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    No, I would rather have something that crashes once in a while and get back to recording.

    Fair enough. I understand everyone has their own priorities.

    Obviously I can't speak for others, but I'm far more likely to rage quit a tech company over software that constantly crashes than I am having to wait longer than I'd like for the next feature release.

    Crappy, half assed, unstable software just makes me want to throw a computer through a window. And that's certainly not the vibe I want when I pick up my guitar. The Kemper guys are focusing on quality and reliability. Since that speaks to my personal needs, I naturally encourage that mindset.

    As you would say, I don't tell my contractors "You're making tons of mistakes and doing really crappy work, but I see you're trying to hurry, so no problem."

    But again, that's just my own priorities. I'm sure others feel differently.

    round and round and round we go.

    it’s amazing to me that people will make the same posts that 30 others have already made.

    What’s probably ironic is that even this post has likely been made before! :rolleyes:

    Hey, it's hard coming up with something original to say. Besides, merry go rounds are fun! :P

    Put a motion sensor at the doorway to your rehearsal space. When it's triggered, have it power up a PC. In the boot sequence of the computer, have it append to a text file with today's date and time stamp. Exit through a different door and repeat the procedure on another PC with exit times.

    Then write a batch file that reads both files, does the math and saves the resulting report to a folder that's mapped to one of your cloud drives. On your phone, bring up the file from the cloud.

    And there you have it. A completely automated way to track the amount of time you spend in the room with your guitar, and it's both cloud enabled and mobile friendly.

    We live in wondrous times.

    Preset management. But the quality still feel beta'ish, so I'm not upgrading yet.

    Thanks. I don't have any pressing needs at the moment, so I'll probably just wait until both the OS and the editor version of RM are ready for prime time and make the move then.

    Same here V8guitar , but I have one of these plugged in:…ter&qid=1569619204&sr=8-7

    and zip-tied to a 1U vented blanking plate at the back of the rack! Sacrificial! If someone snags & pulls the cable, its gonna be the connecter that fails!

    Excellent idea, thanks. I do a similar thing with my iLok, Cubase and other USB keys. I have a little 4 port USB hub with a 6 inch pig tail. I leave all the keys plugged into the hug, and let the cable on the hub take all the stresses of plugging / unplugging. I need to apply that concept to the toaster and remote as well.

    In a way, people in Kemperland are more used to pre-mature releases than consumers of its competitors.

    That may well be the case for those who have been around for a long time. I'm a newbie as I've only had mine for a year, and my expectations were the same as for any other music gear I spend $2500 on. For that kind of money I expect quality, and I don't believe that's an unreasonable expectation. Fortunately, quality is exactly what I got. From what I've seen, some of the Stage people didn't get that kind of experience. To be sure, not my problem. I have no need for a Stage and my stuff works great.

    Still, I work in the tech biz so it's hard not to have thoughts on the matter, especially since this sort of thing affects me personally in my own jobs. My hunch, and this is absolutely uninformed speculation, is that the Stage was yet another example of a preemptive release. Gotta get it on the streets now, or people might buy the competitor's floor unit. I can't think of any other reason why they would have rushed it, or not waited for the editor.

    I didn't take anything as rude.

    Yeah, I figured you were a good guy, but courtesy on my part is always worthwhile just the same.

    I always give *certain* companies a wide berth when it comes to feature development, especially when those features are 'free additions' to a product I already own. What I really don't want happening is a cut-rate rig manager to come out and make my experience *less* enjoyable. Personally, I'd love to have the new version out now, but TAKE AS MUCH TIME AS YOU NEED.

    Completely agree. I think they're absolutely doing it right in terms of the editor. It's going to be a very cool addition, and after the somewhat clumsy Stage release I think a solid RM 3 / editor will return the shine that these guys deserve.

    As for the rubber mask, TMI brother... :)

    and, as it turns out, is a BOWLING BALL...

    There have been meetings where I would have paid good money to have a bowling ball at my disposal. :)

    It's worth noting (because I chimed in) that I am not a developer. I work in sales and marketing.

    If it hasn't been clear in my previous pokes at your profession (as well as acknowledging that I'm barking at the moon), it's all meant in a good spirit, ala sibling rivalry, if you will. I'm well aware of the fact that the payroll account gets filled by the S&M guys. Wait, that didn't come out right..

    As for the Stage, and I say this with much love for the Kemper guys, it's an excellent example of the downside of get-there-itis ("we're going to ship on the xyz date come hell or high water!"). It creates problems that just didn't have to happen.

    While many people have had a good experience with the Stage, the kind of hardware defects I've been reading about are, well, embarrassing. Not what comes to mind when I think of German quality. Also, since this is the editor thread, I think that everyone who's questioned a Stage without an editor has an excellent point. I don't know how many people have decided against a Kemper purchase after reading about these things. Probably not a lot, but if it was even one, that's one lost sale that was avoidable.

