i dont really see the need to use anything else but the quality to me it was night and day especially through my HS7 monitors.

    Thanks for the write up, appreciate it. So you're connecting to the focusrite using spdif and not the main out? Sorry for being so picky, but I'm a click away from ordering the Clarett... Thanks again

    Yeah! also tho if you dont have thunderbolt connection make sure to purchase the 4pre USB edition just a heads up there are TWO versions of the 4 pre clarett \m/