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    If I got one from the Kemper site, how much would you offer me for it?8o

    By the way, I just read through the posts and I cannot see anybody complaining!?8|

    That's not how it works. You make ME an offer for it, but visit the Reverb listing for all the info.

    PS, sorry for the late replies. I thought I'd get an email notification or something if somebody replied. How do you subscribe to a thread?! I see the "WATCH" checkbox, but it doesn't notify you of replies.

    No, a marketing strategy, I lowered it to $425, that way it shows the price was lowered. People love that. ;)

    But the complaining is silly. Just get it from the Kemper site here! I don't have a gun to anyone's head. I'm just in no hurry to sell.

    So, I am looking for help with my setup. I h ave attached a picture of the components I want to include on this:

    1) Kemper & Remote

    2) Line 6 HX Effects

    3) Digitech Whammy

    4) Expression Pedal

    5) Other effects I will put in the Effects loop of the HX as desired and control with the HX, and or, stomping on the pedals themselves. THIS PART ISN'T AS IMPORTANT.

    Basically, I want to have performances programmed, so I can have my rig and all effects set for each song & or part of the song.

    I am wondering if, via MIDI, if I can use either the Kemper Remote OR the HX as the MASTER and which other as the slave?

    I am leaning towards using the Kemper Remote as the master, and setting the Kemper to send MIDI messages to the HX to change programs. IT MUST BE POSSIBLE.

    Anyway, this is my project. I would REALLY appreciate someone helping me with this, someone who can wrap their head around this type of thing. I think - if ANYONE is interested in this sort of thing - this thread could become a model for others.

    I know the technology is there, I just want to make everything communicate and work together! How cool would that be!!??

    Thanks in advance.

    Thank you so much!! By the way, I just picked up a couple packs from STL Tonality, the Howard Benson and Kris Crummett Bass. They're SO great!!

    I also profiled my Peavey VB-2. Such an under appreciated tube amp. It really is MY sound, I've been using this amp for years and it's never sounded so great!!!

    I tried to attach it here it it won't be allowed - (that's kind of silly KEMPER!! How easy would it be to share specific files and modules like this in conversation?!) If anyone wants it, let me know. I shared it in the RIG EXCHANGE, but sometimes things are hard to find. Let me know if you can't find it.

    So I'm wondering, on the back of the Kemper there is a couple plugs for "SWITCH / PEDAL". What pedals would you use here and what could you do with them, versus using the Remote?

    I'm just curious. I just want to make sure that I'm tapping all the power and possibilities of this incredible device.

    Please share examples if you have any! Thank you.

    Are you sure, that when you changed cabinets, you plugged the speaker cable into the correct PROFILER output? What you describe sounds like you plugged the cable into the MONITOR OUTPUT instead of the SPEAKER OUTPUT. We had that before …. The MONITOR OUTPUT delivers the same signal, but at line level. It's sufficient to drive your cabinet, but at very low volume.

    No man, I didn't change the main power out from the kemper when I switched amps. I just moved the cable from one cabinet to another.

    Anybody have anything that's super sturdy to carry these things? I have a flight case for my rack mounted kemper, and want something comparable for the pedal, better than throwing it in my suitcase.

    Please include links if you can!! :)

    OK, well, it appears as though it was a faulty unit. Sweetwater ALREADY got me a replacement unit and it is ROCKIN'. There was definitely something going on with that other unit because I am using this one just like the other, and I haven't even had to fiddle with any volumes. Both my Peavey and Ampeg cabinets were SHAKING my house this AM.

    In heaven!!

    Thanks to everyone! It is just my luck that my first 5 minutes with a Kemper ended with such disappointment. I plan on making up for lost time.

    Yes, I used two different cables and 3 different amps. I tried a factory reset, updated OS, firmware, etc. This powered kemper should DEFINITELY be louder than my internal computer speakers.

    I will contact Sweetwater. Thank you.

    I dont feel offended at all Sunshine! I appreciate your willingness to help! I mean, I was literally playing for less than 5 minutes through my one amp (4ohms) and it was sounding great!! I switched over to my Ampeg (SVT 810E @ 4ohms nominal impedence using a mono plug) and the volume was very low.

    When you switch back to the other cab it is still lower volume than it was before?

    I then switched back to my Peavey 215 and the volume was still low

    Is your main volume knob linked to the monitor volume?

    Hm, not sure, still familiarizing myself with the setup, but I went in to all of the volume things I could find and set everything at 0.0, and the volume will NOT go up very much.

    Did you change the power amp boost settings?

    I have been looking for that, but no, I haven't physically changed anything. I just downloaded the manual, because I'm not sure where to find that.Was there any popping noises when switching the cabs?NopeWhat is the impedance of the first and second cab?Both at 4ohms You are sure you are plugged back in to the powered monitor out when swapping the cabs?

    I didn't change the plug coming from the Kemper, only where it was going to the input of the cab, using the same cable - the one that was working FINE just a few moments prior. Have you tried a different speaker cable?

    No, I will.

    I will report back.

    Yeah. There must be something going on. so weird. NO WAY can I use this thing live and rehearsal with levels like this! It's lower than my computer speaker.

    What gives?! Did I blow something by unplugging the speaker and plugging it into another speaker? That's when the problems started.

    So, when I first plugged my bass into the Kemper and into a cabinet. It was LOUD! I started switching around and everything was great.

    I then unplugged my speaker and plugged into another cabinet.

    The volume was significantly lower and has been after that.

    I have gone through all of the volume power settings I can find.

    Is there a way to maybe reset to the beginning, restore factory settings? I dunno. I just don't know what I could have done.