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    To adapt the thread further. I also had the idea of routing especially EQs only to a certain output. This due usage of several outputs simultaneously.

    Reason: The EQ is not necessary when I use a Kemper Cabinet but important for FRFR. At least for the sounds I use. The EQ in a stomp is different compared to the basic Bass, Mid, Treble and Presence Option.

    So it should be possible to assign those stomps to a certain output. Currently e.g. it is possible to route the signal in wet and dry to certain outputs but not certain stomps. For me an assignment of the EQ would be sufficient.

    Or is there an existing feature I didn’t find out yet?

    As my wife always says “there is anything but timing” to my playing I think I can cope with everything that comes closer to the rhythm section than myself...

    Apart from that I could imagine that the beat scanner of yours could do the trick: e.g. if you assign the effect to a certain stomp you press down the button on the remote to activate the “killswitch-effect” while you are playing a certain pattern (the effect tracks the bpm). Once you let loose the button the effect will be activated. Maybe this could work?

    I have the same problem with the looper that has the same feature and sometimes I am getting it on the point on the next situation I don’t...

    Another possibility would be if the “speed” of the effect could be assigned to an expression pedal?

    Third possibility could be the tap tempo button (mute will be activated once tap tempo is pressed). But that might require a kind of “bar logic” within the Kemper. I remember there were some Kemper users wanting that feature for the looper.

    Just some quick thoughts.

    P.S. Do not really remember that I ever had problems with my Rocktron effect unit (apart from the sound quality).

    Thanks for the interest and impulse.

    Good Morning,

    Thx for the tipps. I am not getting it to a “stutter”-/killswitch-effect. It reduces the volume a bit - yes but way to softly.

    As with many other effects you can also assign bpm. So it would be great to get a killswitch-effect that is time based. I think it is nothing more than a little change of a panning effect. Instead of shifting the sound from left out to right out it should be just mono with volume to zero. Maybe I explained it not clear enough.


    I remember that my old Replifex had an amazing kind of „Killswitch“-Sound that was like an extreme „Tremolo“ - with totally muting the sound. With the Kemper-„Tremolo“ there is no such volume option. “

    I would love to have such a simple effect again that can create this Killswitch/Stutter-Effect - especially for distortion sounds.

    Hiya. I know about these but for me the “Bass”, “Middle”, ... never worked for any profile. HPF/LPF might work although my live profile uses an EQ by Tonejunkie that only seems to work for my BlueAmps FRFR but not for our PA...sounds lightyears different. Another user wrote that in his opinion best is to provide unaltered signal to FOH. This could only work if I am able to route my EQ in a certain stomp only to the Monitor Out but not the Main Out. This as well for certain reverbs/delays that work for a monitor but not necessarily for a PA in bigger rooms. It is another way than Kemper achieved so far but for me it would be great if there would be a routing like this.

    Due to different behavior of speakers (PA vs. Guitar Cabs vs. FRFR) profiles sound somehow different. Therefore it should be possible to route especially the eqs (Studio, ...) in the signal chain to certain outputs. So it is possible to provide eg. the FOH-engineer an unaltered signal of the profile whilst the personal monitor can be attached to a dedicated eq.

    So the Kemper can be used in three modes on parallel: Signal chain as programmed but without eq (or certain effects like Reverb), Imprint on monitor out or as an alternative signal chain with eq matching the sound of the guitar cabinet or FRFR.

    I have the same problem. Additionally I have/had problems with the „filter-option“ in Browse-Mode. Sometimes an author e.g. was skipped when pressing up-/down-button.
    Since last week I use the „type-wheel“ in Performance-Mode. With this „trick“ I can exactly select the performance I want to use. No skipping anymore. Anyway would be good if it could be solved.

    Generally no prob with the remote at all (maybe because I have to choose the rig I want to use manually).

    As I do love the extraordinary features of the remote over any other controller I ever owned I would like to control basic features Of the KPA via the remote as is possible with performances. This would be:

    - Select input and or output setting after changing guitar (especially but not limited to EQs)

    - Select location of the looper (input or output)

    - New feature: Activate/deactivate standardized stomp settings For the „effect buttons: e.g. No.1 might be I = Booster, II = EQ, ..., IV = Phaser; No.2 might be I = Wah, II = Phaser, III = ...).

    - Change view of the Remote especially in performance mode as is currently only available in the Menue of the KPA


    So far, so good and what else for a great gig ...

    Hallo, habe dasselbe Problem. Ich habe auch den Eindruck, dass es stabiler geworden ist, aber letztlich kommt es immer wieder vor, dass eine Performance übersprungen wird. Beim "Durchblättern" der Rigs habe ich gar keine Probleme oder bei anderen Schalthandlungen am KPA. Es ist ausschließlich auf Performances begrenzt.

    Hat jemand noch einen Lösungsansatz?