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    It's not RM that's causing the problem - RM is just making standard requests out to the internet. It's your router, or possibly your ISP. If your router is older, it could be on the verge of failing, or simply unable to keep up with the traffic demands. I'd check that first.

    RM isn't doing anything weird with the network- its straight TCP/IP IIRC.

    I am also planning on testing JamKazam this weekend. One of the things I am also concerned about is UDP packet loss and how the audio quality will diminish as a result

    Me too - but for the purposes of *rehearsing* audio quality isn't as big an issue as distracting, painful, pops and jumps. If I could thunk it down to 22khz or 32khz, I'd probably be fine with it. It doesn't have to go out at DAT quality all the time.

    I could just write my own, but I'm too lazy for that now. :)

    Jamtaba is ninjam based - so it's not real time. We're experimenting with JamKazam but there was significant latency from my singer. We're going to try again later this weekend.

    The very NATURE of the internet though means that there will ALWAYS be latency with virtual rehearsal. For example, where I am right now to the next nearest city - where my office is, actually - a 30 minute drive - has a round trip network latency of around 90-100ms. Well beyond what's comfortable for audio.

    Reducing this latency is the key here.

    just a quick update - something funny with both of the ones I ordered, the remote powers off randomly. I suspect the cable isn't of high enough quality. So don't buy. :D

    I have the PSM300s. Can't recall what band they're in - we're slooooowly upgrading everything. I made mine the first. (lol).
    Get the one with the upgraded pack - not the black plastic one, the metal one with the display.
    It's a VERY solid unit. I've been using mine for a couple of years live (MD plays to tracks and is nearly silent stage, so it's necessary).

    I'd also strongly suggest grabbing a few sets of eneloop pros for it. With the Panasonic rechargeables, I get at least one full 4 set show out of the pack, or two consecutive rehearsals - but you will want a backup.

    . I get it that Windows 7 will be out of support from Microsoft soon

    Windows 7 End Of *Extended* support is January 14. It was End Of Life five years ago. FYI. It's not soon as in 'maybe sometime this year or next',

    While it's still possible to have your toolchain target windows 7, the costs associated with supporting an unsupported operating system do not math. I'm not surprised at all that Win 7 is not supported.

    FWIW, Win 10 is quite stable. I have it running on a tablet and it drives my whole show.

    Really... that's interesting. I routinely send those CC#s to change to the performance, and then slots within over MIDI. Mind you, I'm either using QLAB or my uTrack 24.

    It's a lot easier from a workflow perspective when I'm laying out the backtracks - I set the performance, and then set the slots as needed.

    Is there a technical reason to go the way you mentioned over the CC#s? Is this an Ableton specific thing?

    Lol... Anyone else see the irony of the mis-edited quote in 7string's post up there?

    For anyone who thinks Software Development is easy- I'd love to see what you can do. Hell, assemble a team if you want. Make it even bigger than the Software team at Kemper too.

    Also bring in a product manager, ux designer, qa testing team, release manager in addition to the development team. Then you'll set the product goals & design, write out the epic, create the user stories for the engineering team to execute on. Then, after each sprint they'll review what they've done, and make sure the direction is set properly for the next sprint.

    Finally, as the project nears completion - you'll engage the QA resources to start testing. All while reading some of these frankly childish and toxic posts.

    Lather, rinse, repeat until QA says it's ready to go, then you pass it along to the release manager.

    And that's just the editor. The same thing is happening for the OS update that will pair with it.

    This is a LOT of coordination.

    I find it absolutely laughably entitled that some of you people are complaining about something - no matter how cool it is - will be delivered to you *at no extra charge*. So, the next time those of you who are so inclined to complain about this feel the urge- I want you to do the same within your own field- music - write, produce, record, mix, master and release a song- for free - while your fans bitch about it not being out soon enough. At the same time you're doing this, rewire the studio.

    Give them some slack. This isn't easy.


    I don't mean to hijack this thread,

    But ya did, didntya?

    You really should start a new thread for that. I don't think your points are invalid - they're just quite OT from the Editor, even if this is just chit-chat now.

    Well - as much as I'd love the editor to be out...

    By now, experienced Kemper users have a workflow sorted out for building performances. I do. The editor is candy, not soup.