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    Bought a new remote to go along with my Kemper on November 2nd. It shipped out via DHL on the 4th from Germany, Canada Post's first record is November 5th - "International item mailed in originating country" - and the last update is November 7th - "International item has left originating country and is en route to Canada".

    Since then... nuthin'

    Other Kool Kemper Kanadians- how long did it take to get yours?

    Mine just got pulled off the pedalboard (switched to a kemper rack, wanna keep everything in the rack). For a while it was an 'always on' pedal. No noise that I ever caught, but it was ahead of my atomic which also has a great gate on it. I *might* sell it in a while once I've made the transition to the kemper complete and I know all it's quirks/features.

    It's a good pedal though. Pity about digitech.

    It's a byproduct of gain and amplification. My Atomic would musically feedback. Actually, now that I think about it, so would my 1101, 2120, GSP21 and even my GSP7 would. In some cases, more easily than my marshalls or mesaboogie would - I assume it's because of the compression.

    Now, if it would do it on headphones only... think Freqout... shweet!

    Aha. I see what you're saying:

    To be clear - I'm not using a midi pedal board, I'm using a midi track. And it's already programmed.

    I was trying to keep the idea simplified above. In reality - iIt would have been very handy - for me, to be able to assign
    PC 1 for performance 1, slot 1, and PC 6 for performance 1 slot 2.

    PC 2 for performance 2 slot 1, PC 7 for performance 2 slot 2.

    PC 3 for performance 3 slot 1, PC 8 for performance 3 slot 2.

    PC 4 for performance 4 slot 1, PC 9 for performance 4 slot 2.

    PC 5 for performance 5 slot 1, PC 10 for performance 4 slot 2.

    PC 11 for performance 6 slot 1, PC 16 for performance 6 slot 2.

    PC 12 for performance 7 slot 1, PC 17 for performance 7 slot 2.

    and so on.

    I'm coming from a fully automated Atomic Amplifire 12 rig, and this would have let me get up and running without changing the automation.

    Right now, as it is, I'm redoing all of the automation midi tracks to take better advantage of the Kemper, but I would have been set up and running with it already if I could map midi performances.

    I suppose this will, in the end, be a moot point for me - by the time anything gets implemented I'll be fully indoctrinated into the "Kemper Way", but it would still be a handy feature.

    None the less. Great list. :)

    Hi, actually, given that you can already connect a keyboard to the zkemper, this would just entail code to allow a Bluetooth device (such as a Bluetooth keyboard, or maybe even a foot controller) interface with the Kemper.

    When you say map programme changes, do you mean midi PC? That would be covered under the midi improvements suggestion, but I’ll mention this in the first post. Could you elaborate though? We can already transmit two PC numbers in performance mode.

    re Bluetooth- ah ha. Gotcha.

    re MIDI- Map PCs received, not transmitted.

    Let's say - for argument sake- I had 60 songs in my set list. 60 Performances, in this case.

    It would be amazing - for me - to be able to map each Performance to a specific midi PC. (Personally, I'd set it up as "Song 1, Slot 1 = PC 1, Song 2, Slot 1 = PC 2... Song 60, Slot 1 = 60). That way I could scroll through the set quickly. I'd still want to use CCs to switch between slots.

    Robrecht - I am planning on putting the CC onto the backing tracks - it would just be neat to not have to rock the pedal at gigs where I don't bring the backers.

    Also - I think wah is CC#1... Morph is 11.

    Yes- exactly that. Not a *touch* wah- but an auto wah- it'll sweep a range based on an LFO, which is locked to the tempo.

    You can actually do this with Atomic, it's a very cool effect that I used on a few songs in our performance.

    Thanks a lot everyone. This... was long overdue. To celebrate, I just bought another Mockingbird :)

    Oh god, I have a problem...

    Hi- Just discovered that (and I may be wrong here I'm just learning) that there's no LFO wah on the Kemper. Would be awesome if you could add a tempo-controlled LFO based wah.


    I've been playing for years. Through Marshalls, then a really nice Mesa Boogie Rectoverb 50. I first got into "Modelling" back when the 2120 was current, had a 1101 and most recently an Atomic Amplifire. Out of these, the Mesa was my favourite amp, and the Atomic was my favourite modeller. ... until I got my KPA. :)

    Looking forward to playing with it.

    I've been lurking here for quite a while- lots of great info to be had on this forum. Thank you.