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    Couldn't see if this has already been requested, but it would be great to be able to see all of the contents of profiles within subfolders just by clicking on the parent folder(s) in a continuous sumup. I have my profiles categorized by provider, then amp style and then specific model (ex: Tone Junkies->Fender Style amps->Deluxe Reverb). Would be nice to be able to see all profiles under each provider as wells all amp styles versus having to drill down to the specific model to pick a profile.

    Would then be ideal to be able to drag and drop folders between sections as needed when reorganizing as well.

    Anyone having WAH pedal issues? On presets where the WAH is set to always ON but only active when the pedal is in motion, I have noticed a greatly diminished range. If I change that same preset to alway ON regardless of pedal motion, the full range comes back. Don't think it's a pedal issue as I have used this setup for awhile and the Rig settings show that it is capturing full range.

    Not a major issue, but curious if anyone has had a similar issue. Using Mission Engineering expression pedal with dual outputs. One output set to act as a preset toggle using the toe switch and one output for controlling the range.