    An alternative approach would be to have a) waited until the Stage was fully baked and the manufacturing process was sufficiently vetted and tested, and b) there was a stable, release version of the editor to go with it. Once both of those boxes were checked, the release of the Stage would have been a much bigger bang.

    I realize such an approach would be absolutely scandalous in the tech biz, especially to those S&M guys (looking at you, MementoMori :P). But as I mentioned in my previous comments, the short term thinking of "gotta hit the xyz date!" does have a cost. The Stage / Editor is a perfectly timed illustration of that.

    And of course, my comments about the Stage / Editor are in the context of my personal Kemper / Remote experience. They're built like a freakin' tank, have been incredibly stable and are quality of the highest order all around. That's what I think of when someone says, "Kemper." Why on earth would they want someone to think of a Stage, with bits and pieces falling on the floor, when Kemper is mentioned? But then, this is the tech biz, so, you know...

    as we say in our Sunday AM crunch time meetings, "that's the job".

    No, it's really not.

    Declaring an arbitrary deadline is just a bad business decision that only serves to delay and amplify negative consequences. It's short term thinking at its finest.

    It's driven by target fixation from sales / marketing without taking the "total cost of ownership," so to speak, into account. Companies declare an optimistic date in order to preempt people buying the competition's product (we used to call it "vaporware"). Also to look good in other such PR ways. All without taking into account the downside in quality, perception and cost of premature releases. Not to mention the fact that grinding the tech staff into burnout as a standard practice rarely produces good work. Or employee longevity.

    The fact that it's a common practice in the industry doesn't make it a good way to do things. The individual lemming doesn't fare too well either, even though "everyone's doing it."

    Of course, I'm just barking at the moon. Sales and marketing typically have much more influence in the board room than the geeks who actually create the product.

    when the apps team was forced to verify their own code

    Yeah, I've seen that, which I've always thought was insane. I missed it in requirements gathering. I missed it in design. I missed it in coding. But wait! I just know I'll catch it in testing, right?

    You'd think they got paid per bug or something.

    My wife used to work at IBM. They had a policy where testers got points for every bug they found, and programmers lost points for every bug found in their code. The points translated to money. You can imagine how much the programmers hated the testers. Which is also insane. I love testers. They're the ones who keep me from looking stupid in public.

    These Reverend guitars look GREAT ... except for the headstock design :saint:

    This looks so wrong ^^ Is this a "wooden saw" to cut off the hands of your bass player, when he comes to close on stage?8o

    Actually, having the sawtooth option makes it easier to play synth solos without having to buy a lot of extra gear.

    Hey Chris not to derail stuff about the editor, but I'm curious as to why do you list a "Powered Toaster" and a DXR-10? Isn't the DXR-10 itself a powered FRFR speaker? So you wouldn't need a powered KPA... ?

    Evolution. :)

    I first bought the powered toaster and was intending on using it with my Marshall 4x12 in the studio and a single V30 cab for playing out. And it sounded good. Then I started reading about FRFRs. I wasn't even aware of their existence, nor the need for one, when I bought the toaster. Decided to give one a try, and the DXR-10s get a lot of love around here so that's what I got. And of course, it sounds great.

    Since they're powered, I don't use the power section of the toaster for that scenario. However, I still have my other speaker cabs and I like the fact that should I choose, I can also turn monitor cab off and run into traditional V30s. Or buy some non-powered FRFRs. And honestly, if I was buying a Kemper today, I'd probably still get the powered version for just that reason. Options are nice.

    Of course, with the new editor, it will be that much easier to tweak things for the two different scenarios (see what I did there?) :)

    the simple truth of software development is, that things can change at any time. The underlying issue, in many cases, is, that the more an application comes to completion, the better you can test it.

    I was once married to a senior level software QA person. She was on the Ventura Publisher 1.0 team if any of you remember that.

    When we got married I had just started my programming career, so I used to proudly show off the latest little thing I was working on at home. She was known to lean over and gleefully bang on the keyboard like a drunken chimpanzee (or, you know, the average drummer). Naturally, the screen would go up in flames, smoke would pour out the back of the box and a reboot was never far behind.

    The first time she pulled that stunt I asked, "What the hell did you do that for?"

    She just smiled and said, "A user might," and then merrily waltzed out the door mumbling something about better error handling.

    Testers. Sheesh. :P

    Couldn't agree more.

    Forcing a release before it's done in order to meet an arbitrary date is a bad practice that's all too common in the software biz. Glad to see you guys are prioritizing quality over perception.

    Hope your espresso machine is working. :)

    According to G String, the new Rig Manager may work with Windows 7, however the editor portion wouldn't be visible.

    Ah, hadn't heard that, thanks. But of course, for me the whole point up getting a new version would be to play around with the editor. The RM I already have works fine for my needs.