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    Hellu !

    To my ears that "clean sound" sounds a bit distorted

    and the following echo is an exact copy of that sound ,

    with just a little bit lower volume of course ......:/

    Clean sense setting ? Hot pups ? Low action , buzzy frets ? :/

    Cheers !

    Have you tried to unplug "everything" and then put it together

    one piece at the time in different order to determine witch

    item starts the noice ? :/

    And keep at least one item (KPA) grounded all the time !

    Safety first ! =O

    Cheers !

    Does it disappear if you unplug your guitar ?

    Is your mouse wireless ?

    I don´t think it´s a ground loop issue ( hum @ approx 50 - 60 Hz and @ 100 - 120 Hz )

    more likely some electrical interference from ( mouse ? ) VGA screen, computer PSU,

    dimmers , WIFI or whatever electric gadgets surrounding your workplace .... :/

    Cheers !

    Halley halley ..

    I guess you mean "output" ??? :/

    Does that ticking appear if you have your gear in

    another room or in another house ?

    If it´s OK from other outputs and headphones it

    might be something with the power amp .....

    Too close to other electric equipment ?

    Computer, VGA screen , WiFi .....

    Cheers !

    Well , let´s say it´s "a freedom of choice" .....

    If I want 8 copies of a rig with the same name,

    it´s up to me , not Kemper 8o

    Imagine if it was like "Copy 1" "Copy 2" "Copy 3"

    by default and no way to change it :wacko:

    Cheers !

    Yeah , a bit confusing, to say the least :wacko:

    But there´s a "date and time print" to the new savings , right ?

    Don´t know where to find them in the KPA though .....

    Maybe in Rig manager .... Haven´t checked :/

    I always add a " .1 " Or "Mod." ( Modified ) to a altered rig

    when "Save as" ....

    But not when it´s only volume related ....... :)

    Cheers !

    Good evening .

    Mogami is good but expensive :/

    HOSA is good too and half the price :)

    I have used many different brands in my P.A. profession

    back in the days and most of the cables does a good job

    as long as you treat them well , but don´t buy the cheapest

    ones from China ..... :P

    And with balanced XLR there´s almost no risk of hum and

    other noice ........

    Cheers !

    Hello .

    Does the "white noice" get stronger when increasing the output master volume from Kemper ?

    If not , keep it at a high volume and use lower gain / PAD at mixer / DAW input ...

    If the noice is a "fizzy" high Hz , use a low pass filter in the mixer / DAW .... Cut @ approx 9 - 10 kHz

    Turn down or off any compressors ....

    That´s what I can think of right now .... Hope it helps :/

    Cheers !

    From the Kemper Manual :

    Use the STORE button, on the left side of the display, to save any changes you have made to a module, Rig, Slot, preset, or Performance. Store allows you to save changes to the permanent memory.

    Pressing Store in Browser Mode will offer you three different options via the soft buttons: Replacewill overwrite the currently selected Rig with the new version while keeping the original name, Store aswill save the Rig under a new name and won't delete the original Rig. Renamewill allow you to change the name of the current Rig.

    If you press the STORE button with a module or section in focus, you have the option to either save a preset of that specific module or section, or to save the entire Rig. If you decide to store a preset you will have the same options to “Replace, “Store as, or “Rename.

    Cheers !

    Maybe you have to "Store" the changes in the KPA , not in the computer ?? :/

    I don´t have the latest OS or RigManager / Editor so I´m not sure how to

    do it , but if you do your changes on the KPA and press "Store" it works

    without problems :)