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    Ugh knew this would happen. Specifically made a topic a long time ago "Please accommodate older OS X versions".

    Waiting so long for something like this and being gated off from it purely because you never fixed something that wasn't broken. Surely they know that audio people are conservative with updating due to compatability and things breaking and new software generally just straight up bogging down machines performance-wise especially on older machines. I appreciate it is still in beta though. Although somehow now I just can't see the editor supporting older OS X versions. Depressing.

    Doesn't everyone think they're right? I mean, you clearly think you're right, hence you voiced your opinion. Doesn't mean you can't have a rational discussion about those differences. But I should thank you since I can do away with my therapist now that I've found someone who can completely diagnose the person I am based upon a forum comment.

    MementoMori just don't bite pal. I don't know how he gets away with some of the stuff he comes out with.

    Wouldn't mind a metronome for looping purposes. It already sounds a bit odd, depending wether its pre or post the volume of the loop either jumps sky high or sags down like it got hit with a compressor. Footswitch tap tempo, might make it a bit more attractive.

    DonPetersen i find that debatable. Anything prefaced with I'm not being rude as a get out jail free card to say what they want doesn't ride with me. If you read the first line of his initial comment you'd really see who was being rude/borderline insulting.

    "Its easy to put just a little touch of reverb . I can't believe you cannot do that????????"

    Id like to think I'm a good chap and I'll bounce off whoever I'm talking to and respond appropriately, as I say I had some really helpful suggestions from people, but appreciate I won't be patronised because I've made a few less posts on a forum, and I'll admit that in retrospect my response wasn't in the best taste but he really was not trying to be helpful, (at least I hope not with that) because if he was his comment would have been similar to the others. So there needs to be some accountability on his part too. Having this back and forth isn't really a good use of anyone's time and im a lurker that only speaks when I have something to say so take this as an apology DennisJ but do also take the time to articulate yourself to people in the appropriate way. Thanks all.

    Wow seems like running the kemper out stereo into my interface woke the whole thing up, it definitely adds the wow factor to the reverbs, the aftermath and the cave preset with a bit of tweaking are exactly what I wanted. Thanks for the ideas guys.

    DennisJ no more rude than telling me to turn the reverb knob slowly up or down. I was after real technical parameter suggestions etc.

    DennisJ if it's as simple as turning it up or down for you then I imagine your sounds leave a lot to be desired, but if you get instant satisfaction then more power to you.

    DonPetersen ive thought about coming out of the kemper stereo because prospectively the plugins might in fact be mono>stereo instances as you say and that might give it the wow factor. MuddySludge Knocking the pre-delay up has helped in the past, especially when fingerpicking to help the core note cut through when drowned in reverb.

    I have dialled back the pick to see how that made it sit, maybe it's just a case of coming to terms with the fact that I'm very particular and I don't get hit with instant satisfaction when it comes to setting up a reverb sound with the kemper. That's not to say when I get what I want I'm not super happy with it. I've attached a case where I got exactly what I wanted but it only worked for the fingerpicking.

    The potential I see in these verbs is outstanding, But I just cannot for the life of me get the verbs to sound good. I generally run a clean tone with the gain pushed to just about breakup with the amp compressor on 6. I have generally always had the pick parameter set to +3 because I like a picky chunky compressed sound. I always seem to either have too much audible dry guitar underneath which bothers me, or it's absolutely drowned in reverb so there's no real note definition and the low wreaks havoc in my room. There's no in-between where the reverb just feels to be sat nicely. Maybe it's the parameter paralysis for me, I though that maybe it's was because the pick attack being +3 was obnoxiously sticking through the reverb and sounding really dry. Then I wonder if it's because the kemper is coming out mono into my interface, but then I remember that I've always ran a mono instance of BIAS FX in logic and then putting an instance of a valhalla reverb straight after it and playing the the mix control sounded great to me immediately. Any ideas to aid endless tweaking would be appreciated.

    If I remember correctly I've got a mid 2011 iMac which unfortunately doesn't even have USB 3 ports. If it had USB 3 ports I'd be running samples off external drives and have a whole more efficient and faster setup. The cost of thunderbolt drives is crazy and considering it's only got the one thunderbolt port I was hoping to leave that free for the inevitable interface upgrade. Pulling the machine apart fills me with fear otherwise I'd have stuck an SSD in there a long time ago.

    Part of me wants to sell it, move on and invest in a 5.1 cheese grater Mac Pro with a million cores and PCIe slots but first I've got to find one for the right price and then buy it outright and then try sell mine with the only major selling point being upgraded 16gb of ram.

    Running El Cap off an external 2.0 HDD would be the only option and it wouldn't be the best one. I bought my machine at a bad time to be honest.

    Hi everyone, first post.

    Got my Kemper a few months ago and I've been lurking ever since ;)

    Just a quick one to the Kemper team to if possible try go as far back as possible with the compatability of the editor on older Mac OS versions. I'm currently on mavericks because I'm an audio dude and each update filled me with fear as my pals updated and incrementally slowed down their machines with each version. There are folk like us out there. Please consider us. :thumbup:

    The new reverbs make me a happy person, I've been really lucky that in my brief time of having this machine so many great additions have been made that I've been able to reap the rewards of and I'd like to acknowledge all the early adopters and people that have been here forever waiting patiently for these things to happen.

    Have a good one folks.