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    Well - as much as I'd love the editor to be out...

    By now, experienced Kemper users have a workflow sorted out for building performances. I do. The editor is candy, not soup.


    It does help.

    Of course I realize that they have internal betas before the public ones. So a RC in Kemper fashion would be first released as a public beta once they decide it, and if everything goes well they would elevate it to a Release version.

    So, in real world out of Kemper offices it means that we are close to a beta release.

    They way I do software releases is like this:

    Alpha: Developer only code. Guaranteed to break. Might even catch fire. Not for public consumption. May or may not be feature complete.

    Beta: Developer and Testing code: May or may not be feature complete, but it's more stable than Alpha. For testing purposes. Not for the general public, although open public betas are possible (Kemper does this with the OS, but I don't think they do it with Rig Manager)

    Release Candidate: Testing code. This is the version that will go to the quality assurance team. It is feature complete, code reviewed and typically an indication that the product is ready for release, but additional testing is warranted. For big projects (developer tools, operating systems etc) this is released to partners and developers- but the general public is often not involved in RCs.

    Kemper may do things differently though.

    The fact that GString has called this a RC is very very good news. It tells me three things:

    (1) They're being incredibly diligent with what will become mission critical software. I truly appreciate this.
    (2) They've completed the herculean task of building the editor and are happy with the result.
    (3) They're very close to being finished.

    I'm following this thread because it's incredibly funny now. Kemper users are a better sort than some of their competition's customers, but there's a level of entitlement in this thread that entertains me. Those who don't develop software often grossly underestimate the time, effort, energy and skill it takes to do so. It's not easy - and the Kemper's software is complex.

    we are running test. i cannot predict the future, so i cannot know what we will find next. I thought the word "release candidate" give you a good indication of what state the product is in. when i'd read this, I'd think "that's good news". but if you want to know if it's 2 weeks or 4 weeks - the answer is simple: i could only guess and that does't help anybody.


    You can 100% tell the software engineers from other profession by reading the replies, eh? Thanks for the update. This is very good news.

    Maybe a RC means something to the many software developers that use the forum. But for the rest of us it doesn't mean much. We are only used to the typical beta versions that you release. But we are not aware of the internal process you have before they really get released.

    Anyway, what I get from your message is that we still are weeks away from a beta.

    Thanks for the update.


    A RC - Release Candidate - is a bit beyond beta. It's the step software takes between beta and production. Typically, it's a code complete version of the product that's gone for rigorous internal testing. It is not uncommon for software to go through multiple release candidate versions - but as the name implies, it's so close to ready that they have a version they're considering releasing.

    It means the project is feature / code complete. The developers are happy with it. The product manager is happy with it. It's just being vetted.

    Does that help?

    round and round and round we go.

    it's amazing to me that people will make the same posts that 30 others have already made.

    What's probably ironic is that even this post has likely been made bef...

    oh. sorry.

    See, that's some good feedback there everyone. I ditched ALL of my pedals - even the ones I thought I'd keep to fill voids - including my wah and my talk box - because I can get the tones I need out of the Kemper.

    Now there's something I've been thinking about - a synth pedal and perhaps an outboard looper - we don't have a keyboard player, but I'm not quite in need of these yet.

    Patience! You don't need to need to need to need an editor.

    I don't want to go off topic, but there are a lot of 'utility' type of stuff (USB/Midi communication, graphics, animations) either API based or with a good development detail can be done with a GNU/Public license getting away from all the legal mess. Of course the core stuff will never be released, but it's on a Motorola DSP and we are talking about a Windows/MAC OS application. Some of the midi implementation is already done with ToastMe.

    That's really not how it works though. They would already be using an established library for ui primitives, midi, usb comms. They're not writing these things from scratch. And for their purposes, GPL could be a bad idea. (There are other open source licenses that better support corporate/for-profit development - Apache, MIT).

    So that leaves, effectively, the streaming and encoding/decoding of control & configuration data to/from the Kemper over USB- and if I were they, I wouldn't want that information public.

    Finally, speaking from experience- ramping up any new developers has a negative effect of productivity for at least the first two months- depending on the complexity. It's too late for that now.

    Let them do their thing. They came up with this device to begin with. They're talented, and they know what they're doing.

    I don't see an October deadline. I see G String telling us "it's close, be patient, we want it to be right".

    I'm following this thread because I'm quite eager for the editor - among other things - but as I read some of the more critical posts it's clear to me that there are many who don't understand the SDLC and what actually goes into running a project like this.

    Be patient everyone. Please.

    the Stage was never previously announced. If anything could have waited, it was the Stage. Obviously internally they have their own reasons for its release, but I don't understand the logic with all the software and hardware problems that keep creeping up. It's the one thing people did not have expectations for.

    Reason #1- they can sell the stage, and those sales fund the development of new features. Without products like the Stage, there would be no RM3.