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    X32 Rack. I'm running *main outs* to the S8. My monitor outs are unused for live stuff - but I have a usb hub and a usb sound card *in the rack* so if I need to track anything I just plug my usb in and I'm done.

    Top to bottom:

    Kemper - the patch panel below it is custom - it has a USB pass through to the hub (which then has the Kemper a sound card and a Roland UM - ONE midi dongle attached. Next to the USB pass through are the midi in, out and thru. Next to MIDI are the main outs L & R. Next to that is an ethercon jack for the remote, and then finally is a jumper between my wireless (mounted in the back of the rack) and the input. (I find the alt input too noisy for my tastes).

    Below that - power, our MOTU Midi time piece (which drives my Kemper changes via MIDI, and will soon also drive the lights once I get around to it). Below that: Wireless mic (receiver), 2x IEM transmitter (for me and our bass player). Both of these are in stereo, and connected via a snake to the lower rack).

    In the bottom rack - 16 channels of splits by way of 2x ART S8s, a 1/4" patch bay (which is labeled for the tracks but we've changed the routing on the X32 so I don't need those any more) and then our IEM out puts.

    On the back of the big rack - 2x 16 channels of XLR (P16) patches - one set are the S8 outs for FOH mapped 1:1. I give the FOH the directs - and keep the transformer isolated side for myself. (unless I need phantom power for the overheads and I just rewire those two channels)

    , the other set covers our PA outs - FOH, Monitors (2 pairs), Tracks out (For when we don't do a full mix ourselves), and the drummer's IEMs (he's wired).

    I run the Kemper in stereo - XLR. Works amazing. We also run stereo IEMs.

    I got mine from the Kemper store. Took a little while to ship (but not Kemper's fault), but they had them in stock and it went out right away. I can't see myself selling it w/o selling the Kemper too.

    On that note, can't really see me selling the Kemper at all. :)

    When you’ve got nothing, what’s to lose?

    Initiative and not taking nothing for an answer? Worth quite a lot.

    The fine line between 'asset' and 'pain in the ass' I guess...

    Am hiring manager- this would move my file directly to the blue bin under my desk - especially for the role of social media manager... but, then again I don't work at Kemper. Maybe they like that- who am I to say?

    lol. I'm sure posting about their lack of response to your social media manager application and calling them unprofessional on their forum will get you exactly the response you're expecting.

    Good luck with that.

    From a business perspective - *not* releasing an UnProfiler model - especially if it's cheaper - is smart.

    See, every profiler can profile amps. This is why there are nearly 16,000 amps in rig manager - with probably thousands and thousands more for commercial sale.

    This means that every user can contribute to the marketplace. This is what makes the product 'sticky' - every user can become a profile guru if they want. In the early days of Kemper, they could very easily have marketed it as a 'modeller' - release it with 6-10 amp models (like the others did/do) and then add to the 'model' base over time themselves. The technology makes this very easy- and it would still have been pretty impressive. But... by allowing users to add their own profiles and providing a rig marketplace to share them- then the possibilities are literally endless.

    How many models does a fractal have? 200? Helix? Atomic? They're all limited to the amount of time the company can spend developing the models.

    Even if Fractal bought Studio Devil, and then Line 6 bought Fractal, they'd still be at 1/10th of the number of amps currently available to Kemper users *today* - and it just keeps growing.

    Kemper put the creation of amps in the hands of the users. This was *smart*. It allowed the Kemper Community to grow the functionality of the device stratospherically.

    A cheaper Kemper-lite would mess up the mix. IMHO.

    I currently have a Mimiq Doubler pedal running through my effects loop. It’s all working exactly as it should. But I’m finding that I really like the sound of it in my in-ears but not so much through the mains. So what I’m wondering is, is there a way for me to be able to ONLY have this effect in my ears and not through the fronts?

    No. Well, yes. But no.

    The only way I can think of to do this is to have the mimiq between your Kemper and your ears. Not in the loop.

    1) - that's on you. You'll have the same problem with ANY modeller or the Kemper. Wanna have some REAL fun? Dive into impulse responses. That's a bottomless pit of despair all it's own.

    2) Ugh- this comes up every so often. Look, there's new firmware coming this summer - 6.0 was just released to beta. 7.0 sometime while the sun shines warm. New Rig Manager too. Kemper Kone is coming as well. The profiler has SO much life left in it. The big difference here is this: Fractal, Line 6, Atomic have to release firmware to introduce new amps. Kemper does not. There are at present over 15,000 amps profiled just in rig exchange alone. Find the ones you like and go from there. See point 1.

    How's this- the most coveted tube amps have been LONG out of production, and the Kemper can profile them accurately. So what if Kemper releases K2 one, two or three years from now? It doesn't immediately invalidate your profiler. It's still an amazing piece of kit.

    3) I play live- and record. I went with the unpowered. Live I go straight to the FOH. In the studio, straight to the board. I do have an FRFR cab that I can use if I want to- and I've used it exactly ONCE - and that's only because I was doing work on our mixer rack. If you're a bedroom player, skip the powered and go for the 'naturally aspirated' model.

    4) see point 3. And dude- headphones. over ear, closed back for studio work.

    5) Only you can answer this question. Just like how only I can tell you if my Kemper is worth it to ME. So- with ME- I still have my mesa boogie, but it hasn't been powered on in ages. I don't even feel the need to profile it.

    If you're looking to justify the purchase: Yes. Totally worth it.
    If you're trying to be talked out of it: Yes. Totally worth it.

    But that's just me. Your mileage will vary.

    I use a gator (long) 4U. I made a patch panel for the front, so everything connects through there. In the back, I have power, my wireless, and a small USB hub with midi (that I plug into the front patch panel) and an audio interface (connected to monitor outs) in case I need/want to track something quickly.

    I was thinking of bumping it up to a 6U so that my remote will fit in it, but I have a separate case for that anyway so...

    That can be a hint to the problem. The DMX board expected a midi note. What ist the difference between a midi note and a midi program change?

    A Note is... well, a musical note. C3 for example.
    A program change tells the device to change sounds- from piano to heavy metal tuba, for example.

    A control change alters a parameter within that sound+note - usually. Volume or Sustain, for example.

    So if the DMX board is expecting a midi note- which the Kemper can't send - then that's the root of the problem. The Kemper can only send out program changes (and maybe control changes, I'd have to check)

    Can I have your Kemper then? I can send you an axe. Might need to sharpen it. To save on shipping I can remove the handle.

    Yes- you should be able to connect the via a 'thru' option.

    That said - I *don't* do this. In the rack I have an MTP AV that serves as a midi merger/distributor- so every automated device on our midi network gets it's own port. This way cable failures are isolated to their devices. (Ie,if the cable to the first Kemper fails the second will still switch). It's just piece of mind redundancy I picked up from my lighting days.