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    Its a very simple set up i have.I have and xlr coming out the left with the ground button enabled going straight into my 2i4 and my guitar goes direct into the input on the Kemper and my interface goes straight into the USB port on my pc.Ive tried all the other outputs except spdif and it still sounds the same.Its not "bad" but certainly is lacking the quality i hear in the cans.All i i want is the same sound as my headphone sound lol maybe its my pc...i by far a tech wizard im just a guitar player looking to record some jams is all.I tried to upload some pics but "The files are too big".

    Hey guys thanks for the awesome welcome! :D I came across a thread explaining the USB cable that comes with the 2i4 and ALL focusrites devices are bad and are responsible for the shitty quality...could this be the reason my recordings are sounding bad? im curious to know your thoughts. \m/

    So hey guys! So im a NOOB!! just recently purchased a Kemper and have a couple of quick questions.So the little problem i have is such... im playing a profile through my headphones that are plugged directly into the kemper and it sounds INCREDIBLE so i instantly open up my daw and get excited about writing a jam but when the signal goes through my interface (focusrite 2i4) and comes back at me its sounds not AS incredible...kinda downgraded fizzy and well...nothing like what i hear through my headphones that are plugged directly into the kemper.The playback of the recorded guitar also sounds not so good either like its has lost all its body and overall tone.Could it be the interface or maybe my soundcard or something to be honest guys im not sure at all just what is going on truth be told.Any ideas would be ace fellas.

    Rock on! \m/