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    so what went into everyone's decision on buying either the toaster or the rack unit? Is it because the rack unit is newer and wasn't available at one time? I feel the rack version will be a little better just for portability and to protect it.

    Wow you guys are awesome! I do appreciate all the information. I know I probably could have done a lot more research but these answers just got me into the Kemper field way quicker than me trying to figure it out all myself. I'm still torn on the powered verse non-powered. I do have a really nice tube Power Amp that I like and I'll be using this Kemper almost exclusively live. That being said I like to go Direct. Most likely I wont even have that power amp with me if ever the emergency situation arose so there that is the plus to buy in the powered version. I suppose I could put that in a rack with my fractal as my backup rig it's something were to go wrong. That way I would always have it. My setup with my fractal standard is very basic. I only use a midi moose foot controller to cycle through patches. It will be nice to buy the Kemper pedalboard so I can add in things to taste on the fly to each patch. Be nice to be able to tap tempo a delay as well.

    This is the kind of stuff I was looking for. With fractal there have been many versions to where it stands now. Is Kemper the same way? If I were to buy used one are there earlier versions I should stay away from?

    So just to show how far back in time in the profile/modeling era I am in I still use a 1st Gen Fractal Standard. Still sounds great. I have always liked a simple setup however lately I have been wanting to upgrade. My first thought was a new Fractal III or used II XL. But I am very interested in the Kemper. I don't really have any amps to profile anymore. The Fractal allowed me to sell them. I hate carrying cabs out lol. So since I am now leaning towards the Kemper which one should I get? Powered or not? I still own a Peavey 50/50 tube power amp that I really like. Im thinking the powered version might be a waste. I don't do the studio thing and always run direct. I am guessing the Kemper will sound great that way vs a power amp and cab? I have heard the Fractal does the heavier tones better but I'm not sure I buy that. I really likes M. Britts profiles but who else does really good heavy profiles. 5150, Splawn, Deizel. Thanks