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    So this has solved your Kemper issues entirely?

    Sound wise its just so much more than the 2i4 and using SPDIF its just feels/sounds so much more sharp/crisp less crushed and with the air options just really brings that extra bit of life to it.Now im not saying for certain i wont ever have struggles again as nothing is ever 100% but for now since my interface upgrade i couldnt be happier and writing and recording is fun again \m/ also i believe good cables plays a big part in it too.Ive recently been replacing all my cables with Hosa cables and so far im really impressed and they are not too pricey.I confess (in my bummed out "i hate my kemper" period) i got lazy i wasnt maintaining my setup my guitar/cables etc even slacking on things like regular battery changes for my pickups.I was leaving my guitar out of its case where the natural bedroom elements just ate away at it i was just done in.All of these neglects will play a massive part in your sound.I have since had my guitar setup properly by a pro and she plays like a dream again and going through my new interface with said guitar setup/cables etc there is certainly a new world of creation just been presented to me Ooosh! #happyasapiginshit

    Funny enough, last night after trying my hands on the sinmix profiles for heavy gain stuff unable to find my tone, I went to bed frustrated and searched online for similar issues and I came across your post from Jan 2019, and I was wondering what happened to you and planned to drop you a message to follow up!

    I also have the 2i4, I thought it was my M-Audio monitors that I'm planning to upgrade but the interface! Who would have thought.....

    Thanks, this is eye opening.

    Upgrading to the 4pre was a HUGE game changer! not just for my kemper but for my sm7b for vocals too .Highly recommend you checking one out dude! \m/

    So hey guys! for the LONGEST time i wasn't at all having fun with my kemper.It was just bumming me out.I tried pretty much everything to NOT hate on it but sadly got no resolve.After trying everything i finally had came to the conclusion that it was my interface.I always knew it was truth be told but i'd not long had it so i was stubborn as a mule about it and flat out refused to replace/ugrade it.After almost a year of sounding like ass i decided an upgrade was essential so i ditched my Focusrite 2i4 and upgraded to the 4pre Clarett.The 2pre clarett doesn't come with SPDIF but the 4pre DOES so i went with the 4pre. OH MY DAYS!!! a whole new world has opened up and my Kemper sounds incredible! all those profiles that sounded like garbage on the 2i4 now sound beautiful through my 4pre.Im SO happy i decided on the upgrade its made a HUGE difference and i just wanted to share my smiles with you guys! \m/ Rock on dudes! i very much recommend the 4pre Clarett by focusrite its killer!

    What Awesome_Elvis said.

    FWIW I was using the 6i6 1st gen for a long time, and I recently switched to an Apollo Twin after it died - Even going through the Apollo XLR channels rather than SPDIF, it still sounds a lot better. It's like someone took a blanket off the speakers.

    Awesome! ive been looking into the Apollo Twin...just a bit scared at the price hahaha heard amazing things its certainly something i will be looking into tho \m/

    Hey Greg!

    I think i became profile blind! i just hit a wall! with SO many profiles to chose from i was getting lost.They probably sound amazing but like i say ive been through so many profiles ive become deaf to the bad-assery and confused of what actually sounds great and how it will sit in a mix.

    Ive took a step back (cleaned up my kemper of the MANY profiles) and had a break and shook my head a bit and went back in with fresh ears and its coming together a lot more and starting to hit that quality spot to where im excited again.

    My go to tone is no longer my go to tone because yes it sounds killer on its own but i realise it belongs nowhere in a mix.Im starting to teach my ears and the whole thought process more about "fitting in the mix" for example a profile may sound like ass on its own but with a bass and drums to compliment it sounds HUGE and cuts like a knife.

    Where as before i would want the writing process done NOW! and rush things im slowing it right down and learning more about EQ'ing even things like setting up my guitar properly and using the correct gauge strings/pics and even looking at my actual playing technique.These little details i would usually not really bother with but are now HUGELY improving everything.

    Its all coming together dude! \m/…helmet-kemper-profile-jam this is a little jam i wrote using the (removed by mod) kemper bundle "TIN FOIL HELMET" Profile on my sevenstring in drop G.Using GGD Modern and massive drums and Eurobass 2.

