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    I'm experiencing a whole new type of GAS now.

    I want ALL the profiles. The rig exchange has some real gems, but the commercial profiles I've bought so far are really something else. I also bought Cililab's 5:25 pack and it's just awesome. I can't believe this little toaster is producing these sounds.

    Only pain is that I can only upload 999 profiles into my Kemper ;)

    Hi guys!

    Just got my Kemper last week. I'm completely blown away by the sounds this thing is throwing at me.

    I have had experience with digital amps before. I've had:

    - Yamaha DG1000

    - Yamaha DG130HA

    - Line 6 Flextone II XL

    - Hughes & Kettner Zenamp

    All of which are pretty decent, especially the Yamaha's and H&K.

    Then I made the big switch to tube amps. Have had Peaveys, Rectifiers, and finally settled for a Boogie Mark III red stripe and green stripe. Still have them.

    Last year my baby boy was born. And he doesn't quite like me blasting through the Boogies at 9pm ;)

    So I decided I needed something I can play with headphones or through a cab with very low volume, and chose Kemper.

    Guys, I have to admit I'm kinda overwhelmed by all the possibilities. I don't really quite know yet which user profiles I like and don't like.

    I'm gonna take advantage of the Black Friday sales and buying these:

    - Choptones Bogie 2C+

    - Top Jimi Brown sound

    - Mattfig BE100

    - Cililab Bogy Mk IV

    That should give me a good start right guys? I'm playing mostly hard rock / thrash metal (no downtuning stuff), but I do like the occasional Van Halen and Extreme, but also Pink Floyd and Zeppelin.

    Anyways, I'm really happy with my Kemper but I still need to get to know all the ins & outs. This forum has already been a great source of information!

    See ya around!