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    I'm well aware of the fact that the payroll account gets filled by the S&M guys. Wait, that didn't come out right..

    Yes it did. It came out exactly right. Admit it.

    I always give *certain* companies a wide berth when it comes to feature development, especially when those features are 'free additions' to a product I already own. What I really don't want happening is a cut-rate rig manager to come out and make my experience *less* enjoyable. Personally, I'd love to have the new version out now, but TAKE AS MUCH TIME AS YOU NEED.

    In the world of Business Development, Sales and Marketing - it's the developers who are wearing the rubber zipper mask. It's their fault it's late, it's their fault it's untested, it's their fault it doesn't work, and it's never their fault when they sell a million units.


    Editor, well, where are you)) ???? I just play and score already on Settings))) since I’m tired of flipping manually

    ... google translated for the non russians.

    the simple truth of software development is, that things can change at any time. The underlying issue, in many cases, is, that the more an application comes to completion, the better you can test it. In this case, the current state is, that all features have been implemented and we keep running into little things we were not able to see before. From what I've experienced over the years, this is very normal in software development.

    Am a software eng. This 100% normal, 100% expected, 100% acceptable. 100% desired.

    Nothing scares me more than not finding any bugs. It means your testing is flawed.

    Thanks G. Keep up the good work team.

    Just a naive question : would it really be expensive ? I mean ADC and DAC hardware are already in the box, there's no need for an extra one. In principle they would just have to write the bits (sound is transfered in its digital form trough USB, right?) at a sufficient speed on the USB port, no? Isn't it more something like "the USB hardware they put has some speed limitation, so it's impossible to write at the right speed" ?

    ADC and DAC hardware is already in the box- but it may not be in *any* way connected to the usb. It controls the DSP, but none of the data (audio) gets anywhere near the control circuitry.

    I suspect this is why program changes happen faster than the display updates - they have a different priority - and run on a different processor.

    Anyway, I don't have any inside knowledge here, I'm just making guesses.

    If it was easy, it would have been done already.

    Well, most Kemper users have a good audio interface already.

    Now, I say this with no direct knowledge of how the Kemper is designed- but I would guess that the USB port on the Kemper isn't actually directly connected to the DSP. It's part of the controller. So it is likely not possible without a hardware change.

    Geez Alan, you're not very kind to your friends, eh?

    Chiming in here - when I put a performance together, I'm looking for AMP TONES. Not effects. I add the effects after to taste. I honestly don't want to have the effects in the profile at all- because I'm just gonna change them anyway.

    Now, if we're talking about being able to save effect settings to the cloud, that's different. I'd be intrigued by that - but not if it's attached to a profile. Nosiree.


    It's silly to sell the amp because you can't unzip a file. I understand it can be frustrating if you're a luddite.

    Let's start from the top.

    (1) What version of Windows are you using?

    (2) You must have once had winzip installed otherwise it wouldn't be prompting you.

    If you're on Windows 10:

    Right-click on start button, settings, apps, default apps, choose default apps by file type, scroll down to .zip file type, click on it then click on "windows" as the default app for opening .zip files

    You should be able to right-click the zip file you've downloaded and select open with... Obviously don't choose winzip.

    Even if this was a good idea - and I'm not saying it isn't - I don't see how it would ever end up on the product roadmap.

    Let's explore why:


    Kemper would be a small team of engineers. I'm guessing under a dozen. Probably less than half of that.

    Prioritization of work in a development shop - especially one as specialized as this one - is of utmost importance.

    Onboarding new staff is expensive - even more so when the engineer doesn't work out.

    So the development overhead for a device like this is high. Cleaning up the code and documenting the spec would be an expensive task to undertake.


    As a developer, if I had the ethernet spec for the remote (I'm too lazy to sniff it), I'd be building my own remote. Probably with more features (Blackjack an Hookers). As an entrepreneur, I'd want to sell it. Why would Kemper want to introduce competition where there is none?

    Test coherence:

    Whenever a Kemper's developers merge to their repo, it's probable that a suite of unit tests fires to ensure all of the functionality that's present works as expected. It's much easier to do this if you control communication end - to - end. As soon as you introduce a third party component - such as an ethernet plugin or third party device - this becomes significantly more difficult. I'd hate to have to write the unit tests for this.

    Product Roadmap:

    What would we rather have the engineers work on - documenting (and subsequently enhancing) a feature 0.1% of the user base would take advantage of... or work on new effects and editing functionality that 90% of the user base would use?

    I have no inside knowledge, just well versed in the realities of a continuous development cycle.