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    Regarding routing …. the PROFILER allows to select the Input Source as well as Output Sources globally and effect loops can be set up by Rig and switched on/off. What else? Parallel Path can be activated by Rig. DLY+REV Routing can be set by Rig. All these parameters can be controlled via Rig Manager 3. If you should be missing something, it's probably not an editor limitation.

    There are many components which are controllable by MIDI channel. This is important when you're coordinating with other MIDI units. Just because YOU don't need something, doesn't mean others don't. OBVIOUSLY you can do it on the profiler, I'm talking about being able to assign these channels on the EDITOR. Right now YOU CANNOT. I'm also not talking about input/output sources - I'm talking about being able to switch profiles, performances, etc., via MIDI. You cannot do that with the current editor.

    Bear n mind this isn’t the finished article but rather a work in progress. I’m pretty sure the team’s priority at this stage was just to get the basic platform working solidly before adding all the bells and whistles.

    I hope you're right, because I believe all of the other editors include this type of functionality.

    Hello, I have quite a complex setup, and it would be INCREDIBLY helpful to be able to assign MIDI in the editor - perhaps with a right clicking type procedure. Things like assigning effects, changes of amplifiers, etc. To make it easy on the fly for those using other MIDI units, alongside the Kemper Footswitch.

    Routing is extremely important - many of the other editors have this feature and your Editor really needs this.

    Thank you.

    Yes, I am surprised this was not included. Very important.

    Midi assignments are VERY needed in the Editor!!! In fact, this is what I have been waiting for. Back to ToastME.

    I hope this hasn't been asked somewhere else, but here goes.

    I chose PRIVATE when I uploaded some rigs, and I can't find them. I just wanted to have a few backed up just in case. I searched under my name, and all that are there are the ones I uploaded to the public.

    How do you get to any "Private" rigs?

    Thank you!

    Hello, when I first got started, I created some profiles and realized I messed a few of them up - wondering why they didn't sound that great, and now I just made some new ones that are INCREDIBLY better.

    Is there a way I can delete the ones that I uploaded to Rig Exchange previously? Just trying not to waste others' time.

    Thanks in advance! 8)

    OH no, I totally run with pedals man. I have a pedalboard hitting pretty much the front of the amp and it sounds great. I have an HX Effects pedal and a Digitech Whammy. The Kemper can't do everything LOL. Everything will be working together via MIDI, using a Selah Effects pedal. It's amazing.

    But I've pretty much decided that I'm going to use Kemper's delays and reverbs. Nothing can beat them IMO.

    It's pretty much a dream setup for me!

    I know we can use Cabinet Impulses, I've created some of my own and paired them with my amp profiles, effectively THOROUGHLY reproducing my rig.

    However, is it possible to use Reverb Impulses? Does it work the same way?

    Thanks in advance! 8)

    OK, I am having trouble with a EHX POG.

    I put it in the chain, just before the front of the amp input coming from the Kemper. Obviously, playing it it sounds like it always does.

    But when it comes to the refining mode, even if I play the bass for a bit before, it just sounds totally clean. No Octave sound whatsoever. I then tried it in the FX loop and the same thing happened.

    You would think there would be SOMETHING? It's just a nice clean amp.

    I'm set up right now, so hopefully I get a response fairly quickly.