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    Ok changing slots using Kemper remote does not revert changes, however changing whole performance does the job which seems to be counterproductive

    There’s no other way telling kpa to drop all changes ? On a gig that would be problematic to switch performance to revert change in given slot..


    Is it possible that when in performance mode while having my slot saved and later turning browse knob to experiment with other rig, my slot is changed permanently without hitting store button ?

    I hoped I can go back and forth to other slots and have my changes reverted to last stored state but it appears that it’s not the case, my slot was updated by turning browse knob and totally overwritten

    Do I misunderstood the concept of perf mode ?


    I got blueamps junior frfr and use it with kpa.

    I général all profiles even those from MBritt are way too muffled like way too less trebles/presence.

    I also have to do mods to cabinet settings to make nice stratty glass sound

    Anyone had this issue with default profiles ?

    Seems like almost all are affected

    Any changes are stored in local memory until you switch to a different performance. Note that this is still true for switching the unit off and on again. Switching performances forth and back will restore the stored settings and slots.

    I see, using the rig buttons (up and down) right ?

    So when i do lots of changes on my favourite performance rig, but then i will not switch to other performance, but rather turn the device off, after i turn it back on, my current performance will be modified ? i think this is what's happening right now, i change lots of stuff in my performance, turned of device when i finished playing, and next day after turning it on, my performance had all last modifications, without way to restore to last time i used 'store' button. switching to another performances didn't help.



    Imagine scenario where i experiment, i edit 4 effects, try dozens of different settings, switching to other effects etc.

    When im done and i think its a crap, i dont feel like pushing 'undo' button 80 times. i just want kemper to revert my current rig to its original, last-saved state, simple as that.

    would that be possible somehow ?

    Thank you for your response, i really appreciate that.

    during my practice/experiment time i deal always with kemper buttons directly on the device, then without remote controller, there's no easy way going back to original preset as it stored last time ?

    i also have impression, that even without pushing 'store' button, my changes are saved, even after device was turned off and turned on again next day.

    am i doing sth wrong here ?


    cannot find one thing in manual.

    lets say im in performance mode and i have rig i like.

    after some time i made many changes, experimenting, but at the end i want to discard all and quickly get back to my profile as its stored.

    doing undo button is way to complicated, is there any function where i can restore my rig to original settings ?


    i wonder if this is possible.

    i have very small cab which shurely does not match 600W of power from kemper.

    is there a way so those those may work safely both for amp and cab ? or should i always connect big cabinet which matches kemper power..

    any settings in kemper to limit the output power or sth ?

    what happens if by accident i crank up the main volume on kemper over this small cabinet ? seems dangerous.

    I have a toaster the version powerhead .

    In general have two problems.

    1. My frfr speaker is connected to direct out/monitor outputs mapped to master left/right. When I turn on the device I hear the popping sounds from the speaker until it’s fully booted then it stops.

    2. The same configuration but power amp turned off in output settings, when booted, when I crank up the volume level of my cabinet to 40% or more, I hear popping sounds very regular around 1hz. Even without playing anything. Problem disappears when I turn on power amplifier in the output settings

    Any ideas ?

    my connections with stereo frfr speaker…vjiu/connections.JPG?dl=0

    kemper startup and popping sound demonstration…during-operation.MOV?dl=0

    turning power amp on in settings may solve the problem, but not during kemper boot time…f-solves-popping.MOV?dl=0

    When i connect to main outs, there's no problem as far as i tested it.

    Also when i connect only one signal (wheter monitor or directout) then problem also is not here.

    so main issue is when having both outs (monitor & directout) connected to frfr speaker.

    Thank you