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    I have a powered rack, but when I first got the unit, my speaker lead wasn't long enough so I plugged the Kemper in to the effects return of my Marshall. Wasn't a great sound, not impressive at all. Within a day I made a longer speaker lead, using the Kemper's poweramp was a night day difference.

    I'd suggest use a neutral power amp to power your cab, running through the effects return of your amp is a battle not worth fighting imho

    It's possible, but you would have to run your Orange cab from the main out with an external poweramp, and then you would have to run a dummy cab in the cabinet section otherwise the Orange cab will see a cab profile resulting in a double cab sound. If you turn the cab section off you will also lose the imprints for the kones.

    Not worth the effort imho

    To me the TJ Brown sound pack sounds a bit too trebly, make of that what you will. Sometimes I'm happily playing a profile I like, and then the next time it feels like it needs the treble booster, and then it sounds fine without it again.

    I swear profiles always sound different when you're actually playing as opposed to listening to a recording, your ears are expecting a certain sound when you have a guitar in your hands, for me I think it's a mental/perception thing.

    I've learned to accept all these peculiarities now

    That's a yes from me. I recently put an offer on a Jem myself, my offers were knocked back, the guy's insisting on 8k AUD (he's dreaming). It's still on Reverb with only my 2 offers against it funnily enough. The joys of being left handed

    I used to own a lefty CBS Strat from 79. Maple neck and sunburst, and rather heavy too. I never bonded with it, really. And the neck was too small and unstable. If you find one you do like and want to keep and PLAY, then upgrade it as you think fit, otherwise do not touch much and think of it as investment. A right handed friend of mine wanted to but it from me to play it Hendrix-style! I sold it later, or rather exchanged it, to get another Strat, so you never know.

    I think I'll be sympathetic to it and just do the refinish, I'm starting to appreciate it's uniqueness. There's no point wishing for it be something it isn't.

    I do have to fill a hole from a strap button in the lower horn, may also explain why the nut's been replaced probably more than once. What is it with righties wanting to look like Hendrix in the mirror?

    I had a late 70s Strat when I was on the road back in the day. Thing felt like a Les Paul hanging off my shoulder. Like this, it was a maple neck, and if ever there was a poster child for the stereotype of crappy 70s Fenders, this was it. The most unstable neck I've ever had in my life. You even looked at it the wrong way and it went out of tune.

    I completely agree. I mean, if you're interested in maintaining "vintage" value, refinishing a guitar does bad things to your sale price. If you want to keep it, then I'd modify it extensively, starting with a leather grip wrapped around the first five frets to make it easier to wield in battle as the blunt instrument that it is.

    The things starting to grow on me, I think I can appreciate it for the overweight uncouth brute that it is. The neck feels solid, I got the trem floating straight away and have barely tuned it since.

    I'm going to refinish it and keep it, at least it will make my Les Pauls feel like featherweights.

    The way I've described it to my non guitar playing friends is that if you were to hit a home invader with it, they're not getting up ?

    I appreciate the sane advice guys, I do tend to like guitars that have been bastardised, that way I don't need to feel guilty about modding it further. But I agree, I'll just have it refinished and get it looking original again.

    I want to love this guitar, the neck's been refretted and plays and sounds beautiful, but the weight is something I can't get past. It literally feels like it's made of concrete, possibly petrified wood. Even sitting down with it for too long would make your leg go numb, it's almost comical.

    Cheers again

    Far from what my nickname suggests, I do actually like and own a wide variety of guitars.

    Anyway, just to prove my previous comment wrong, here's my latest acquisition:

    It's a stripped '78, a few non original parts obviously, but probably the cheapest vintage Fender you can buy (and possibly for good reason).

    I've always known late 70's strats left a bit to be desired regarding workmanship, the forearm contour is nearly non existent and the neck joint is maybe lacking in straight lines, all of which I was expecting.

    One thing I wasn't expecting though was the weight, I knew these were on the heavy side, but this is easily the heaviest guitar I've ever held, 5kg (11 lbs)! Compared to my Les Paul (3.9 kg) and my Tokai Les Paul (no weight relief, 4.3 kg) this thing is on another level!

    My plans are to have it refinished in vintage white, I was considering having the contours shaved to modern/vintage specs, if it's for myself I definitely would but I'm actually thinking I might one day move this one on as I can't imagine picking this one up very often when I have a few far more comfortable strats to play.

    My question to you guys, if you were buying a late 70's refinished guitar, would you appreciate that someone had the contours corrected at the same time or would you rather it's original slab form?

    I know this forum isn't really here for these questions but I do value all of your opinions ?

    Man, what a cool guitar. We were just talking about P90s and it never would have occurred to me to do a Strat with that configuration. I think you should do a video with some A/B between a stock Strat single coil and this baby. As a lifelong Strat fanboy I'd love to hear the differences in a context I'm familiar with.

    I'll try put something up when I get a chance, probably audio only, video might be beyond my capabilities. That CU24 looks ridiculous, I came this close to getting a PRS a few weeks ago, fella was selling a leftie custom shop Martin because he wasn't playing anymore, got to talking and turned out he had a Taylor and a PRS as well, all top of the line stuff, so we agreed on a price for all three. Then Melbourne went in to a snap lock down and he decided whilst stuck at home that he wanted to take up guitar again. Doh! He still has my number.

    I think peer pressure might be getting to us on this forum!

    My latest creation:

    '94 USA body

    '13 USA neck (like new)

    Seymour Duncan stacked P90's

    Fender mega switch

    Left hand pots

    Fender trem with pop in arm

    Just put it together today (wiring a mega switch is not fun), never owned a P90 guitar before so thought I'd do something different with the body and neck that I picked up (well I thought I was being different before Fender released all their P90 Strats and Teles this year).

    Wiring is:

    Bridge series

    Bridge parallel

    Bridge/neck parallel

    Neck series

    Neck parallel

    Parallel wiring gives the traditional P90 sound without the hum, series gets closer to a humbucker sound. I did have to rout the pick up cavity about 2 or 3mm to get these pickups sitting nicely if anyone else decides to fit these pickups in a strat, they're huge!

    Haven't had much of a chance to play it yet but definitely liking the different flavours I'm getting out of this, it definitely sounds different to everything else I own. Not a fan of the black, there's a few scuffs in the paint that would likely polish out, but I think I'll have the body resprayed seafoam green, I was just going to see if I bonded with it first but I'm guessing this will be my go to guitar for a while

    Looks sweet, I almost picked up a left hand PRS a month ago, but seller backed out, they're a rare beast over here (Aus). The pick up selector knob isn't in the case is it? I always take them off when freighting LP's etc, they tend to break if they're pushing against the case

    You can just as easily wire 2 x 8 ohms speakers for 4 ohms, unless you're planning on using the cab with other amp heads that would be the way I would go.

    A 150w triple rectifier on 10 is going to be louder than your Kemper on 10, I don't think the Kemper is realisticly a risk of blowing a 150w cab, just leave the poweramp boost off.

    A 16 ohm cab may help save your eardrums though, whatever works for you