    The logical way to eliminate the Focusrite for trouble shooting would be to plug the Kemper Main Outs straight into the Studio Mintors. This will remove the interface from the chain completely. If the problem is still there then the problem isn’t the interface. If it goes away then you know the interface is most like the problem but would still need to check there isn’t anything else in the signal path on the computer that could be affecting the sound.

    Thanks dude! i will plug it into my HS7s and see what happens! \m/…m8b-Sw?view_as=subscriber

    if you like the sound coming from the headphone output of the PROFILER chances are that your audio interface is incapable to reproduce the sound coming from the PROFILER accurately. The Focusrite 2i4 is an entry level interface which would explain this. To capture the full sound quality of the PROFILER signal i would suggest that you try some more professional audio interfaces from companies like RME, MOTU, UAudio and Apogee in the 500€ range.

    Ive been lookin to upgrade for some time now maybe its time i take the plundge right? ?

    AdamMassacre1981 , what’s your email? I’m going to send you a few patches, and you can see if you like them any better than what you’ve got.

    To answer your question I failed to yesterday, I doubt it’s anything related to your signal path (interface, DAW, computer). Just make sure you’re gain staging properly and not clipping anything on the way in or out.

    Yeah im not clipping anywhere im starting to think its more so the actual profile...?

    Try to experiment and record the same riff doubletracked and panned (or use Space in the output menu) . Mono close mic sound it's almost always sounds very dry and unpleasant.

    Ive always double tracked sometimes even quad tracked.I think using space will colour the signal slightly...maybe...i will give it a try tho ?

    AdamMassacre1981 , listening on my phone, I don’t think it sounded all that bad. I know feel has a lot to do with it, but on sound alone, I’d give it a B-.

    The strength of the Profiler has everything to do with the strength of the profiles. Have you tried the freebies on the Rig Exchange? Have you tried any third-party vendors? Multiple third-party vendors? I won’t name names (unless prompted), but just because a pack costs good money doesn’t mean it’s plain good.

    And at the end of the day, it’s all a matter of preference. I’ve never felt that ultra-high gain was the Profiler’s strongest suit. I know some would fight me on that. Maybe the Fractal would be be a better match? Or your amps plus the UA OX.

    I find i struggle quite alot with high end distortion on my kemper i purchased the unity mainly for Metal after seeing quite alot of users getting amazing sounds from the unit.I find when in my DAW im forced to use drastic high pass and low pass EQ to the point it doest even resemble the original profile anymore.I will play around with the cab option and figure something may just be the actual profiles just dont work for what im needing.

    please post an example this is an Orange Rockerverb profile.I own an actual Rockerverb 50 and it sounds nothing like this mess.It seems to have this fizz kinda phasey cheap sound.No body no life.Reminds of a 70s kung fu distortion sound if that makes sense? lol almost ALL my profiles have this problem.This is straight into Cubase using my ESP 1007 eclipse through my 2i4.I purposly used single notes to try and show you the dodgy fizzy phasey sound.

    Hey guys!

    Not so much a rant more of me hitting a wall.

    It seams no matter what i do i cant seem to get a great sound from my setup.My Kemper just sounds bad when playing back the recording in my DAW (cubase 5).

    It sounds cheap and*t in all honesty.

    My interface is the focusrite 2i4 my guitars are in the £1000+ range so it certainly aint my guitars but through the kemper they sound like an argos £100 special beginner pack.The kemper bundles are purchased from well known respected artists everything says it should sound great but it just doesnt.Even when i used other software (bias amp etc) they again sounded guff and cheap.

    Could it be my DAW or maybe the USB connection into my PC or even maybe the interface is clashing with the crappy onboard soundcard?...i really have no idea why its messing with me so much...clearly im doing something wrong and have been for a long time.

    My cable situation is guitar into front input of kemper.Cable directly from main left out directly into my 2i4 and interface set to line and kemper out set to master mono.I also record in cubase using a mono track.The Interface USB goes direct into my pc.(windows 10).Ive updated the 2i4 drivers and no change.

    Any advice to fix this would be greatly appreciated.

    Desperate for help because im thinking of just selling it and packing it all in. ??

    Help! X