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    from the Kemper store bag product page:…49/bag-profiler-head?c=10


    • Abmessungen: 44 x 25 x 27 cm

    it´s sold as a bag for the profiler head, not as a bag for everything you need to carry around...


    Yet another page, yet another site ...


    Product information "Bag PROFILER™ Head"

    This soft case is a secure transport solution for a PROFILER™ Head and PROFILER PowerHead™. Several additional pouches offer loads of room for additional accessories.


    And again these are the dimensions of the bag not the pocket...

    But thank you to all of you I think I have quite a clear answer now

    check this :

    kemper bag and remote

    It looks like it is possible. I was so much focused on that front pocket that I didn't even realize it could be possible.

    Doesn't mean suitable... I mean putting the remote on top of the profiler with no protection at all between them is far from what I call "made for".

    But thank you, as even it looks much more like a workaround, there is at least a workaround. I'm always impressed there is a youtube video for everything you wonder...

    Thats not right,

    all dimensions are on the Website and the Remote sits on Top of the Kemper

    not in the Bag on the Frontside

    Please check all Details before posting this

    Which website ? Neither Thomann (link in in my post) nor the Kemper product page mention anything about the pocket dimensions... But maybe I missed your blog ?

    Now regarding your suggestion of stacking them, same answer as above. What you mention is a workaround not a feature.

    My wife bought me the Kemper transport bag for Xmas which on top of being horribly expensive compared to others cannot even be used to transport the Kemper remote !!!

    Everything in the pictures is made to lure you that it actually could (how the the front pocket is shown). Even on the Thomann profile for the bag, there is no mention of any dimension which is not the case for other providers, emphasizing the obvious will to trick people.

    So I will immediately return it, and for about half of the price, I will buy the Thomann head bag + the Gator effect bag. I am always loyal until you try to trick me, then I'm sorry but regaining my trust will be a long running story...

    Apart from the "infamous" Flash virus, which required that you grant it permissions and run in order to infiltrate your system, and that Apple quickly patched, I know of nobody who's experienced a Virus on Mac. Norton continued to insist that you should run its malware guards, but I know of nobody who's done so.

    Ah ah, my idea was not to resume the OS war, because I don't care anymore about that for quite a while now... People use their favorite OS , be it "insert coin to continue" (MacOS), "believe me we are professional" (Windows) or "take my data and run" (ChromeOS). That's their choice... My primary goal in running Linux for more than 20 years on all my machines personal or pro is to know what they are doing, ensure stability, privacy and fight against scheduled obsolescence. I understand this is not a priority for most people...

    So, I'm very sorry you didn't get the joke... To clarify, my sentence meant "Windows and MacOS ARE the viruses", no need to have any third party virus, they come fully loaded;-).

    I'm using Rig Manager in a Windows 10 VM using VirtualBox and it works perfectly. The only thing you need to understand is the USB setup to ensure the VM will correctly see when the Kemper is connected.

    1. Install VirtualBox if not already done for your distro.
    2. Download latest MS Win 10 iso.
    3. Install Windows 10 as a guest OS. If you have courage enough to dig into the config mess, stop all stupid useless services...
    4. Install VirtualBox Guest Additions (You can do that from within VirtualBox). It will ease interaction with your host (clipboard, mouse and keyboard capture, desktop dynamic resize...).
    5. Download and install Oracle VirtualBox Extension Pack. It will enable usage of USB 2 and 3 from within VMs. This is basically the crucial step!
    6. Download and install Rig Manager in the VM.

    Once everything is setup starting and stopping the VM takes seconds. Everything works, communication with the Kemper, rig preview, connection to Rig Exchange...

    Of course I nevertheless vote for a native version of Rig Manager for Linux.

    VMs are a pain in the ass in terms of resource consumption, even if for the daily work it does the job and in our case it saves the day. I am using Linux both personally and professionally for years, and there is nothing running a proprietary OS on any of my machines for at least the last 20 years. Running a software as simple a Rig Manager in a MS VM (after all it's only a librarian type software... no tricky video access or big or strange architecture...) can only be a workaround. I have been able to kick out my life those viruses that are Windows or MacOS and voilà, it sneakily comes back for the stupid reason of a proprietary USB driver... This is highly unsatisfactory.

    Mr Kemper, please open source Rig Manager or at least the USB driver. They are freebies and should not disclose any of your IP regarding the Kemper itself. Do it now !