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    I've got to admit, that video pushed me over the edge to get a power rack too, before that video I didn't realise people were using Kempers to drive guitar cabs.

    Welcome aboard, I'd definitely suggest to profile your own favourite tube amps asap, I found myself searching for the perfect amp profile from various vendors before eventually profiling my own amp and realising I liked my own profile the best (well for heavy distortion anyway). Having said that, there's some Trainwreck profiles I came across, and for those profiles alone I don't think I could live without the Kemper now.


    I think I might head out to some Guitars shops and actually demo some stuff with one of their Kempers in the shop, I can't stand buying something because it looks good online, and has good reviews, only to be disappointed and then have to go through the whole returns ordeal, with things like this I like to get hands on use before buying online.

    I don't mean to sound preachie, but if you value the store giving you the opportunity to try their gear, the least you could do is buy it from them, most places will be keen to at least come close to online prices rather than have you walk away. Or else they simply won't exist.

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    And even when I pull up my perfomance via midi pedal, the problem still exists... It is auto saving the profiles in perfomance mode...the very moment you select a new profle...

    You need to select a slot in a different performance. Go to a different performance, select a slot, play it for 2 seconds to make sure you're playing in a new slot on a different performance, go back to the original performance and slot, all will be well.

    Morphing is dedicated to continuous parameters and Pitch of Transpose is no continuous parameter.

    If you want to Morph the pitch continuously, you can use the Pedal Pitch effect and activate MorphPedal to Pitch.

    As mentioned before you can switch the Transpose effect on/off using a button or even toggle between two Transpose effects in two different modules.

    The op believes the transpose in the rig menu sounds better than the transpose in the stomp menu. Personally I can't pick it. Is there any difference in the algorithm between the two or are they identical? Does one sound better or are we dreaming?

    I've only made 1 profile myself, which was a DI (or DA I guess) of my JCM800 2210 which has it's own DI output, it's the main rig I use (it turns out I spent the first 6 months looking for a profile that sounded like my amp, until I just profiled mine). I mainly play through a cab but I'll make sure I attach a cab module to it to use with a couple of Kones when they're available


    IIRC, I believe Eddie used to have only 1 speaker in it's own cab miked and the other 3 (or more?) isolated and covered in blankets and whatever else so it wouldn't be deafening in the studio, as well as obviously the variac to reduce voltage to the entire amp. It'll be freakin' loud

    Quicker switching within the one performance , and editing rigs in performance mode doesn't alter the original

    This is not right. MIDI is MIDI, regardless of what sends the commands. I’ve looked at the HEX. From Voodoo Labs’ site:

    Compatible with our Ground Control Pro or any MIDI controller

    I’d ping Voodoo Labs. Guaranteed they’ve had this question before.

    Hey I hope your right, but the GCX needs to see 8 simultaneous CC commands to work and I assume the Hex would need to see 4. I've not found any other piece of gear that can send 8 CC"s at once but maybe the Hex is different. Definitely contact Voodoo Labs, I hope I'm wrong

    I don't own a Hex, but I do have the GCX switcher. You need the Voodoo Labs Ground Control Plus to control everything. I don't own a Kemper remote but I'm 99.9% certain that Kemper gear won't control your hex.

    I started on 10's in my teens, tried a couple of times to change to 9's but found them too flabby, especially when tuning down 1/2 step with a floyd, hitting the bottom E hard would make it go sharp, 9's just seemed ridiculous. I started playing on low gain amps when young and hit the strings quite hard to get different dynamics, so much that I would tend to break strings at least twice a night during a gig. Many years later I picked up an old strat that had been strung with 9's thinking I'd eventually get around to swapping in 10's, but instead after 20 odd years of playing I've made the switch to 9's.

    Sorry for the long winded post but I personally think how much articulation, dynamics and (character?) can be applied during bends, vibrato and pick attack is more important than anything demonstrated in this video when selecting string gauge.

    Or I could've just said it's all about the feel 😄

    P.S. If you like 9's on a strat, try 9.5 to 44's on Gibson scale, 10's definitely feel heavier