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    Here's an honest question, though. In the 90s I went through a variety of rack FX units. I never ran into switching delay like this, and in fact I still have a Quadraverb in my rack. 128 patches, all effectively instant. 30 years later and the new stuff can't do what we had back then? Really?

    There was some horrible digital stuff in the 90's too. I recall my brother having a Zoom something or other he was using live (different league, I realise) that had a large delay selecting the next patch.

    Ever since experiencing that thing one of the first things I've tested when choosing new digital gear is the latency between patches. After researching (most likely on this forum) I was aware before I bought the Kemper that it would behave in this manner and, although a step backwards from previous gear in having instant access to every patch (TC G Force in my case, although the Kemper is so much more capable), I decided I could work within those limitations.

    Now you're aware of the Kemper's limitations, you just have to decide whether you can work with them or not.

    P.S. I'm only trying to help, not argue.

    P.P.S. I don't play 3 minute pop songs (any more)


    Surely the pauses between musical performances in theatre a greater than 250ms? My gcx switcher can switch instantly to whichever preset is required, but in the digital modeling/profiling realm all pro products are going to have a small gap before selecting the next bank, it's how they're designed. I'm not trying to sound condescending, it's just a matter of planning ahead

    OK, that makes sense.

    What can be done to minimize this delay? Does the total number of rigs or performances loaded into the KPA make a difference?

    Is the Stage faster than the rack/toaster?

    The delay switching between performances is unimportant. Switching between 5 rigs in one performance is instant (audio is instant, the graphical display will lag, also unimportant). I can't imagine you'd need more than 5 rigs for one song (performance). Switching to the next performance assumes you are starting a new song

    +1 for the HS8's, just remember playing through monitors will sound like playing through monitors no matter how much money you spend. High gain can take a while to adjust your ear to if you're used to tube amps and cabs but for an all in one solution for your stage, recording music and music playback, good quality monitors are the way to go

    ? I think I'd just bought a partscaster strat with a '68 body ($400, score!) just before I joined the Kemper forum, hence the name. I've got quite a variety of stuff, but the 3 guitars I've caused significant fret wear to over the last 3 decades would be 2 strats and a Warmoth super strat so the name's pretty accurate I guess. I do really need a Gretsch though. Yes I have GAS, but I only need one more guitar...

    I tried buying someone's L/H guitar collection for a tad more than that last week, we agreed on a price but then he had a change of heart. That was a custom shop Martin, a Taylor nylon and a PRS.

    If someone else is footing this £3500, then this ugly thing has got me drooling.... (it's on Reverb at the moment if anyone's feeling guilty about forgetting my Christmas present ^^)

    Any reason you're not keen on UHF? I can't fault it, Ideally I'd rather go a/d straight into the Kemper (the Kemper accepting a wireless digital signal) but at the moment you're going a/d/a/d with a digital wireless, (not that any of us could likely pick the difference) but I don't see an obvious benefit

    I would like that too but I really like having a "bug in the plug". I can change guitars silently just as fast as a cord or faster. I may even pop it in my pocket for a second. My only wish would be that it had easily replaceable rechargeable battery and that it had a rotateable jack with settable tension so it stays flat on a 335 or fits into a strat. When I was using packs, I used the same strap all night that I had the pack secured to. I used Schaller straplocks and could change the strap very quickly. I also did he back pocket thing but usually it ends up on the floor with my guitar

    Samson Airline 88 UHF, I don't believe anything else fits your description

    Samson Airline 77/88, I have the 77 but the 88 has an adjustable/pivotable bug transmitter. I've no experience with the line 6 units but the Airline series is uhf, not digital, whether that's better or not is up to you. They have a volume pot so you match levels if that's a concern. I have an x vive as a back up and I reckon the output maybe a bit hotter than a lead, but I've never done an a/b test

    It is also funny to see that no other forum from fractal over line6 to the super open and social media friendly neural.. have "other gear" place in their blogs?

    Neither does Kemper now it seems, we can only see the other gear forum because we're Registered Kemper users. No one else can see this thread now. It's just us

    I just unticked "watch thread", I'll see if that's stops the notifications

    It's not underhanded, it's just marketing, although most people in marketing focus primarily on the product they're trying to sell rather than talking down a competitors product, it leads to more longevity in the industry. He did specifically mention at the beginning of the video that he's being paid to make these videos, although he did ask viewers to skip that part of the video which YouTube compels him to add to the video.

    Marketing is Rabea's livelihood, and good luck to him, I wish him no ill will. But just be aware that ALL of the QC's out in the wild at the moment are in the hands of marketers, expect the current owners to behave accordingly.

    Also bear in mind that Rabea stated the purpose of the video was to compare the capture / profile process, but by the end of the video it had morphed in to which unit sounds best, and for that reason he should have attempted to create the Kemper profile to the best of his ability, rather than a rushed untweaked attempt through a load box / cab simulator. I guarantee he would have taken more care creating commercial Kemper profiles than the method he used in this video

    Yea that's why he redid it.

    Nothing wrong with that at all, but he didn't have to do this with the QC, even time-wise.

    If he's trying to be fair and equal (which he's being paid not to be, no matter how much he protests otherwise) then he could cut the capture process off after 2 minutes and compare the results. I mean it's not fair and equal to let the qc profile for 5 minutes but cull the Kemper process after 2 minutes?

    And in reality, who in any professional setting is deliberately going to use a profile that has deliberately not been optimised? Where's the value in that?

    I think it's time to say not one of us has a valid opinion on the sound of QC captures as not one of us has touched, seen, heard or smelled the thing. For that reason this is the most absurd 79 page product review in history (and I just contributed to it, again... Doh!)