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    Very good point. I play with my computer in front of me, phone on me etc. Thanks!

    Hey guys

    I'm not bashing the tuner at all, but I find it's very sensitive. For example, say I'm tuning a string, the tuner with flit/fly all all over the place and it's very hard to get it to settle to 0. I was thinking about getting a seperate tuner pedal. Do you guys use the inbuilt Kemper tuner or a separate pedal?

    If you do use a separate pedal, do you simply plug it into the input of your Kemper along with your guitar?

    Hey guys

    I'm learning some Pink Floyd stuff at the moment, and currently on Shine on You Crazy Diamond. The first few solos are relatively low gain, but I can't get sustain on the notes. Any tips?

    I'm using the free AC20 profile with some light delay and reverb btw. No other pedals yet

    Hey guys!

    Sorry, I know I have a similar thread. This would really help myself, but may also help other newbies.

    How do you deal with option paralysis? Say you want a profile of a Mesa Mark 5. Where do you go? There are so many folk who make profiles - and it can be overwhelming where to get profiles.

    I'd recommend that you first review the profiles that ship with the Kemper, as there are samples of many commercial profilers in there. That'll help give you a feel for what they do.

    Also, "the best" profiles will vary for each person and for one are highly dependent on the style of music you play. What's awesome for rhythm & blues may not be so great for metal.

    For context, I play classic rock. I have a lot of the M. Britt profiles which shine in that context, and I also got some of the high gain stuff from Top Jimi. Then my credit card lost its structural integrity so I decided to just play guitar while it cooled down. :)

    Thank you! Yeah, I've done that - they're great but there's somethings I'm after.

    1) Some great cleans. I've found some profiles that are great 'on the verge of breakup' tones, but I'm after some Mayerish cleans.

    2) Paul Gilbert shred style gain. Not icepick gain, I just really love the tone Gilbert gets.

    Hey all

    I have a question about how clean/dirty profiles work. Sorry if I struggle to word this in the best way possible!

    So on a normal amp if you dial back the gain you get a clean sound, then if you turn up the gain you get an overdrive/distorted sound. With Kemper, when you buy or download a profile, does the gain knob work the same? Or do you get different profiles for clean and different profiles for dirty?

    For example. I download a Mesa profile. Do I use that same profile for both clean and distortion by adjusting the gain & adding pedals, or would I use a specific 'distorted' profile?

    You're an absolute legend, thank you so so much! I might splash out on that Rigbusters pack :)

    Hey all!

    Recently posted a question in the private forum about profiles. However, this question is more just me trying to understand a few things a bit better!

    Here we go. Apologies - these may sound really dumb!

    - 1) What delay do you use mostly? It seems most profiles I download has 'legacy delay'. What is it - just a standard analogue delay or?

    - 2) I was looking at some sites where you can buy profiles, and on some you can buy what looks like stompboxes. I didn't know you buy effects? I thought they were all built in. (Eg :

    - 3) I have a Ditto loop pedal. If I connected this via the FX loop - is that all I have to do, or do I need to set anything up in the menus?

    - 4) Lastly, and I realise this isn't in the same vein at my other questions, but what headphones do you use with your Kemper?

    Thanks all!^^

    Wow, what an awesome post. Thank you so much! Exactly what I needed :)

    This is the single best investment i've made for guitar. I say investment because it makes me want to practice just to use it!


    What kind of sounds are you looking for?

    Cheers :)

    One sound I am after at the moment is a great Gilmour tone, but obviously that isn't really going to be covered by these profiles unless they have a Hi Watt profile!

    The primary tones I'm after :
    - 'Sparkley' clean tones - which I can also add a stompbox for some extra drive

    - Soaring Marshall leads for Gary Moore style bluesy shred fun

    - Everything in between!

    I don't really dable with ultra high gain, heaviest I really go is Metallica but a 'nicer' tone. Not as scooped!

    Thank you so much dude!

    I was researching for about 2 months on what to get and I'm so happy! I'm moving out of my parents house soon into an apartment, so unfortunately a 'real' amp wasn't feasible. Although I have a THR10 for noodling which is great.

    Naturally I looked at the Helix, AX8 etc - but they all seemed to require too much tweaking! I wanted to just load up an awesome profile and jam away!

    When I first got it, I won't lie I felt a little bit underwhelmed. It was pretty confusing also! First thing I did was wipe everything off the Kemper - and do some searching on the rig exchange. Found that Morgan AC20 and jammed on one track for about 30 minutes non stop! Now I'm incredibly happy with my choice. It's pretty much the answer to all my guitar questions of what to get. I just love how, while it's plenty deep if I want it to be, I can just load up a great profile and jam away

    Hey guys!

    Got a Kemper last week, and loving it! I've just got free stuff on it so far. There's some great stuff on the rig exchange.

    However I want to check out some commercial stuff. There so many though! What's your favourite profile 'manufacturer' that would be your ultimate goto? I've heard MBritt is good - but not always the best for studio use!

    I'm sure this question gets asked, but there's just so much choice and would love some direction.

    Thanks! ^^