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    I hope this hasn't been asked somewhere else, but here goes.

    I chose PRIVATE when I uploaded some rigs, and I can't find them. I just wanted to have a few backed up just in case. I searched under my name, and all that are there are the ones I uploaded to the public.

    How do you get to any "Private" rigs?

    Thank you!

    Hello, when I first got started, I created some profiles and realized I messed a few of them up - wondering why they didn't sound that great, and now I just made some new ones that are INCREDIBLY better.

    Is there a way I can delete the ones that I uploaded to Rig Exchange previously? Just trying not to waste others' time.

    Thanks in advance! 8)

    OH no, I totally run with pedals man. I have a pedalboard hitting pretty much the front of the amp and it sounds great. I have an HX Effects pedal and a Digitech Whammy. The Kemper can't do everything LOL. Everything will be working together via MIDI, using a Selah Effects pedal. It's amazing.

    But I've pretty much decided that I'm going to use Kemper's delays and reverbs. Nothing can beat them IMO.

    It's pretty much a dream setup for me!

    I know we can use Cabinet Impulses, I've created some of my own and paired them with my amp profiles, effectively THOROUGHLY reproducing my rig.

    However, is it possible to use Reverb Impulses? Does it work the same way?

    Thanks in advance! 8)

    OK, I am having trouble with a EHX POG.

    I put it in the chain, just before the front of the amp input coming from the Kemper. Obviously, playing it it sounds like it always does.

    But when it comes to the refining mode, even if I play the bass for a bit before, it just sounds totally clean. No Octave sound whatsoever. I then tried it in the FX loop and the same thing happened.

    You would think there would be SOMETHING? It's just a nice clean amp.

    I'm set up right now, so hopefully I get a response fairly quickly.

    Yes! OK, that's what I figured. Thank you for clarifying!

    I am planning on profiling with and without the pedals and in different combinations, I understand about the snapshot analogy But this is good because I can use some of my vintage pedals to create some unique sounds, and then be able to leave those pedals at home.

    Thank you for all of your help!

    Thank you so much!!! I'm waiting for a few more things to get here before I start the programming process. I'll let you know how it goes, and also perhaps make a video when it is all done explaining what I did.

    This is going to be a DREAM rig.

    OK Don! Thank you! That's good. Still wondering how the pedals are captured though, I guess that pulse goes THROUGH the pedals though on the way in and out, because you plug the guitar into the Kemper, and from the Kemper OUT into the pedal/amp, etc., so that's how it's in the chain?

    Sorry if these sound like dumb questions, I just like to know WHY in addition to the HOW.

    Thank you! So I guess the actual guitar makes a difference too?

    I was just wondering how it works though. I mean, when it's profiling, and the test tones start, how do they go through the pedals too? Or when you REFINE the profile, and play the guitar, is that where it happens?

    I have seen some profiles, i.e, with KLON, etc. How does this work?

    Can you put say an overdrive or fuzz in the chain when you are profiling? How do you do this? I know this sounds like a dumb question maybe, but I'm genuinely interested.


    Hello! I am wondering, and I have looked in the manual, whether there is a MIDI command map anywhere, or detailed instructions on the MIDI process anywhere? I know some other units like the HX Effects for instance have those and wondered if the Kemper system has one?

    I'm just beginning the programming process. I am going to set up performances in the Kemper, and then choose them using a Selah Quartz pedal, which will also be "instructing" my HX Effects and my Digitech Whammy DT.