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    I have an unpowered Kemper toaster which is great, but I want to play it like a traditional amp.

    I have studio monitors but they're at my desk and I would like a speaker I can use with it.

    I was thinking about getting a combo amp with an FX loop and using it with the kemper, specifically a Bugera V22.

    What are your thoughts on this?

    Oh wow, that's really helpful - thanks so much! Yeah my PC tower has holes in the top for ventilation (I'm guessing)

    So without modding my guitar, is there anyway to avoid that EMI coming from my PC to my guitar?

    Thanks again for the post dude - sorry I haven't got a longer reply to it haha

    Hey guys

    So I did a little video to show the issue. It's definitely when I move my guitar closer to my PC. (that's my PC tower under my desk)

    I'm probably coming across a real idiot but I can't work out why it's happening, but more importantly how to stop it.

    It's pretty annoying because if I even want to record patches like that where there's a load of gain/fuzz etc, I need to be a way away from my PC.

    Thanks so much in advanced :)

    Feedback? Are your pickups microphonic and squealing? Or, are you playing too loud/are you too close to your speakers?

    If those Rigs don't work for you, here is a link to many previous posts on the subject:…611355/&highlight=Gilmour

    Will be difficult to find a "better" profile since Andy (The Amp Factory) profiled David Gilmour's actual personal HiWatt amp that had been used on Dark Side Of The Moon and The Wall.

    You should try to tackle the "feedback" problem instead. The Kemper Profiler itself doesn't create any feedback. What guitar/pickups are you using? How do you monitor? How do you record?

    I did it with Andy‘s profile as well and I got IMHO a brilliant result. Choose a clean profile, because to my knowledge David uses clean amps, put a muffin and a treble booster in front. Rotospeaker, Delay and Reverb thereafter. Maybe Compressor before the effects. I used the FR mode on my Kabinet to have the Fane speakers and with a slightly overpowered bridge pickup on a Strat you have a real Gilmour sound!

    Hey all

    Thank you so much for all the responses (and everyone else that posted)

    So I've done some troubleshooting, and it doesn't happen when I'm facing away from my PC, I'll record what it sounds like when I'm

    home. It happens when I'm facing my PC So maybe it's my PC screen or PC causing radio feedback with the pickups in my guitar?

    I have Suhr and it happens even on the humbuckers


    So I bought the profiles from The Amp Factory - but the lead profile has so much feedback it's an absolute nightmare to record with.

    Does anyone have any tips on getting a good Gilmour tone for tracks like Comfortably Numb/Sorrow etc? Any drives you would recommend using and in what order in the signal chain etc?

    Or alternatively - a better profile I can download (or buy) than The Amp Factory version?

    Cheers :)

    I have the toaster & remote atm, which sounds great. I've had it for about 3 years.

    I'm looking to do live stuff in 2022. Whilst I could use the toaster & remote, I would much rather use an all in one unit.

    Has anyone switched from the toaster to stage, and if so, is it exactly the same but in pedal form. Or is it slower/whatever?

    So I noticed today when trying to record using a profile with a few distortion modules that I get a lot of feedback when near my audio interface (which I record from). Any ideas why this is?

    It's also when using a humbucker pickup. Do audio interfaces have something in them that react with coils in pickups or something?

    It's loudest when my back and back of my guitar is to the audio interface, and goes away when I turn to the left 45 degrees or so. I'm sitting about 2 feet from the inteface which is a Steinberg UR22.

    Any feedback (pardon the pun) on this would be great!

    Thanks guys, I'll have another play tomorrow.

    His Muffs were Cornish modded to cut out the low end flub and fine tune mids.

    A simple start would be to set amp drive just below breakup, lower the bass, increase the mids and start experimenting with the muff drive vs the amp drive levels. I would then add light compression in front and then consider adding and EQ post amp. Add a simple single delay with several repeats and a big reverb mixed to not completely wash you out.

    I like to go back to the amp drive after doing the above and sometimes increasing it into more drive will get you into that feedback sustain happy space that his lead tone lives on the edge of. Adjusting the Amp settings (in particular definition, clarity and compressor) can also really shape things a ton.

    Any way I can mimic that on the Kemper, or do I just do it by putting an EQ block after the Muffin stomp?

    Hey guys

    Trying to put together some lead profiles for Floyd songs such as Comfortably Numb, Money etc. I bought the DG 1970 amp from TAF, and I'm having problems dialling in a good tone. Sources say that he uses a big muff pedal, but I find that when I add one to signal chain, it just sounds muddy and not that great. Any tips on getting a good tone?

    I find some amps that way as well, in particular, Dumble. I go for the softer tones as well, and the rmpacheco Morgan AC20 (with a Celestion Blue cab instead of the original), and MBritts 57 Deluxe (with the same Blue cab) are my goto's for this. I do vary the gain on these to suit my needs though.

    Thanks :thumbup:

    For gain they're OK, but I find for cleans their just too hard. I completely forgot about the 'definition' setting though so maybe I'll give that a bash

    Hey guys

    I downloaded a profile of Gilmours amp (HiWatt) from TAF. I'm trying to get the clean tones to sound 'softer', at the moment sound too immediate and hard, if that makes any sense!

    Maybe this is a characteristic of the amp I don't know, but a softer, bluesy tone is what I'm after!

    Very good point. I play with my computer in front of me, phone on me etc. Thanks!

    Hey guys

    I'm not bashing the tuner at all, but I find it's very sensitive. For example, say I'm tuning a string, the tuner with flit/fly all all over the place and it's very hard to get it to settle to 0. I was thinking about getting a seperate tuner pedal. Do you guys use the inbuilt Kemper tuner or a separate pedal?

    If you do use a separate pedal, do you simply plug it into the input of your Kemper along with your guitar?

    Hey guys

    I'm learning some Pink Floyd stuff at the moment, and currently on Shine on You Crazy Diamond. The first few solos are relatively low gain, but I can't get sustain on the notes. Any tips?

    I'm using the free AC20 profile with some light delay and reverb btw. No other pedals yet