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    I noticed this as well, surely we'll be able to save output parameters to individual slots within a performance by the time this comes around, it would be lunacy if we couldn't :S

    The fact it can do frfr for music playback confirms that it is capable of frfr, although I'm sure not to the level of studio monitors. The DSP is all in the Kemper, the description so far matches everything that Celestion state for the F12-X200.

    I'm liking what I'm hearing, I'm super keen on getting my hands on 1 or 2 of these speakers to throw in a cab, if reality can come close to the marketing claims, I'll be one happy camper.

    All speculation on my part, we really need a true Kemper nerd at Namm to ask the right questions :)

    I'm guessing it's not going to matter too much how accurate the speaker will be as a true frfr speaker, it's only intended to work with the 16 speaker sims on the Kemper which were created specifically for this speaker. I believe the true purpose of the Kemper cab will be to replace a guitar cab with a cab that can simulate a specific range of speakers, no need for true frfr.

    As I also mentioned in the F12-X200 thread, I'd be pretty confident this is actually the very same speaker, too much of a coincidence that the speaker was announced about a year ago, but is still unavailable, like they've been waiting for some reason. I may be eating humble pie, but I doubt it :)

    Well, the news from NAMM 2019 (the Kemper proprietary Celestion and Kemper Cab imprints, and Kemper offering the drivers without cabs) has in one clean shot killed any desire I have to buy a F12-X200. I'll wait for the Kemper Celestion, as it promises to have all the functionality of a F12 plus a lot more, at least in the Monitor Out. And from CK's description of the DSP interaction with the proprietary Kemper\Celestion driver, the new solution promises a lot more than just IRs with a FRFR.

    Hmm... I'm assuming that the F12-X200 is exactly what is in the Kemper cab, I'll eat an $8 Chinese Floyd if I'm wrong :) (I'm assuming they're edible?)

    So I can see from the Anderton's vid that the speaker select options are in the output settings, and that the cab module is bypassed. Personally I think that's great, as adjusting the speaker type won't affect your f.o.h. sound. I imagine merged profiles are going to be a lot more popular soon, hopefully all profiles will come with a merged version.

    The only question now is, if we like the speaker sound more than the cab portion of the profile, are we going to have to start mic'ing the cab?:)

    You might have to take the lead on that one, I'm just glad I don't have to shop for left handed amps! Until then you may just have to watch YouTube vids in the mirror. :) P.S. Do you think Gibson may announce left handed pots in their l/h guitars this year? Almost 70 years now and counting...

    I'm having a similar issue at the moment, I'm only getting noise through the rear inputs but fine through the front. You may well have a fault, but I'd suggest try different inputs if you can't afford to be without your amp at the moment

    I must admit that I don't believe I've had any profiles sounding impressive through my HS8's either, although being that I have the power rack version, I'm extremely happy with a lot of the profiles through my 4x12 cab with celestions, although obviously every profile is coloured by the same celestion tone.

    Gary Moore can get some awesome Soldano tones out of my HS8's, but I can't seem to do the same

    I appreciate an expression pedal would be better, but I still wouldn't be able to set heel or toe values within the Kemper, ie delay mix on 1 rig between say 0% and 50 %, and then gain on the next at 20% and 70%, it would either be locked in the pedals settings or full range the whole time. I will soon get a Dunlop expression pedal, $200 in Australia, not exactly giving them away, but I'd probably want to continue using the volume pedal as a dedicated wah. Just hoping to get a bit more functionality out of the gear I'm currently using which seems to only be inhibited by software limitations at the moment


    It seems that it is impossible for me to Calibrate an expression pedal (Boss Volume) that is connected through a third party midi controller (Voodoo Labs Ground Control). The pedal I am using is only sweeping 0~102 instead of 0~127 (this is the pedal's fault, not the Kemper).

    On previous equipment I've used (TC Electronic G Force) I have been able to calibrate both heel and toe position as well as adjusting the curve of the sweep. I could also set a minimum and a maximum value, eg; if I wanted to move between 10% delay mix at heel and 50% delay mix at toe.

    Although it is obviously possible for me to connect an expression pedal through my Ground control, (which is my preferred method as it means I only need 1 cable (midi) running from my rack) it seems I'm only able to get less than optimal functionality using this method where as other units (G Force) can make this method work 100%.

    I'm using a Boss Volume pedal, I understand this isn't recommended and would never be a preferred option, but it does work fine with other gear/software.

    One benefit to running a pedal via midi rather than through the pedal inputs is that I control a lot more parameters, ie; gain, delay mix and others that currently aren't possible through the Kemper pedal inputs without morphing, I'm just not getting the accuracy or control that I would like.

    Otherwise, loving the Kemper, it's literally magic in a box!

    Just found this in an older thread, I was wondering the same thing:

    "While we are recommending 8 or 16 Ohm cabinets in combination with our built-in power amplifiers, it is techncially completely safe to use 4 Ohm cabinets.

    However users should be aware of some facts and apply the following best practices.

    Normally the built-in power amplifier would deliver significanty more power loaded with a 4 Ohm cabinet. But its power output

    is technically limited to 600 Watt, which is exactly the maximum it can deliver, if an 8 Ohm cabinet is connected.

    As soon as the power output exceeds 600 Watt, the power amp (not the Profiler) switches off for a short period of time. After about one second

    sound recovers.

    Therefor if you connect a 4 Ohm cabinet, you should adjust your volume so that the power amp never reaches its 600 Watt limit. If it does, it wouldn‘t damage

    the Profiler, but perhaps accidentally interrupt your solo play. Also for health reasons we strongly suggest to be very cautious with such volumes.

    Keep in mind: A 4 Ohm cabinet is normally significantly louder than an 8 Ohm cabinet given all other parameters stay the same.

    For the future we are planning a few firmware enhancements, which will increase the visibility of the power amp performance."


    I am running a Voodoo Ground Control with an expression pedal (Boss volume pedal), the pedal works fine except I'm not getting the full range, toe registers about 102 instead of 127. I realise volume pedals aren't recommended but is it possible to calibrate this pedal in the Kemper? At the moment the Kemper isn't acknowledging a pedal is connected, I think it just sees it as midi information, not a pedal as such.

    FWIW, my TC Electronic G Force worked perfectly with this setup, calibrated fine (even though the toe stopped at 102, it could see 102 as full), and even let me adjust the curve of the sweep in the software to correct the fact it was a volume pedal

    Edit: sorry, just realised I probably posted this in the wrong section

    Hi All

    I've recently bought a used power rack and been playing it happily for the last couple of months. Unfortunately when I've turned it on this evening I had a lot of noise coming through when I was playing (silent when not playing). Sounds like a blown speaker, distorted on clean sounds, just bad.

    Thought it was bad headphones so checked through monitors, just as bad so checked Kemper's power amp to quad, no better. Thought it might be a lead or my wireless but after further investigation realised there is no noise through the front input, only through the rear alternate input.

    I assume I've answered my own question but does it seem I have a faulty unit? I've found a few other similar threads with nothing conclusive. Is there any chance it may just be a firmware issue? My next step will be to contact support but just wondered if others have experienced the same fault and if so, how was it rectified?

    Cheers Ben