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    Hello Hive Mind!

    So I want to use a Digitech JamMan along with my Kemper for two reasons. (1) I prefer the looping capabilities of it over the Kemper's, and (2) I will be playing pre-recorded loops and background tracks with it.

    I am trying to figure out how to incorporate it so that I'm able to record guitar loops and also play other tracks - in STEREO.

    I am thinking that the overall output of the JamMan should come AFTER the amp itself, because I don't want the recorded samples and such going through the guitar FX/amps, etc. But I also need to have my guitar signal in line, so I can loop it at will. I included a photo of the JamMan's back panel, as well as the Kemper rack for your convenience.

    Thank you for any advice/help you can give. I just can't get my head around it. THANKS!!!

    So I've finally settled on a pedalboard. I have been struggling for years with adding analog pedals and decided to just go all digital. Some of you might think "DUH", but I REALLY love my analog pedals. I'm sure some of you that feel the same way know what I'm talking about when you have a pedal you particularly love. Talk about late to the party!! I'm just stubborn I guess.

    Ironically, the ones I'm choosing are both from Digitech. I'm using the Freqout for feedback on tap whenever I want, and the other is the Whammy DT. I know what you're thinking - the Kemper does what the Whammy DT does. It does but not as well. I have used the downtuning pitch shifting thing before on the Kemper and it has bogged down and downright freaked out the unit - especially if there are other effects going on at the same time. So I decided it would be most stable to use that unit and frankly I was right. Between what the Kemper offers and my new setup there's reallyl nothing I can't do. I'm also using the EXPRESSIONATOR under the pedal which allows me to use ALL of the expression inputs on the remote, along with my Mission Expression pedal (that I use exclusively for WAH). I love the sweep on the Boss unit so I use it for everything else.

    This is a really compact setup and I couldn't be happier - along with my back.

    Let's see your small board solutions!

    Hello, I am sure you know about Morningstar Midi editors. They are WONDERFUL products, and AXE FX and many other companies have provided them with your MIDI information so they can integrate it within their editor, which makes programming super easy. I am hoping you could do the same? If you are amenable to it, perhaps I can facilitate by being the go between. I love BOTH products, and it is so great to be able to use them simultaneously. It really increases the power of usability.

    Thank you!!!


    I would like for you to add to the Switch options: (1) SAVE, and (2) CHOOSE (or SELECT)

    I have my Kemper in my live room downstairs and I am controlling it upstairs, and have the Rig Manager open and I do not have the remote with me. It is on my board downstairs.

    Making changes to a performance within the Rig Manager, there is no way to SAVE, unless you pick another performance and you get the Dialog box that asks if you want to save if you've made changes. Sometimes, just changing a parameter - i.e., mix of delay or reverb, isn't enough for the dialog box to pop up - so you lose any changes you've made.

    #2. In Performance Up / Down, there is no way to Choose a performance if you've scrolled to it if you don't have access to the Profiler or Remote. It would be nice if you could set a button that would let you choose the Performance so you could begin using it.

    What would be helpful, is if you added a TRS MODE, so you could have 3 options. Many footswitches are 3-way, and utilize TRS capabilities. It would be nice if the Kemper could too - so you could use a 3-WAY FOOTSWITCH in the following way, for Instance:

    1) Performance Up 2) Performance Down 3) CHOOSE


    I am having a sudden problem with output. The Kemper got quieter and quieter and now I have everything maxed and I can talk very easily over this video I took:…XeF8MYzSFNR4zi4oF2y1dIAzV

    I was configuring an expression pedal (MORPH), and it kept getting worse, though even when I started, the profiles I was playing almost sounded like they were getting "choked" with a gate. I switched guitars and it was still happening. Not sure what's going on, but I would love a little advice as to fix. Here is a photo of my output settings. I can't increase these numbers any more than this with the knobs:…W4THpqrpSrlp5XHQ1i4u0iinX

    Thanks in advance!!!

    This is a request for future Kemper Remotes.

    It would be great to have an effect loop insert on the REMOTE (could be an Effect Loop 2, in addition to Effect Loop 1 on the head, or a redundant input), so you wouldn't have to run cables back to the Toaster or Rack. I'm sure you have it on the Stage.

    Honestly the Kemper team can't update the overdrive stomps with all the pedals in the world. The existing will be updated for sure eventually. Maybe we will see a few more of the most popular and requested but that's it. You still can buy and use your own in front, or in the loop, other pedals. No matter what I will still be using my modded Maxon OD-9. And there's a ton of profiles that have different od-pedals baked in.

    I could really care less which ones as LONG AS IT HAPPENS.

    I have my own baked in, but I would certainly love the option to add to some of my profiles that don't.

    My previous thread was deleted because I capitalized the title. People are very sensitive these days. :thumbdown:

    What is most important, is my suggestion that it would be great to have some Overdrive options in the KPA. (Jeez, I hope this doesn't get trashed for capitalizing an acronym!)

    I am a big fan of the JHS (=O) Moonshine. I also use the Digitech Freqout in the Effect loop of the KPA to great effect! (Pun intended). Finally, the Frequout also emulates an Ebow, and I think that would be a very cool addition.

    Thank you for your attention and consideration.

    Firstly, I want to say how much I love this product. I really dug into it this weekend with my new remote, and was able to get everything programmed in a very short time. I believe I'm just going to have a remote and pedal onstage now! WOW!

    Only thing I would ask as a future inclusion, would be OVERDRIVE options. I love that you picked the RAT - but I'm not really a Tubescreamer guy, and BOSS Distortions aren't my thing either. IDEALLY, perhaps you would consider emulating one of the MOST Popular Overdrives - Earthquaker Devices PLUMES. It is SO great - I think MANY would be super happy about that. My second choice would be JHS Pedals MOONSHINE v2.

    Another tool I use to GREAT affect (pun intended) is the Digitech FREQOUT - to create feedback VERY easily. Something like this would be very very useful too - because as you know, feedback is VERY exciting. An added benefit is that it does an EBOW style thing too.

    Thank you for your consideration! :)

    Regarding routing …. the PROFILER allows to select the Input Source as well as Output Sources globally and effect loops can be set up by Rig and switched on/off. What else? Parallel Path can be activated by Rig. DLY+REV Routing can be set by Rig. All these parameters can be controlled via Rig Manager 3. If you should be missing something, it's probably not an editor limitation.

    There are many components which are controllable by MIDI channel. This is important when you're coordinating with other MIDI units. Just because YOU don't need something, doesn't mean others don't. OBVIOUSLY you can do it on the profiler, I'm talking about being able to assign these channels on the EDITOR. Right now YOU CANNOT. I'm also not talking about input/output sources - I'm talking about being able to switch profiles, performances, etc., via MIDI. You cannot do that with the current editor.

    Bear n mind this isn’t the finished article but rather a work in progress. I’m pretty sure the team’s priority at this stage was just to get the basic platform working solidly before adding all the bells and whistles.

    I hope you're right, because I believe all of the other editors include this type of functionality.

    Hello, I have quite a complex setup, and it would be INCREDIBLY helpful to be able to assign MIDI in the editor - perhaps with a right clicking type procedure. Things like assigning effects, changes of amplifiers, etc. To make it easy on the fly for those using other MIDI units, alongside the Kemper Footswitch.

    Routing is extremely important - many of the other editors have this feature and your Editor really needs this.

    Thank you.

    Yes, I am surprised this was not included. Very important.

    Midi assignments are VERY needed in the Editor!!! In fact, this is what I have been waiting for. Back to ToastME.